Superman's Discovery

February 18, 2009
By Anonymous

Matt had just moved into a brand new house and his family couldn’t be happier. His sister Mary, his mom Karrie and his dad George all lived in the house with him. Matt liked the new house but he missed his old school and his friends. Matt and Mary were only one grade apart and they had to go to a new school the next day. Mary was nine and Matt was ten. Matt thought Mary was the most annoying little sister on the planet.

One day after school Mary and Matt were at home alone. Mary had been on Matt’s nerves all day. At school, their classes went on a fieldtrip together and Mary tripped him on the bus. Then, Mary threw food at him during lunch so Matt decided to throw it back and he got in trouble! Matt was so mad that he decided that wouldn’t talk to Mary all day.
When they got home, Mary was still trying to get Matt to talk to her so she decided to be extra annoying. She locked Matt out of the house when they first got home and when Matt finally got inside Mary had called Karrie and said that Matt was being mean to her. Karrie called Matt and said that if he was mean to Mary again that he would be grounded. Matt was so furious that he threw down the phone and stomped up to Mary. She knew she had pushed him too far. She was scared.
He was so angry that he picked up Mary as she screamed and kicked. He threw her down on the couch and held her down. He burped right in her face. Mary was disgusted and very angry. She hit him in the face with her doll. He lunged forward at her as she started to bolt away.
They tore through the living room and circled around the table. Matt started to run towards her as she dashed around the couch. They ran at least ten laps around the living room until Mary made a break for the hallway. She scrambled towards her room as Matt gained on her heels.
Matt knew that he would catch her eventually so he plotted his evil revenge in his mind. He thought he could lock her in the bathroom with his pet snake, or make her eat a worm. He was so busy concentrating on his thoughts that he could barely notice where he was running. Mary dashed into her room and shut the door behind her. She locked the door as quick as she could and cuddled into her stuffed animals.
As Mary lay among her dolls she wondered where Matt had gone. As she started to get up she heard him still coming. Then a loud crash came from the door. Matt had been so preoccupied that he had run straight into the door. The door came off its hinges and broke the doorframe in half. Matt knew he was in big trouble.
When Karrie came home, she saw what Matt had done. She called the police to come and fix the door. The police took Matt away to a research facility. Matt was evaluated for his strength and was told that he was a super hero. Matt decided to accept his new life and become Superman. He now flies all over the world and saves the world from danger.

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