Ahrim's Betrayal

June 5, 2009
By Jose Villa BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
Jose Villa BRONZE, Hubbard, Oregon
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Ahrim was nowhere to be found as his brothers were finishing off the last of the White Knights of Falador. As Dharok finished off the last of the knights he looked around and said to Verac, “Where is Ahrim,”?
“I have no idea Dharok,” said Verac unenthusiastically. Dharok looked around trying to find his brother. As he wandered the battle field he didn’t notice a Sir Tiffy Cashien sneaking up behind him.
“Die Barrow scum,” exclaimed Cashien. Dharok had no time to react. Just as suddenly as he attacked, he fell to the floor. There were crossbow bolts sticking out of Cashien’s back, Dharok recognized these bolts. They belonged to Karil the Tainted. Dharok looked around and saw Karil standing on the far balcony of the White Knight’s Castle. Ahrim was standing next to Karil.

“Thank you Karil, I owe you one,” said Dharok. Karil did not answer him. “Karil are you okay?” Still no reply. “Karil I’m growing tired of your games, Ahrim what’s wrong with Karil?”

Ahrim smiled satanically and said, “Prepare to die Dharok!” Ahrim raised his staff and shot a purple bolt of magic energy at each of his brothers. Karil and Ahrim teleported off the balcony. The rest of the Barrows Brothers lined up in formation to the sides of Ahrim and Karil. Ahrim looked over at Torag and pointed at Dharok. Torag went straight for Dharok. Dharok knew Torag was the weakest of the brothers, but something was different. Torag was using a different fighting style. Dharok recognized this new fighting style. He was using Statius War hammer techniques.

“Torag you have to snap out of it,” Torag did not say a word, “I don’t want to hurt you,” said Dharok. Dharok was torn between two choices. Stand there and be killed or kill one his brothers. Dharok closed his and took a swing of his mighty axe. As he opened his eyes all he could hear is the bone chilling sound of his brother’s body hitting the floor. Dharok realized what he had just done. He felt like crying, but he knew being the most feared warrior in Runescape he could not show any emotion.

“Is this what you wanted Ahrim,” Dharok exclaimed, “Do you not care that you are making me kill my brothers, our brothers,”.

“Dharok you fool don’t you understand that I have no feelings toward any of my brothers,” said Ahrim.

Dharok replied, “What do you mean?”

“Do you actually think I would care about a bunch of stupid bunch of warmongers like you?” said Ahrim. Dharok could take no more of Ahrim’s words. He looked up at Ahrim and then started to charge for him. Guthan and Verac jumped out to protect Ahrim. Dharok jumped back. Verac started to chase him. Dharok heard a sound coming for him; he turned around and saw Karil’s bolts coming for him blocked the bolts by swinging his axe. Dharok was not paying attention, Verac decided to take that opportunity. He charged for Dharok and took a swing of his flail. Dharok moved just in time, but if he hadn’t the massive hole in the ground that Verac had made could’ve been him.

“Verac stop this!” exclaimed Dharok. Verac just gave Dharok a cold stare and charged at him again. Verac was moving a lot faster than he usually does. As Verac was charging for Dharok, he could hear the noise again. It was too late to block the mass of bolts that were coming his way. Dharok felt a massive pain in back. He did not show any signs of being hurt. Verac came at him again, but this time full force. Dharok was too hurt to fight back full strength. Each of the Barrows Brothers has a special ability that goes along with their full warrior names. (Dharok the Wretched, Karil the Tainted etc.) Dharok’s ability was the main reason why people feared him. It was called Wretched Strength and what that means is when Dharok is close to dying he can swing his axe faster and harder than he usually can. Verac was now in range. Dharok’s axe shined purple with his energy. He swung in a diagonal swipe and he closed his eyes. This time he opened his eyes too early and saw Verac’s body parts land in two different places. Dharok now had no remorse. It was either kill or be killed and Dharok would much rather die under his terms than Ahrims. This time he wouldn’t let the others charge for him, Dharok was going to make the first move. He went straight for Guthan. He knew Guthan was going to be a challenge because Guthan’s ability was that he could heal himself during battle. He wasted no time he swung his axe and Guthan raised his war spear to defend himself. Dharok noticed there was something different about Guthan than the others. As Dharok was about to pull back his axe and swing again he heard Guthan talk.

“Dharok go for Ahrim, I’ll take Karil,” said Guthan.

Dharok replied, “Is this one of Ahrim’s tricks?”

“GO!” Guthan exclaimed. Dharok started running for Ahrim. He looked back and saw Guthan blocking bolts with his spear. He knew he could always count on Guthan to be there. As Dharok was running he felt frozen. Dharok recognized this feeling. It was Ahrim’s spell Ice Barrage. Dharok was strong enough though that he could push through.

“Ahrim, you know you cannot defeat me so just give up,” Dharok said. Dharok walked all the way up to Ahrim. Ahrim was too weak to ever think about taking Dharok in melee fight. Dharok was right in front of Ahrim. He swung his fist into Ahrim’s face. Ahrim fell to the floor in pain. He was going to end this fast. Dharok took his Rune Defender and stabbed Ahrim on the side of the neck killing him instantly. Ahrim was now dead. Dharok took a seat on the floor trying to take in all that had happened. He looked over at where Karil and Guthan were. They were both dead. Dharok let out a loud war cry. RAAAAAAAAWWWWWRRRRR!!!!! Even after what Ahrim had done, Dharok knew this was no way to leave his brothers. He took their bodies and made graves. Dharok couldn’t stand to live without his brothers. He had made six graves for a reason. He started crying because he was about to make the ultimate sacrifice. He stood next to his grave. He took out a Dragon dagger. He put it near his throat. Dharok was once again with his brothers.

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