Moons Dark stripes

August 12, 2009
By Khadra BRONZE, Perth, Other
Khadra BRONZE, Perth, Other
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Chapter one: last day

Raymond vough was walking the empty streets of London the rain beat on he’s clothes the night sky looked down upon him. Raymond vough skid along the path socked in he’s depression the water underneath he’s feet was cold and wet. He was walking in puddle that reached he’s ankle but he didn’t care he was having one of those days were you shouldn’t have gotten out of bed like the world just hates you.
First he was an orphan near a school which half the school kids have been to juvenile prison and back. If that’s not enough he was the number one target for bullies they pushed him around took he’s lunch set him on fire and the teaches sat around and laughed while the only person who sticks up for you gets teased and put in a bin why because Raymond vough was different he’s not smart or ugly but different for one he has shiny bright red eyes and he does things that make him feel strange like he’s here for a reason like he’s not just some dirty old poor orphan.
Raymond stoped walking when he saw the old rundown building it looked a mess the lawn was covered in weed there were three shattered windows laying on the floor the building had moss covering half the other side Raymond stoped and looked at the place he calls home he sat down on that rainy day thinking how things could get any worse he laid there thinking listening herring the pit-a-pâté of the rain falling on he’s clothes right then billy codger was standing right in front him cracking his knuckles Raymond stood up. ‘You little dirty wired are you ready for yore beating’ he snickered adrenaline rushed throw his body like you know that yore going to get in a fight Raymond was pumped up and ready to sprint at that moment.
‘And who’s going to beat me’
‘Me’ he said dignified
‘Right sure’ Raymond laughed
‘yore going to pay’ billy lunged a punched in Raymond direction but Raymond avoided it easily but billy staggered into the wall with a cry of pain he turned around and pulled out some kind if metal he lunged again and this time Raymond wasn’t so lucky he fell on the ground his shoulder bleeding he groaned but some how managed to get up with that Raymond rose his foot he stricked billy a cross the hip he hissed and fell on the ground billy was stuned laying on the floor in the shadows.
“How on earth have things gone so wrong” Raymond thought
Pit-a-pâté the rain the continued Raymond looked around the ally way and saw the only person he cared about and the only person who ever stood up for him her slender body dripping with water from the rain Raymond stood up to greet her he hoped she hadn’t seen what he done.
“Teresa what are you doing here “blurted Raymond
“Raymond come on don’t let them get to you” she pleaded
“That’s not it I’m just having a bad day” replied Raymond
“What sort of bad day” Teresa said
He breathed heavily
“Tes” he said he said putting he’s head down
“Yes” she said
“I’m sick of it I’m sick of it all the bulling running being picked on every body calling me a freak i am just tired of it all I have a plan its a very bad plan but I don’t care I’m running away I am not coming back I am going I don’t care where I am going just going and theirs nothing you can do about it” Raymond explained.
“Actually there is something I can do” Teresa replied
“Don’t ok just d-” stuttered Raymond
“I’m coming” Teresa said with her head held high when Teresa does that she’s not backing down.
“Yore what” Raymond tried to say
“Look I am yore best friend to ok and besides threes nothing for me here anyways” she said
“Yore not backing out of this are you” Raymond finally
“Not a chance” Teresa replied
“Well welcome a bored then” Raymond barked
“When do we leave” Teresa said
“Tomorrow morning” they both whispered
Teresa was Raymond’s best friend she stood up for him when no one else did and they were best friend for eight years but billy. Billy was those kind of people that like putting people down and usually he brought five kids with him.
They left that alley way and headed for the orphanage walking up the cold old stairs that lead up to the building they were both in a hurry to get out of the rain Teresa was always helping Raymond out she stood up for him when he was getting bullied she stayed with him when he was mad or upset they were the best of friends for almost 9 years.
