June 7, 2009
By Anonymous

I fetch my life and being from men of royal siege; and my demerits may speak unbonneted to as proud a fortune as this that I have reach'd.

Hello, for I am call'd the Black Moor, Othello. I was born a hero to do great things and live in legend. I am the leader of one of the greatest army's in Venice. I, Othello, am intelligent, but ending not, for I'm courageous and honorable as well. I have overthrown the Turks, and have great pride in doing that. I am married to the beautiful Desdemona, the daughter of Brabantio, … he despises me. I do not fully understand why but I suppose I would as well if I knew one greater than myself. Yes, I am sure of myself. I not only call it confidence but willing power of my strength. I love Desdemona true, very deeply indeed. I cannot endure the looking of her body from another man's eyes. Not even the thought of it. For 't, I know, jealous is one of my greatest weaknesses. Although, I have many servants. Ones who cannot fall short of their duties. I want Desdemona's true love and for nobody else to look upon her. I am a very demanding human being and I get what I want through other people at my will. I hear that exactly from Cassio's lips that he has had an affair with my wife. I now want her dead, for I will kill her myself. I'll tear her all to pieces.

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