Rebirth Of Felicitas Natsuki

February 15, 2009
By Anonymous

Felicitas slowed her walking as that haunting voice slowly dissipated from her mind. That strange winged girl, the one whom had sent her back, had left Felicitas' mind completely now, or so it seemed. None the less, the... older... girl walked on. Instinctively heading towards the only place she knew. Azriel Fargo's tailor shop. Azriel. Felicitas was still not sure if he was at fault for Hood's death. And... well, she just didn't know. Her mind flitted to Mary. Oh how she sorely missed her adopted sister. Adopted in the sense of friendship that was. She was undoubtedly asleep, and if things went badly with Azriel, who was probably awake, it would be for the best that she note be awake anyway. Filiz looked down at her new body again, the same, more or less as her... old one. But a bit taller and, she blushed, a bit bustier. Not that she minded, not at all. With all her thought and such, Felicitas was at the door to Azriel's shop before she even realized it. Her hand raised to the handle then stopped. She best knock, in case Azriel was not awake. Felicitas did so, not making enough noise to wake mary, but plenty to catch the mage's attention.

Azriel Fargo heard a knock come from the door, his head turning slowly to it. His soul vision had spotted her, and he knew it was only a matter of time before she would come from the grave. He didn't know what to expect, the air of suspense thickening. He slowly arose, telling Arthur, "I'll get it...." slowly, he made his way to the door, keeping in mind the Puzzle Box...why such an artifact came to mind, he did not know. He opened the door, awaiting what fate may come to him, saying, "Welcome home..."

Felicitas decided to go out on a whim. Looking Azriel straight in the eyes she lashed her fist out in a quick straight punch, landing it squarely on Azriel's nose. She pursed her lips and stared at him for a few seconds, "Tell me you did not deserve that." She then looked down at her fist and shook it. Her new body was not completely used to the physical world as of yet. Felicitas looked back up to the tall mage's face. "So, you gonna let me in or not?" If she came off cold, well, it was probably not an accident. At the moment, her heart was still broken, whole is a physical sense, but... without Hood...

Azriel Fargo fell to the ground, showing no resentment or anger. He said, "Door's open..." and wiped the blood from his mouth. He looked up and said, "I could say I didn't intend to harm Hood, but seeing how you wouldn't really care for that comment, let me grace you with some wisdom....he's alive....he doesn't believe that he died....and he left for some odd group. I saw him can follow him if you wish and I'll show you where he is.." he didn't get up, he just lay there...

Felicitas blinked in surprise. Hood, alive!? She nearly leapt onto Azriel, her hands grabbing his collar and one knee gently resting in his solar-plex. "What do you mean he is alive?" Her voice was an urgent whisper. "And what odd group?" As Felicitas spoke she lifted Azriel higher and higher off the ground. Her eyes were wide with fear, love, anger, and another emotion, one that glazed over teh rest, holding them back. Loss.

Azriel Fargo said, "I'm not sure....though they appear benign. It's most likely a thieves guild...I used to hunt down criminals when I had the dark part of myself still within me...I know a thieves hideout when I see one. Filiz....I know it sounds like I'm trying to excuse myself but you have to hear me out. Hood doesn't believe me...he thinks I'm some crazy old wizard and I probably am. Please....for your happiness.." he sheds a tear. "Just go to can see Mary whenever you want, and I'll keep out of your sight if you want....I'll disappear like some bad dream and you can have the life that you wanted...that I failed in giving you." He closed his eyes, letting his head rest back and asked, "Are you going to kill me?"

Felicitas dropped the mage back to the floor. "And break Mary's heart, I think not." She leaned back in closer, her hair moving to reveal both of her eyes, the till recently covered one no longer purple, but golden. "But please do realize, I have considered it many a time." A slight smile tugged at one corner of her mouth before it faded to nothingness. She straightened, "A thieves guild eh. Did they head towards a large house? A locked large house?" As she spoke one of her hands clenched around something, something small.

Azriel Fargo said, "So you know..." he looked away. "Well then I suppose this is goodbye....I can't imagine 'I didn't mean to and I'm sorry' is going to be enough, is it?" He looked back up at her though, a bit determined now. He said, "You got every right to be angry, and you got every right to toss me around and torture me to the very brink of death. But I still love you....I took care of you, and I accept full responsibility. I won't be a damned coward...nor will I grovel forever for you forgiveness. I learned the hard way what happens when you dwell on things like this.....and I'm going to let that guilt hold me down. Not anymore."

Felicitas blinked. Was this key actually for a something related to Hood? She licked her lips. "No, that will not be enough. And it probably will take me a while to forgive you. But... Thanks for telling the truth." Felicitas looked down at the man and reached for his arm, helping him to his feet. "I will see you again, and mary too. Shall we let there be an... if anything, uneasy truce between us?" She nibbled at her lower lip. "I do want you to know that I blame you for Hood's death. I blame you....but... I." Liquid leaked from her eyes, "But I can't bear to..." She swallowed... her hand moving to where her weapon had stabbed into Azriel's chest not long ago.

Azriel Fargo still held looked down at her eyes and folded his arms and said, "Filiz, I stand here without guilt because I want a better life. I can't go back; even if you spit venom and leave I can't go back to that dark place again, and I suggest you don't either. We've suffered enough from this....we can't go back, but we can go forward. Filiz....I will always love you..." he courageously embraced Filiz, despite anything she would've done. He wouldn't let their relationship die so easily...he had worked too hard to let this sadness take the best of him now.

Felicitas dropped her arm back to her side as Azriel embraced her. She spoke into his shoulder, "I apologize if I have been 'spitting venom', I just believed, until recently, that..." She took a deep breath, "That the man I loved was dead and gone." SHe stepped back breaking the mage's grasp. "I need time to think. I... I don't know how to take this in. Less than five minutes ago I had little reason to live but for a vague instruction from an angle about finishing what Hood started. And... now. He. He is back and." The young woman shook her head. "Damn it Azriel, what am I supposed to do?" She looked at the mage, not knowing if he would even have an answer to such a vague question.

Azriel Fargo said, "You know how I feel about Hood....but even that bastard has just as much right to live happily as we do. Filiz.." he bowed his head, " must go to him. I fear he might break heart but...I know this is the best. Confess yourself to him....perhaps can teach him the values of life and love. I spent years trying to learn magic....but even its awesome power cannot mimick the strength of a heartbroken tear. Make Hood a better person...not for me or you....but for Hood's sake." He smiled and said, "If you ever need a place to will always be welcome here. I can only hope that the ash and darkness of these past days will soon disappear. There is always a new dawn approaching."

The author's comments:
Quite a bit of this is practice. I am working on a novel, and this is somewhere from the middle of it. Hence the reason it may not make sense. Thanks for reading none the less.

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