Body is dead

August 13, 2009
By Anonymous

My body is dead but my mind is alive. Wondering outside of me. It sees a world that I never truly knew. One that is full of evil and good, two sides that fight the fight. People are bound by their circumstances, the way they are seen by society, popular or not. These things bind them up and cast them down. I never realized this tell my mind came alive. Alive it is now, and more than it has ever been. Seeing the darkness in this world, I can almost not take it. Bound by confusion, sorrow, and hate, they stumble around trying to please their ever-thirsty soul. Chains bind their arms and legs, weighing them down, into a hunch of pain. Their eyes sag down full of heavy tears. Darkness, they live in. Never seeing the light. Bound to the things of this earth. Not knowing of anything but their own greed and lust. They lust for the things of others, not seeing what they have of their own. Freely giving that away for something so much more worthless, gold for dust, rubies for worms. Selfish, liars, thieves, dirty, filth, that’s what they are. And that is when, when I thought that all hope was gone that everyone was lost in their own filth that I saw it, I saw them. Surrounded by light, covered in white they stood. In their right hand they held a sword that they swung through darkness, defeating it. They came through the clouds, an army. Behind them was a man on a white horse, basking in glory. The darkness screamed it fled for its life. And the people, the people it had bound fell on their faces, weeping, crying out for mercy. That’s when the army put aside their swords, and lifted up the heads of those who had fallen. They dusted them off, and showed them the way. The way to freedom, liberty, and love.

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