February 17, 2009
By Anonymous

Once there was a young girl named Meredith (Mary for short) she had three very mean ladies in the school she went to they were Maranda, Samanatinie, and Jaberinie. She vowed to her self to stop them from taking over the school because they treated everyone like there was no tomorrow. So the next day she found out that roomers were going around about her and she said to Maranda that if she were to say untrue things about others she needed to go away or face the consequences. The next day Mary was surprised to see Maranda at school so she said “ first you get a frog for your prince and you have to kiss him.” Maranda said “I don’t kiss frogs but that will never happen.” So Mary backfired with another statement “ Oh you will be surprised with what happens so don’t bet on it.” and she cast a spell on Maranda.

* *
* *

Later that day Maranda saw her boyfriend and he was a frog and she kissed him like Mary had said she would. Then after that the spell was lifted of her and her boy friend so after that she was very nice to mary but Mary wanted her to be nice to every one not just her. So then Mary put another spell on her and when she saw anyone she would say she was sorry for making fun of them when they wore something cute to the point that she got jealous because of the out fit. once she did that for a week she under stood what Mary was trying to tell her. So from that day on she was put through ruff conditions by every one in the school because they did not no what was up with her. Every one except Mary did not know what was going on with her so they decided to ask her. She said that some one made her look at things differently and she realized that life is better when everyone is nice to everyone.

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First of all, I Love the picture you chose for the story! Second, I love the fact that Mary took a stand, and helped save the day! :) I love it, and you have so much talent!!! Please write more!!

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