They walked up the stone steps leading to the wooden door half way up the steps the door bursted open and an old wrinkled face woman stepped out waving her hand high over her head. “What do you think yore doing out so late you two”
“Am –we were am” Raymond half way managed to say
“Get inside no super for the both of you straight to bed now” the old hag yelled
“Yes miss”
“Yes miss”
They went up the wooden steps the place looked a mess the wood was chipped paint scratched there was graffiti every where what do you expect when a old nanny tries to take care of five orphan kids Teresa slept in the same room with Kim and Jessica Raymond slept with Gregory is small for he’s age he wears a white shirt with a green jacket and messy hair he has a patch on he’s pants.
In the room in front of Teresa it was about 12:00pm Raymond went to he’s bed and plummeted on top of he’s bed Gerogery was in the bunk below him there room was old and dusty it had a desk a bunk bed and a cupboard it was dull and boring “ so what adventures were you up to today ray”
“Same old “Raymond replied
“Say want to play an anther particle joke on ‘misses’ hag’ ” asked Gregory
“Not tomorrow got plans “said Raymond
“Oh right plans with Teresa right” Gregory teased
“Oh shut up it’s because you like her” Raymond replied half laughing
“No I don’t...I... who told you” shouted Gregory
“Gregory you tried to give her a note but ended up with Miss Thomason running from the orphanage to the mourning assembly and shouting her head off the whole school knows” said Raymond falling on the floor laughing he’s head off
“I said not to bring that up I still have the creeps from it” shouted Gregory that made Raymond laugh even harder then Gregory started to laugh by the end they were both on the ground giggling tears strolling down their eyes.
“What is all this fuss about go to SLEEP” yelled the nanny at the front of the door
There was complete silence no one dare made a noise she kept her old small beady eyes on them it was a cold hard stare as if someone had a gun to yore head (sound of passing wind) the silence was broken with the sound of giggling from Raymond with turned into an out burst of laughter from both Raymond and Gregory they laughed so hard there stomach almost burst
Miss Thomason gave up slammed the door and left.
The next day Raymond woke up he felt groggy and weird he bumped he’s head on the bunk in on top of him but this time Gerogery wasn’t hear to moan about it Raymond got dressed and went down stairs ever body was in the living room he felt like he was king of the world but he new that something was wrong because he had a sick turning felling in his belly
“Where is he were on a strict timetable we have the girl were is the boy” said the man
“Look just piss off yore not getting him” screamed Gregory
“Shut up” the man scolds Raymond walked down stairs to see what the fuss was all about what he saw chilled him to the bone Teresa was laying on the floor miss Thomas was trying to wake her the man was holding Gregory by the throat by Raymond’s guess the others were still sleeping “Run Raymond Run” shouted Gregory ‘crunch’ that was the last sound he made he plummeted to the ground with a loud thud
The man turned around and saw him Raymond’s soul froze he was scared out of he’s wits but he couldn’t move he couldn’t run all he could do what’s stare at the huge brut in front of him he sticked out he’s hand and muttered under he’s breath
The last thing he saw that day.
Raymond woke up the air was thick and it was hard to breath he’s eyes were fogy he turned and saw Teresa standing next to him wide awake they were on top of a plank are arms were tied together we were on top of a volcano the same man that killed Gregory was standing on the other side of the plank Raymond looked at him with the evilest eyes he could muster “finally woke up” he yelled “well in joy the trip.. Bye” he yelled and walked away.
“You awake” said Raymond
“Barley” tessera made out
“Where you think we are” asked Raymond
“Don’t got a clue” replied tes just then the plank gave way and we fell Raymond could feel the wind flushing throw he’s body he’s nerves took over and Raymond started to panic he looked to the side to see something to help them but saw tes falling with him her eyes closed her hair flying fluttering throw the air ‘for a moment there I was certain we were dead.

