A New Species

February 17, 2009
By Anonymous

In this dangerous time, almost a new species have arose. These are people who use more then enough of their brain. Most people use only 10% but these being use over 15%! These people, some infected with a drug to increase the human brain usage, and others born with this talent. An example of this power would be photographic memory, or the ability to memorize thing by just looking at them Secret organizations try to capture and train these people, but some are not so successful.

Most people are scared of their talent and others know how to control their power, and like most men... they want more power. One power allows the user to transfer the power of any one they touch to themselves. There are many other powers and each person’s blood reacts in a different way, so the possibilities are endless. This makes everything unpredictable and you never know what will happen. My name is Doctor Shamis Grey and I work for a top secret organization that’s soul purpose is to capture and protect these people, or so the owner wanted. So far only one of the treatments have survived the test because of his ability to heal. Unfortunately he has escaped, witch leads us to find him, so we can do more tests on him. “This is him,” I showed the Pathfinder a picture of Samuel Pretagrass. This man was the boss. He always wore a baseball cap and faced down. His face had no wrinkles and his skin looked like a child's. “Get James, Have him investigate the case.” James was a Tapper, Witch means he can tap in to peoples minds and get the truth. Also he can control peoples minds, but he is still mastering controlling people with his mind.

I went along with James, so if he refused to come James could tap in their just long enough for me to paralyze him. Company rules were always 2 people, one a doctor and the other a agent with powers. In this case i was the doctor, but the company doesn’t know that I have powers also. I can heal other people’s brains and increase their brain usage.

James jumped into the sports car as I sped away. Unaware of us being here, Samuel glimpsed us coming through the door and began to run. As we creaked into the door the floor broke and we fell down. It felt like we fell 100 feet, James tapped into my mind and made it seem like there was no pain at all. Just like people say “It’s all in your head.” a light beamed down on us as we were blinded. It seemed like a trap, but nothing happened as we silently looked into the light. I glanced to the rest of the room, but it was all pitch black. The light followed us as we moved around the room looking for an exit. A car motor started up and drove away with a screech. It sounded like our car. Felling for an exit James yelled “I found the door!” Then I replied “Stay put... i’ll be there shortly.” Luckily we forgot to fill the car up with gas, so he wouldn’t get far. We ran up the stairs and quickly out the door. He was gone, no traces except for the black tire marks on the ground.

James confused a driver, just long enough for us to jump in the car. We had a GPS system attached to our car so we started driving. I directed James as we quickly fled. We found him at a gas station quickly grabbing a drink. we snuck inside the car. He jumped in and started the ignition as we held a gun to his forehead. If we shot him it would just impale him for a few seconds as we tied him up. We inserted a shot of medicine on him to make him sleep and brought him to the company.

We put him on a gurney and tied him up as he rested. We cleaned him up and brought him directly to the medicine room. As he awoke he said nothing. We began to insert him with the drug. He went into shock and passed out.

We left the room and let him sleep. 2 hours later at 1:00 am he awoke and the security alarm went off. He escaped with in the blink of an eye. We watched the security cams as we found out he could either run at a super speed or stop time. We rewinded the tape to 24:00pm and found he had a partner. This partner almost the same. He accelerated powers. We turned the camera back to when we first attached him in here. “Hmm?!” I exclaimed! “He is not there? We are not there?” I Thought for a minute and then spoke “Sense we know that he can either stop time or run very fast the possibilities are insane, his friend could have accelerated his speed according to Einstein and gone back in time or almost the same thing with stopping time.”

We forgot all about them, the past had changed, the only way for this to change was for me to heal my brain and recall everything I have ever done. I had no clue what to do, because I didn’t know what would happen. It was like if I was being trapped inside a mirror and watching myself playback. I couldn’t break through! Im not strong enough. I’m locked, trapped.

I quietly watched myself, do everything again. I started to yell trying to break the glass case that surrounded me. All I could hear was myself. Never reaching any closer. It was the space time continuum and it couldn’t be stopped. This was the end, and yet a beginning for everything. If I could win, or live here forever.

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