At World's End

August 13, 2009
By CJ_12 BRONZE, Canton, Ohio
CJ_12 BRONZE, Canton, Ohio
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At World’s End
-A sequel to The Darkest Day-

Here, I stand out in the pouring rain, numb and permanently fixed into place. Chills send shivers down my spine, not from the cold, but from fear. I try to seek out a sign that I am after. A sign that would tell me that it is finally over and a sign that would tell me that they would never return. With each rain drop that hits my skin, my body grows all the more numb. I no longer think that I am imagining things, and can no longer kid myself that I am in control of this situation. This is in fact for real, but it is not over. This is far worse than any nightmare one can have. Let me explain, just two short days ago, planet Earth was under a surprise attack, and came close to an abrupt end. Some were taken captive, but most faced their deaths.
Now the rain continues to fall, along with the lightening strikes and massive roars of thunder. They played with our minds, and made us think that once again we were going to be rewarded with a victory. Now are defenses are weak, and the population of the human race has been drastically reduced. They are coming back, we know this because this has happened many times before. History is once again repeating itself. Each time before this, they have failed, but not this time. Conditions are far worse than people feared, there are not enough of us left to fight. These mysterious creatures fear us and want to destroy us, for good. Our world is now a very dark place, life will no longer be able to survive in such an environment for long. With a pitch black sky morning to night, life as we know it will finally come to an end on Earth. There is absolutely no coming back from this, this time. Millions of people are already dead, I am one of the few that is still alive. More people are dying each hour, from smoke inhalation and starvation. All of their lifeless bodies will lye still on the rocky crust of Earth, forever. The goal, is to do whatever you can stay alive. And this, is still not the end. There is to be one last final fatal attack on our home planet any minute now that will finally end all life on Earth forever. I tell you this because it is up to you to decide what will happen next. I have hope that one day humans will return to walk the Earth, although the outlook is bleak. I will hold on as long as I can, but there is no point for me to live. I stood in silence as I watched the people I loved disappear from the natural world.
Our world is now a very chilling place, along will the rest of our universe I suppose. It will soon be my time to go too, but before I do I must finish our story. The story of how the humans have dominated the Earth for millions of years. And the story of how we were finally taken down. It wasn’t supposed to end like this. They have just entered the atmosphere, and are flying through the sky at an enormous velocity. You see, all of their technologies are far more advanced than us Earthlings are in every way. The ships have reached the surface by now, and are sitting quietly on the ground. Others have begun to notice them too, but they are much closer than I am. We must sit in silence, for they hear like bats and can see like hawks. Now they have stepped onto the surface once again, and for the final time. People cannot contain their fears, so they begin to scream, which is a fatal mistake. They are so fast, they can catch anyone the set their eyes on, none will survive. One man seemed to flash into a rage of fury when he saw them, and tried to land a punch, another fatal mistake. All of these mistakes just kill them faster. Am I the only one that knows how these creatures work? I must be. You see, two days ago, I was one of the ones that got abducted, and I was the only one that escaped. Unlike the others, I had a mere chance to escape.

Running for my life is not an option, for I am still soar from being cut up like a Christmas ham, and it is far too noisy. My last window of opportunity to survive is to go with them. Meaning I would have to crawl into the one place I fear most, and the one place I swore to myself I would never go again. But that is what I must do. It is very dark, and the air is thick, with even the stars refusing to shine practically nothing is visible. In the distance all I can see is the faint green light above their ship. I cannot believe what I am about to do, this will be very risky. Even if I am to make the slightest sound, they will hear me and catch me. I must move with the screams I hear around me, but I must go quickly, because even those are beginning to fade. I have safely arrived at the ship, and see a window in which I can climb in.
I appear to be in a closet in which nothing is stored. Hours have gone by, as I wait patiently and hear as all the screams turn to silence. All is at an end. They are entering now, off to take me with them to place far different from Earth I assume. A distant place in the universe, or perhaps even another universe. It is up to you to determine what you think has happened to me by now, because something new awaits, whether I live or die. When I took one last glimpse of Earth, before departure, I realized something, even At World’s End, the Earth still looked somewhat peaceful. I toss this book out the window, whether someone finds it or it lye on the dead crust of Earth forever. Either way, you will know have the mighty humans faced their demise. So this is good bye, for now.

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