Redemptions part 1

July 27, 2009
By Jessica Quinn BRONZE, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
Jessica Quinn BRONZE, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
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A war brewing between two clans causes chaos in a kingdom of 18th century France when the Giovanni’s king is murdered and the daughter lusts for her servant boy and starts feeling affection for the enemy’s young heiress.
Now the kingdom is in full disarray when the fight over the crown takes place and it binds the three together triggering trust, friendship, romance, love, deceit, bloodshed, revenge, and war.

Chapter 1- reminiscences
I’ve never given much thought into who I would be falling in love with, whether it being boy or girl but having strong feelings for some one no matter what sex they were has a pretty good feeling to it.
My name is Remedy as in cure or medicine, my mother named me that because she honestly believed that I had the power to cure and mend things back in place but I don’t believe that. One reason was because I wasn’t able to save her from my baby brother Damian. She died when I was only 6 during child birth I had been by her side as she was screaming in lots of pain trying to bring Damian into this world.
“You must push Mary!” One nurse said that was down at the other end incase my brother suddenly popped out.
“Get him out!” She screams coming out of the bed part way screaming.
I was only a little girl at the time and I wasn’t quite sure what I was supposed to do to help ease my mothers suffering, she had been in labor for eleven straight hours.
House wives and maids were all running around hysterical while I sat quietly by my mothers side sponging her head as she sweat profusely.
“I see the head!” The nurse called as they were bringing hot water in and out of the room.
“Its okay mommy baby Damian is coming now.” I said in my sweet innocent six year old Childs voice.
She smiled weakly before another earpeircing scream that came from my loving mother sending shivers down my spine, followed by another familiar scream that was suppose to be the most wonderful joyous sound of a new born.
I glanced up at my baby brother curious to see what he looked liked only to discover he looked nasty and gross all covered in blood “blech.” I shuddered at the nurses that held Damian gingerly as they cleaned him.
“Oh Mary he is simply beautiful.” I heard house wife Magenta coo and gush at my brother as she sat by mothers’ side.
I looked down smiling at her to see her eyes opening and closing as if she were fighting to stay awake just to peek at the baby, but I also noticed something else. Something horrific. Her eyes were the color of blood and she could barely keep her head up.
“Mary?” Magenta stood abruptly putting her hands on my mothers face, I jumped.
“Stop what are you doing? You’re going to hurt her!” I was wild and irate protecting my mother.
Three nurses and two housewives rushed over leaving the baby in the crib. I remember that two nurses were restraining me with all their might when I saw Magenta and Gen touch my mother.
“No.” My mothers voice cracks silencing us all. “I want my daughter to know the truth…about all of us.” She says weakly trying to keep her eyes open.
I break free from the nurses and run into my mothers’ arms careful to not hurt her more and sob.
“Mommy what’s going on?” I demand in a broken voice as I breathe in my mothers lilac scent.
“Shhh.” She hushes me softly and I look up into her red eyes and saw something different ……death.
“You were born in a blood line that goes on for many generations Remmy.” I close my eyes as little tears roll down my cheek.
“I should have told you this from the beginning what you are instead of trying to hid it from you.” I looked down and fingered the lavender crystal that upon my mothers chest listening.
“I’m leaving you in Magentas care love. She will be your god mother and help you through your transition.” Her voice was barely a whisper as her eyes closed.
“NO! MOMMY!!!” I cried out and shook her shoulders but Magenta grabbed me and I screamed.
“Good bye my little dove.” And just like that she was gone

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