Chapter two: slave dealer
Raymond awoke to find he’s hands handcuffed to a post he felt groggy and tired there was at least forty people were watching him staring as if he was a treasure or a item that was not yet in there possession he was standing on a wooden stage with six others hand cuffed to the posts the one next to him was a twelve year old kid with big eyes and a scrawny build. In front of him was a man standing on the stage screaming things that Raymond couldn’t quite get it was early morning every thing wasn’t quite lit up Raymond stood up to meet a blinding headache he looked around it was the crowd was mostly old people biding on some thing they were in the middle of a town with no roads instead it was coble stone the houses were big but all made out of brown wood and old stones it was like the place was ancient they stretched out for miles there was no sun out but the moon was shining brightly there was only one building that stood out before the rest it was sort of a castle but yet it was all made out of very old stone half the castle was covered in moss thy were standing on a stage in the middle of the town there was bright lights all around it took a while to get up because Raymond head hurt and he felt woozy when he got up he finally heard what the man was yelling ‘only hundred coins and you get one of these fantastic slaves to do what ever yore little old hearts desire so come one come all to collect this cheap wonderful item’ he yelled there was a lot of shuffling and moving when he stoped
“Where am I....I don’t belong here let me OUT” Raymond yelled the crowd went silent all eyes on him suddenly Raymond felt nervous like he just did a big mistake. The crowd kept their cold hard stare directly at Raymond he felt like running but he’s hands were tied he looked to the side and the scrawny kid next him was shaking he’s head
“Well looks like one of the slaves woke up” the man on the stage snickered
“Rufus bring him up lets check he’s body there something weird about him if he resists whip him”. He yelled
‘Sure thing Simon’ A wide built man that loomed over Raymond he’s entire shadow covered him and consumed him. He loosened the rope that tied Raymond down then was about to attached a chain to he’s wrist Raymond looked around for away out he saw one.
He leaped forward as fast as he could adrenaline surging throw his body his heart beating fast he ran to where the scrawny boy was sitting he looked around panicking he heard the mans footsteps running to seal his fate Raymond found what he was looking for he grabbed it swinged with all his might it landed on the target with a thud the chains broke he leaped for the exist but to no avail the man reached down grabbed Raymond and smashed him across the stage pulled out his whip it was red leather with small needle sharp points coming out so that when it hit you. you would have little holes in yore body Rufus raised the whip Raymond has never been whipped before at first he was a little curious but when you know its about to happen to you all that curiosity fades Raymond heart leaped from his skin he new what was going to happen next Raymond raised his hand for the impact but knew that was not going to help ‘whack’ the pain exploded throw his skin he herd a yell and was horrified to find out it was his own he staggered to he’s knees half falling but stood reasonably well ‘whack’ anther fresh wound Raymond fell back to the ground flickering from conciseness ‘whack’ another one that was it one more whack and its over Rufus raised he looked Raymond in the eye it was a solid hard look but there was a hint of sorry Simon leaned in close to Raymond’s ear said something to Raymond but it was so faint he almost could not hear it ‘now that you know we weren’t kidding get up” With his last breath he replied
“Bite me” Raymond replied
“why you’ll learn some respect boy” he ripped Raymond from the floor and carried him in front of the stage Raymond could barley hear or see anything that was going on his head felt like it was a bunch of bricks he would of fell down if it wasn’t for the man caring half his wait he tared the shirt away from Raymond he felt naked and exposed and was greeted by the cold touch of morning air his cuts bleed he could barley hold him self up that’s when the odd thing happen they were all looking at his body ‘to scrawny it will never be a right slave and look its bleeding’ the crowd had said ‘wait look at his eyes its red whoa it so shiny its beautiful’ they said looking into his eyes ‘a hundred coins sir right here’ a blond man with fair skin and a expansive suit just then Simon the evil coward slashed bucket of cold water on Raymond’s body the water glistened in the mourning. The crowd ‘ohhhhhhd’ and ahhhhhhhd’ while Raymond was freezing and wet he felt like crying but that wouldn’t help ‘hundred and sixty coins and I’ll throw in a diamond stone’ said an old man about the age of fifty wearing a cap with a red shirt Simon was bewildered he just stood there mouth agape then collected him self and replied ‘sold to the senior in the red cap’ the crowd gave grunts of disappointment Raymond suddenly remembered something whares Teresa she wasn’t in the crowd then that means someone took her while Raymond was sleeping ‘well he thought ‘I hope she’s safe’ Simon hand cuffed my hands and Dragged me to my new owner the cuffs were cold against my hands ‘ his all yore’s but money first’ Simon said sticking his man at the old man he gave him the cash