The Shadow Beneath Infinity

July 11, 2009
By Kelly Culver BRONZE, Deal, Other
Kelly Culver BRONZE, Deal, Other
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In the depths of time, where myths meet and legends begin, Kinsai was becoming darker by the moment. Blood strewn across the floor and animals limbs were hung from trees. The buzz of the city had died down, and people were afraid to leave their houses. Evil was becoming popular in this land, although not by choice. People had been chosen to defeat Daemarius, the Spirit causing the trouble, but nobody succeeded. The buildings around Licero were greying and the posters that once showed what the city was like now were covered up by 'Wanted' posters.
Drathero and Xehul were in a chamber discussing their plans for the Hero.
"I'll go, I seem to have a... kinder approach," said Drathero. Xehul nodded in agreement.
"Mmhmm, and if Daemarius gets to her in The Real World it could cause trouble. You have the power to hold him back, I wouldn't," Xehul replied. The Moon outside turned grey and Drathero looked up.
"Time to go check on Jaze, can't have him stirring up trouble," Drathero winked.
"You shouldn't have sent him as bait, look how he is now," Xehul motioned towards the trees behind them and there was a figure in the distance mauling a Peryton.
"It should all come in handy," Drathero replied. Xehul raised his eyebrows. "At some point..."
"Perhaps, but at the moment, you should keep him in control. Not that it's my place to say," Xehul bowed. Drathero walked out of the chamber and towards the dense forest at the edge of the city. The thick trees made it hard to see into but you could see creatures stirring as the mans footsteps echoed and they peered at him from all directions. They watched sleepily as he walked past them and towards a pale man. Jaze was flailing his arms around and the shirt that once covered him was now torn around hung around the Perytons neck. It was bloodstained and slashes were visible through the hair.
"Jaze, calm down. NOW!" yelled Drathero at the pale man and he froze in terror, but relaxed as he saw who it was. He licked the blood from his lips and timidly took the shirt from the dead Perytons neck. Jaze untangled the shirt and slung it over his shoulder.
"That was fun.." he said whilst grinning.
"No, it was bad. You're like this because of Daemarius, you know this. Stop fooling around! Your powers could've awakened, and I don't feel like seeing what they would be when you're in this form. They're powerful enough in your normal form!" yelled Drathero at the pale man, his temper rising.
"Well I could show you..." said Jaze, his grin getting wider.
"No! It's not safe! It could cause a big destruction in Li-"
"Dray, I was kidding, calm down, I'm not stupid," winked Jaze.
"Makes me wonder," he sighed. "Anyway, I need you to keep yourself under control for a while, I'm going to collect the Hero either tonight or just before dawn. I don't want you to kill her."
"Don't worry, I'm sure I can live off normal food... for once..." replied Jaze.
"You don't eat proper food?!" asked a bewildered Drathero.
"Again, kidding," he smiled. Jaze patted Drathero on on the shoulder but he shrugged him off.
"Stop acting like this is a joke, control yourself or there will be trouble," he warned and walked off back to the chamber. Xehul wasn't there, he must be in the realms so Drathero made his way to the electric blue portal. He checked his sword was intact and stepped through the fiery works. The blue engulfed him and he found himself on a normal street. As he walked heads turned towards him. Apparently it was weird to see a man walking along a street with a long leather jacket. Drathero passed the houses, until he found the one he was looking for. He knocked on the door briskly and a girl of fifteen with brown hair and a bored look on her face answered. Drathero bowed lowly and spoke in a low voice.
"Sariah Shyori, you are needed."
"Huh?" She yawned. "Needed for what?"
"You are the Hero of Kinsai, come with me," Drathero said.
"You're not one of those beggars are you?" Sariah said with a slight laugh.
"No, I'm all serious. You have been our Hero for a hundred years, but we need you now. Darkness is taking over."
"Haha, no, seriously, what gives?" she said now getting bored.
"I just told you, don't make me repeat myself. You have to come now or the Third Realm shall suffer because of your selfishness. Come forth to your duties!" Drathero said slightly louder his temper rising slightly.
"If I hear what you have to say, will you keep quiet? I don't want everyone to hear," Sriah muttered slightly embarassed.
"Okay. Kinsai is a place in the Third Realm where people who have the ability to see Spirits and Ghouls go. It is a land like no other, and it will be a waste to see it go. I am Captain of the Fighting Academy there, and you have been the Hero for a while," Drathero explained. "If you don't start your training now, hundreds of lives will be wasted."
"I can't see Spirits or Ghouls..." Sariah said confused.
"Well, you can see me can't you?" Sariah nodded.
"You're... a spirit?" She asked.
"Yes, I am. Now will you come with me?"
"I guess... But how long will it take?"
"It could take a long time or as little as a month. Depends when Daemarius - The Evil Spirit - decides to show his face," Drathero replied.
"Well... okay then. What about my friends and family?" Sariah asked indicating upstairs.
"They will think you're on holiday somewhere with an old friends.. or something like that.." Drathero chuckled and raised his hands. He drew his sword and swiped it through the air in front of Sariah. He then pressed the hilt to Sariah's head and she stood there slightly worried.
"Umm, what are you doing?" she asked.
"Making you into spirit form, the air will crush you otherwise," Drathero replied simply. He made a portal with his sword and they both stepped into the electric blue light.

The author's comments:
This is Chapter 1 of my soon-to-be published novel. I hope you like it.

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