The Odd Crayons

July 19, 2009
By Meghna Kadalbajoo GOLD, Melbourne, Other
Meghna Kadalbajoo GOLD, Melbourne, Other
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This can’t be happening!!!!!! It must be a dream, it must, it must, and it must! I can’t believe it! For 9 months I’ve been saving up just to buy a pack of Crazies’s Cool Crayons. They cost $20.00 but they are the latest craze at school and I can’t resist them.

To my worst horror, all the packets are gone. But wait, there’s one left. I’m sure it wasn’t there before. In fact, I’m positive. It just popped out of thin air. Sort of. Anyway, I look at the packet. It’s a name I’ve never heard of. The Magic Man.

As I examine the crayons, I feel a sudden urge to buy them. So I do. I buy them as quickly as I can & race home to try the crayons on some paper. I draw a beautiful garden that I’ve never drawn before. With blossoming flowers. Just like the Botanical Gardens. Abruptly, I am lifted up into the chilly, cold air. The world disappears around me in a spin as the drawing sucks me into it. I am now sealed forever in this drawing, never to see the outside world again.

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