and the diamond also gave Raymond to the old man the man didn’t even look at me he’s turned his head and started walking of towards the houses Raymond was to weary to be confused so he just followed the old man to were ever they were going. he kept walking until he turned right he was hard to keep up for an old man the light that surrounded the stage were now a dull light we walked throw ally ways and streets the coble stone was hard against my bare feet Raymond was so tired he was on the verge of collapsing when we reached are destination it was an old cottage made out of stone it looked like every other house except for moss covering the left side of the house the old man walked to the front door and opened it he didn’t bother to look if Raymond was following he came to the front door and stood there Raymond was tired and weary but walking right into someone’s house with out permission was bound to be bad idea then it sunk in. Its deep black hands reaching for Raymond again he knew this feeling all to well and Raymond finally thought ‘I’m a slave now’ with that he fell to his knees and leaned against the door closed his eyes to go to sleep he heard a noise but ignored it ‘your not my slave and I’ll treat you like my son and if you cross me I won’t think about throwing you out” he snapped the dark hands retreating from him. Raymond snapped to see who was there it was the old man staring at him “well come on its freezing out here” he snapped Raymond rushed in side the air inside was warm and cosy it looked like a living room it had one sofa and three chairs a closet at the corner there was red carpet on the floor with a dragon shape in the middle the walls were creamy at the end of the wall was a staircase Raymond walked in and sat on the chair his cuts hurt with every movement his head throbbed with a dull thud “well I guess you want to know what’s going on” he said sitting on the chair opposite to Raymond
“Yeah I kind of wondered that” Raymond said softly
“Well first my name is Mr Doris and to get this right yore not on earth anymore ok yore on a complete different place you should get comfy yore here for the rest of yore life”
“You know I kind of guessed” he said leaning back Mr. Doris
“Well that is strange” he paused “You are not crying or screaming” he said
“Why would I cry for?” Ray said confused
“All the others did”
“Others” Raymond said irritated
Sighed “I have a lot of explaining to do”
That’s when ray’s tempore rose “Just tell me already what is going for the love of god my best friend was taken. Then some lunatic whips me then I have to follow you all the way here I am tired please just tell me” ray yelled
“Don’t ever raise yore voice at me but this time I’ll let it go” Mr Doris said quietly
“Second the government in yore land takes people and things that don’t belong there like you for instance have red eyes have you met anybody with red eyes”
“No” ray said looking down
“Well there you go well you aren’t the only person tons of you come here and are sold to there owners like me” he finished
“Alright but how did I end up on that stage” ray asked
“Well you all end up in different places when you arrive so I think you just got unlucky that’s all”
“Alright last question I had a friend with me when it happened but I can’t seem to find her” ray said in a small voice he half knew what the answer was going to be but he just had to know”
“well most likely another slave dealer got to her fist she could be any where by now” he fished with a big sigh and looked up to see Raymond getting up he had a tier in his eye “ well” he said “thanks for telling me” he sobbed
“Yore room is up stairs next to the bathroom” ** said with that Raymond ran up stairs ripped the door open and fell onto the bed he cried about the pain on his back the pain about never seeing Teresa again and the pain about staying her for the rest of his life the deep black hand of depression sinking in him this time it wasn’t going away.

Ray woke up to meet a blazing sun searing him it took a while to a just to the light he saw Mr Doris leaving the room his cuts didn’t hurt as much so it was easier to move. A flush of memory raged throw him he remember crying all night he remembered what had happened ray went back into his bed and laid there beside all the things that happened Raymond head was clear and brighter then ever he ripped the bedspread from him and stood up and looked around the room was wooden and old it had spider webs at the corner with one bed a closet a desk a painting on the wall the roof was a triangle shape poking out an a window all in all it looked like an average room ray went to the widow and lifted up he was greeted with a burst of wind his skin pricked and shivered but it felt good ray poked his head throw the window the streets looked as he remembered it except the moon was out ray was bewildered when did the moon come out in the morning ray closed the window and left the room
When Raymond went in the kitchen he was greeted by Mr Doris he wore a big smile and gave Raymond some breakfast

The author's comments:
hope you enjoy

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Khadra BRONZE said...
on Sep. 10 2009 at 8:28 am
Khadra BRONZE, Perth, Other
4 articles 0 photos 4 comments
Really you think so I am writting my good copy soon

Jack. S said...
on Aug. 19 2009 at 9:49 am
I love this story but needs some improvement.But u could put some stuff in more detail. :)


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