August 7, 2009
By jeffrey kim BRONZE, Brentwood, California
jeffrey kim BRONZE, Brentwood, California
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[Russia] Year 2015, 7 years after Chiefs disappearance
A green drop-ship appeared during the landing sight of the locator. 7 purple ships zoomed shooting the drop-ship with the purple shots. The drop-ship set on the ground. The entrance used to be a maze parking lot but now it was battleground. 4 men ran out of the ship and the drop-ship left.
One of the men ran to a wall with a locator. 7 brutes with gravity hammers entered the maze. The brutes were ugly, it had wrinkles on it face and its skin was covered with purple armor, than a horde of grunts came in with needle shooters. A sniper ran into his position with a super accurate sniper rifle. One brute lined up with 2 grunts fell into his trap. The sniper shot. Steam rose from the bodies and they all fell. A marine came in with a technical assistance.
“Cover me!”
A marine opened what looked like a suitcase but was really a locator to where Master Chief would land. He pushed a red button and a green signal came out.
“Report to base, we got it!”
A brute threw out an explosion hammer. It stuck against the wall. A marine came in and tugged on the hammer. He pulled it out and threw it onto a purple ship. Its left wing blew up and it swiveled to the ground. He ran into a deserted Wart Hog. He signaled the other soldier to come. They started to drive. A brute shot at the Wart Hog. A needle stabbed the Technical Assistance.
“I’m Hit!!!”
“Report to Medical Assistance! A man is hit!”
Another needle stabbed the Technical Assistance. Blood splattered onto the window.
The Wart Hog stopped to pick up the men. Meanwhile the sniper was spotted by a brute, the sniper shot it but it was out of ammo. The brute picked him up and crushed the sniper with the gravity hammer. The sniper was killed. They picked up the medical assistance she took off the Techs assistance. The medical took out the needle. A purple ship blew up a wheel, which made the Tech unable to survive. A green Drop-Ship fell down and it picked up the soldiers. The Tech Assistance limped out to die for his race. He was spotted by a horde of grunts. He took out the pin of a spike grenade that could explode 50 feet. He ran into the horde with the grenade and it blew up wiped out the horde.

Johnson walked into the room. He checked the screen and pointed at it.
“Land there, he should be there.” He said in a perfect American accent. 2 hours later. The green drop-ship landed. They saw a huge landing ship with lines all over it. It kept on pulsing. Than the light got dimmer and a door opened and steam rose out of it. They all got out and Johnson walked over to the ship. There was a Green body with a sign on it. He was frozen. Johnson went to his neck and took out a chip.
“Can’t let this go to waste.”
Then he felt a hand on his elbow. Master Chief put his hand out and moved his fingers.
“I think I will need that.”
“Good to see you.” Johnson handed the chip back and Chief put it back on to his neck. Then they heard a brush. Chief took out Johnsons pistol and stuck it up a neck. Arbiter neck.
“Arbiter joined us.” He pushed down the hand of Chief.
“I still don’t trust him.” Chief handed the pistol back.
A needle sliced the side of a marine. The marine fell down, dead.
“Boy’s we got company. Chief don’t use that piece of crap take this.” He handed Chief a machine gun fully loaded. Chief ran off. Chief loaded the gun again and shot a Brute.

The author's comments:
I thought about halo games and made this essay.

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