The Final Faceoff

August 4, 2009
By Anonymous

May 23, 2009

“Alright all of you, you think you have what it takes to be a member of the United States military?” Said general Brock “There have been many other soldiers just like you eager to join in the fight for freedom. Thankfully none of them had to actually go into a warzone. Do you know why they were lucky? They were all just like you: naive and weak. They thought that a war would be like a videogame. It’s not ok, so get that out of your heads right now.”

October 23, 2013
I remembered that speech from the first day in training camp. If only he could see what happened to me now. I had just undergone 4 months of intensive training. This was far harder than the training to join the military. Why does this have to be me? I was trained in movement in zero gravity, hand to hand combat weapons, space transport, space weapons, and hand to hand combat in space.
My mission was to go up to the space station Epsilon and take out Irene, Jason, and Alex who now controlled the Taliban Empire due to my time meddling excursion. I don’t know how or why it happened I just came back and it did so here I am. The space station has seven main control rooms. They were organized with three on each side and one in the center. The rooms contained a large console that controlled one major system. The main override was in room 316, in the center. I was given a CD, flash drive well basically anything you can plug into a computer all encoded with a program that was created as plug and play. It was a simple equation but it overrode all other programs. The program was Solve: 22/7. Which makes 3.1415926… and it crashes the computer. I had to infect all seven of the stations
I was ready. I departed and I realized something. The instant that my ship docked they would know I was there. I set it to explode three minutes after I got off and away. From inside I felt the explosion and I headed toward room 1000.

May 17, 2006
I woke up. Everything seems normal. I was ok minus the fact that I was missing my arms and legs. A man saw me and brought me home.
I was put to sleep and my brain was removed and placed in an exoskeleton. I looked human so I could go about my business like a normal person. “Thank You” I said as he pulled a gun on me.
“Who are you? Why did you come here?”
“I’m Irene I need help reestablishing an empire to over take the Americans.”
“How many people do you need?”
“We need to take over all of this area and India and join China and Russia.”
“Lets do it.”
October 24, 2013
I made it to the 1000 room and managed to turn off the computer. The fact that I’m wearing a suit made by a fusion of titanium and platinum means that basically all weapons won’t affect me. I arrived at the next station, the 400. Waiting for me in the room was Jason.
“Daniel why did you have to cause this.” he said pulling out a sword
“I did not cause this you did Jason.” I said pulling out a sword too
He lunged at me and I swung up to meet his sword. My sword was made of the same material as my armor. It had a red cloth as a grip and on the handle there were three rocks one an emerald, one a sapphire, and one a hunk of gold. I swung back and hit his sword so hard it went flying away. I tied him to the computer console that controlled the water and blasted it to pieces killing, for real this time, Jason. I ran away toward the next room, the 107 and 710 rooms. Both were unoccupied and I quickly knocked out the water and engines.
Room 717 was occupied with Alex. He looked slightly more insane since I last saw him. He saw me and summoned demons. They began moving toward me and the silver sphere came in and transformed me. I shot electricity at him and he ducked. He had a sword made entirely of flames and used it to attack. Mine had changed to become a sword of electricity. I blocked it and began speeding up. He burned my wing and I gained more power. I overpowered him and drove my sword directly into his chest. I disarmed the next room and prepared for the final room before I could finally walk away from this whole thing, room 316.
April 22, 2011
“Is the space station ready for docking?”
“Yes Emperor Jameson. Would you like to go up there?”
“Yes, I think I will.”
I arrived at the Epsilon station and moved to the center room. The Americans will waste their time with their invasion. Sure they will kill Sarov thanks to Sergeant Smith but I will be gone.
“You two” I said pointing at two guards “You need to go down to the medical camp of the invasion and take these two people back to me. You over there make sure that the nuke hits London. And you, get every nuke on earth up here now.”
October 24, 2013
I walked down the hall to the airlock to room 316. I blasted down the door and looked at Irene.
“You, the whole purpose of me going forward was to get you to this point here. The corruption and the death will end now.” I said pulling out my sword.
“No the death and destruction is about to begin actually.” She said pressing a button and instantly thousands of missiles headed to the ground, destroying everything.
I realized that she had killed most people on earth so I charged her with my electricity. It just bounced off her. She responded by creating a huge wall of flames and darkness that engulfed everything in its path. I shot a blast of energy into it got past and shot it at her. It missed but she shot darkness at me it tied me up. She brought me closer to her.
“I wanted to be the most powerful person on earth and I knew that you would be there to stop me. This is where it ends.” She said.
She shot a huge blast of darkness directly at my chest and I expected to die. There was a silver veil around me and the darkness retreated. I jumped out of the way and floated just out of range of the vacuum that sucked out Irene leaving her floating in space forever. I had to escape so I took an escape pod and landed on earth safely.
No one was there to congratulate me I used every T.V., internet, and radio service possible to find people. Out of the earths population only one hundred thousand people survived. I created a flag. It was green with a silver orb in the middle and a lightning blot within it.
We rebuilt and created a capital at the site of New York City. We re-established the animals and wildlife and I was declared the new king. Due to the fact that it was all one kingdom there was no more war for many years and peace ruled the earth. I was told that I would live forever by the sphere so I have a while to go.

The author's comments:
The end of part 1. Story 4 of 15 in The Saga of Daniel Smith

Story 5 "The New War Begins" Coming Soon

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