The Three Wishes

January 17, 2009
By Luis Ferre BRONZE, Dorado, Other
Luis Ferre BRONZE, Dorado, Other
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Long ago, deep inside the soaring Rimtor Mountains lived a hardworking dwarf called Palack. Palack was well known in Oreton, one of the several dwarf villages, for his kindness and perseverance. The dwarf lived in the outskirts of the lonely village. Next to his little house was a small cave full of different kinds of ores. There were iron, bronze, silver and even some gold ores. Palack made a living out of mining these precious ores. He didn't just only mine the ores but he was also a blacksmith. Palack smelted the ores to create his own tools for mining, cooking, constructing and smelting among others. The ores that he did not use to smith were sold in the village to the local traders.

One day he went to the village to sell his wares to the traders. When he got to the traders booths he found out that the traders had an abundance of ores except for gold. He tried to bargain with the traders but they would not buy his other ores, except for the only gold ore he had mined that fall. He needed to get more money in order to buy enough food to survive the coming harsh winter. He rushed back to his house, picked up his pickax and went to the cave right away.
For one week he mined and had little progress. Then, one day he found a small part of the cave he had not seen before. He went into the new part of the cave and found a precious rock full of gold. He started mining at the rock and managed to get a lot of gold. When he was about to finish mining his pickaxe hit something very hard on the rock. He kept on mining until out of the inside of the rock came out a precious triangular emerald. He was flabbergasted at the beauty of the emerald. If he sold this emerald to the traders he could live comfortably for decades without worrying about mining and working.
He took his finds back to his house and stared with amazement at the emerald. Palack went to clean it in the nearby river. As he submerged it into the rushing water
he felt the gem tremble madly in his hand. The dwarf took it out of the water and he was now holding a small statue of a dragon. All of a sudden the miniature dragon came to life hovering in his palm. The dragon told the dwarf that he now had three wishes for finding the long, lost emerald. The dwarf thought about it. "I have three wishes to wish for whatever I want!" he thought. Finally he said, "My first wish is for my small cave to be filled with gold." With a flick of his tale the dragon granted the wish. He glanced at his cave and out of the opening he saw it gleaming a wonderful color of gold.

"My second wish is to have a new workshop to make my tools." With a flick of his tail the wish was granted. Next to his house appeared a new little building with a furnace, anvils and new tools. He now had an abundance of gold and a workshop to smith them. "My final wish is to have a wonderful view of the mountains and of Oreton." With another flick of the dragon
's tail his wish came true. He saw his house rise as a hill towered under it. The hill stopped growing and came to a gentle stop. The house was now perched high enough to see the village and enjoy the scenery of the mountains. His three wishes were now granted.

That night he slept well until he heard a disturbance at the base of his new hill. He looked down out of the porch and saw the villagers steeling all the gold out of his
cave. He tried to go down and stop them but noticed the hill had no way to go down. So the dwarf watched as all the villagers stole his gold and was full of misery.

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booknerd said...
on Aug. 27 2009 at 1:52 am
Great short story and good introduction of details. Liked it because of fictional creatures. Nice ending, shows good thought out symbolism

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