Seasle and the Seasons

June 5, 2009
By JoshyCompany BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
JoshyCompany BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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"Life is too deep for words, so don't try to describe it. Just live it." - C. S. Lewis

Seasle is known as the smallest and the most angelic ramp model in the world—born as a 5-pounds and a 3-centimeter tall baby. Living on her own, a few years after her parents died, Seasle flew all over the world to get her own clothes. She also makes her clothes in just 15 minutes. She grows 1 millimeter each month, and that is really, really weird as you might say.

One day, The Clothers offered her a job as a sewer in their company. She had sewn many clothes, but it was just for herself. The owner said angrily, "Oh my goodness! Seasle, you're fired. And that's a period. PERIOD!" What the owner had said to her was repeated over and over by the persons who offer her a job—as a sewer. Meanwhile, in the Rampers Studios, Seasle was tripped over 10 times all night! Seasle felt very embarrassing and very unlucky. One night, she had a dream of somebody talking to her. The man in her dreams said, "Seasle, don't feel very unlucky. You can work for us here." He showed a business card to her, and she memorized the address completely.

The next day, she went to that address she had been given, and she didn't even know that she had to climb a mountain to reach it. So she used her flying skills to find it—rain or shine. She just stayed on the top of mountain forever because she can't find the company address that had been showed to him. She spent sewing dresses on what the day is if it is lovely, rainy, or really angry. Once she had created enough dresses, she put them into sets and called them the seasonal clothes.

The people below saw and were amazed on what she sewed. They still want to take her as a sewer, but they think it's better to leave her alone. So the people just made the seasons suited with the Season clothes to remember Seasle. They named them "Winter," "Spring," "Summer," and "Fall." That's why today, we have particular clothes worn on the different seasons. She is still remembered throughout the years of joy and depression.

The author's comments:
This is actually a legendary folktale for my English class.

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