Guardians Ch3

July 19, 2009
By JayDarkblood SILVER, Destrehan, Louisiana
JayDarkblood SILVER, Destrehan, Louisiana
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When john heard the knock he pushed me into the closet and I could hear voices talking on the outside. “He pulled the sword he is old enough please john let him come with me.” “No I refuse he is doubting himself so now isn’t the right time” I came out of the closet and saw two people standing there a really big dude and well and old man. “So you are jay I’m not impressed I expected well more.” Stated the big man. “Now-now David that’s not very wise or polite hello jay I am the Gatherer I watch over the guardians and this is David descendent of berserker guardian of earth” oh well that makes sense big dude being the guardian of earth. “so what do you want with me” I said “I wanted to take you away so I could start your training but it seems some people at your school are guardians an I cant find them only you can.” Ok another piece of my already life threatening destiny I was beginning to hate the word destiny. “Do you have any idea who they are and how many are there” “well to the first question no and to the second three people they are your age.” “Ok can we leave I have a bad feeling something is following us” that’s when all hell broke loose.

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