A Life in the Shadows

June 5, 2009
By Molly S. BRONZE, Fall River, Massachusetts
Molly S. BRONZE, Fall River, Massachusetts
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The wind blows through the dark green forest, the wolves howl in the moonlight, the night sky is a dark blue, almost black. Everyone is fast asleep. Everyone that is, except for my family and me. We live with endless days and endless nights. It's not a severe case of insomnia, it's because of what we are. Vampires.

Our fangs drip with the crimson blood of our past victims. Our faces are an extreme pale from the lack of blood flow throughout our bodies. Our scarlet eyes make our prey fear us more. We are demons of the night and shadows of the day. We are feared by the world even though, most of the world believes us to be myths.

We gallop silently through the forest, searching for our next victim. It's our custom, our way of life. We're used to it. There's no other way to quench our everlasting thirst. It's not like we asked for this life. If I could go back and change it all, I would.

"Rose, come," My father says, in his calm constant tone.

My father's name is Alexander Lestat. He is the eldest of us. He is our leader. He isn't my biological father though. He is my acting father. We vampires break off into groups of four. The eldest male acts as the father. The eldest female acts as the mother. The other two act as children.We do this to portray a normal family when going out in public.

"Coming father," I answer back, in my own same steady tone.

I walk towards him with a steady pace. He nods his head for me to go first as usual and I walk on forward.

I walk towards a small tan house with a black roof on it, feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt for the crime I know I'm about to commit. My eye spots a red van sitting in the small driveway. Not too far from that, there's a little yard. Inside the yard, there's a tiny swing set. That means they have children. Lovely.

Alexander, as I sometimes call my father, knows I hate doing this to children. It kills me inside to know that I'm the cause of their misery. He sends me an apologetic look and signals me to go inside. He walks over to the neighbors house, deciding their fate. I silently climb up the side of the house into the top window and sneak inside.

The house reeks of cigarette smoke. The top level has old hardwood floors that creak when you walk on them. I try to be as cautious as possible, not wanting make a sound.

I spot three doors. One seems to lead into a bathroom, meaning there's no need to go in there. The one directly in front of me carries the sent of adult-like blood. My instincts tell me to go there first.

I make my moves quick and silent, making sure I don't get caught. I move towards the door, peeking inside to make sure no one is awake. Pushing the door with a slight force open, I make my way inside.

The room is petite. It consists of a king-sized bed with two adults, American, sleeping soundly on it. The man is rather large, but handsome. He snored loudly, making me flinch. The woman, beautiful, with her small round face at peace, turns her head on the pillow making her neck a perfect target. Humans seem so delicate. It's funny how they think they rule the world even though us vampires are much more powerful.

I walk over closer to them, as I've done many times before. I lean in by the woman's neck, hesitating to move forward. Her heart beats loudly from her chest. Thump thump, thump thump. I lean in as close as I possibly can and open my mouth, making my fangs visible. I force my icy cold fangs into her helpless human neck.

Her blood tastes so sweet. It is what my throat aches for the most. It's like my own favorite candy, in a sick way.

As I continue taking the much needed blood from her neck, the color drains from her frightened face. I come to a realization as to what I am doing. Killing another helpless human, leaving another child motherless, leaving another husband without the love of his life, taking her away from the world, forever.

What else can I do? I need the blood for survival. I can't just stop in the middle of it. Can I?

Suddenly, I hear a noise. It's a door opening. I jump quickly towards the window, hiding myself in the shadows as a little girl, who looks about five, walks in.

"Mommy?" she says, in her innocent little voice.

It's like I'm watching a horror movie as she walks over to her mom, who I realize isn't dead. Yet, she isn't alive either. She can't be. It's not possible.

"Mommy? Wake up," the little girl cries.

The woman wakes up, screaming, and grabbing her neck. Her eyes changed to a blood red, her face is pale, and her teeth had formed fangs. She is a vampire.

"Mommy!" the little girl screams in fear.

"I'm okay. I'm okay. Wake.. up your.. father. Please Elizabeth," she manages to choke out.

The little girl, Elizabeth walks over to her father.

"Daddy! Wake up! Mommy hurt! Daddy! Please!" she cries.

The man woke up, startled, looking over at his wife. He instantly grabs his cell phone and dials what seems to be 911.

I slip through the window as quickly as possible to inform Alexander on my mistake. I wouldn't be surprised if they take my life for it. They have to others, why not me?

I gallop through the woods back to our little cave to find Alexander standing still as a statue waiting for me.

"So?" He asks.

"Alexander.." I trail off.

We stare at each other for a moment, and he gives me a look of disappointment. He read my eyes. He knew.

"I'm so sorry Alexander! You know I can't handle this life. I just can't. It's not fair.. to them. It wasn't fair to me, and you know it. No one deserves this life and no one deserves to be KILLED because of it!"

"We'll chat tomorrow. I have to think for a while and I have to talk to your mother. Come back at 5:00 AM, Rose," and he walks off.

I gallop through the forest, not focusing on anything in particular, just trying to remember how it felt to sleep in my human life. I miss it.

The forest blurs past me as I gallop faster and faster. Maybe if I go fast enough, I'll get caught by something stronger than me, and finally be destroyed. An eternity is a long time, too long for me.

Visions of my past flow through my mind. If I could just go back to that one day, that one day it happened, maybe I could change it all. Maybe I could be human again. Maybe, I could be happy.

As I continued reminiscing about the years before my eternal life, I run into the darkness of the forest hoping that fate will take it's course and that I'll finally be alright.

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on Jul. 29 2009 at 9:40 pm
georgie_ BRONZE, Colchester, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Can I have some petrol money?"
"For what?"

this is really good (: you have a writing style that really creates the atmosphere, and I can see how rose abhors herself, yet she still feels that she has to do it. nice work :)

i like how you've thrown in 'lestat' there too ;) ann rice fan? snaps xD


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