Unforgotten Angel

June 4, 2009
By Bayley Brill BRONZE, Springfield, Virginia
Bayley Brill BRONZE, Springfield, Virginia
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I had just gotten back from Sophie’s funeral, and I was still speechless. It had already been two weeks since the crash. The car crash that killed my best friend, but left me unharmed. I walked up to my room, not taking in the wondrous colors what once filled my house. Everything seemed to be in black and white since that painful moment when the nurse told me my best friend had died. I walked into my room, and sat on my bed. I sat in silence for awhile, thinking about that night. The concert, the friends, the drunk driver. A single tear slid down my cheek. Even just thinking about it makes me cry. I looked out my picture frame window, and saw a shooting star. Now, I'm not the one to believe in magic, but when you feel as helpless, and alone as I did, you too would think anything was possible. I took a deep breath, and whispered “I wish I can see Sophie again. I don’t care how long, I just want to see her again. I want to be able to say a proper goodbye to her.”

The comet finished passing by, and glowed off in the distance a little. I didn’t really take notice, and without changing clothes, I slid onto my bed, the only thing that gives me comfort now, and quickly fell into unconsciousness.

When I woke up the next morning, everything seemed brighter. I looked up and saw a smiling face I hadn’t seen in two weeks. A raven haired girl. A girl named Sophie.

“What’s up?” She asked

“I..uh...Sophie?” I was stunned. I couldn’t speak.

“Why do you look so pale?” She asked softly.

“Am I hallucinating? This MUST be a dream!” I yelled mid panic attack.


“Because you’re you?” I whispered horsely, trying not to scream.

“Me?” She asked innocently

“Yes! You! Sophie!” I scream

“In the flesh.” She grinned mockingly

“But...but...” I couldn’t find the words I wanted - no - needed to say.

“Tay, I know you. There;s something you need to say, so say it.” She said as she jumped onto the edge on my bed. I hadn’t noticed that I had moved from my bed to the computer chair across the room. I just stood there, not knowing how I to phrase what I was about to say.

“C’mon! Say it!” She presses, her pale blue eyes sending chills down my spine. They showed no expression, just emptiness, and loneliness.

“Your dead!” I screamed, forgetting the soft, comforting way I planned to say it.

She looked at me stunned. “Your remember?” She whispered horsely.

“Of Course I do. Your funeral, it was today. I still remember when the nurse told me...” I paused, trying to keep myself under control. “...you didn’t make it.” I whispered, hardly loud enough to hear. I was being completely honest. The day she died was (and is) still an open wound.

“How long ago did it happen?” Her voice was full of sorrow, and her eyes, those piercing pale blue eyes, they now showed sadness.

“Two weeks” I mumbled, staring at the floor, as Sophie’s face made an “O” shape.

“Can I see you iPod?” She asked randomly

“Sure...”I grabbed my iPod off the table next to me, and handed it to her. She started at the screen awhile and pressed the middle button a few times, but I just figured she was seeing what songs and pictures I had uploaded in two weeks. She finally looked up from the iPod and said “There. Keep it off for awhile though.” I nodded as she placed it back onto my nightstand.

She looked at me solemnly, and said “I miss you.” and hugged me. I hugged her for dear life, as thought holding her tight would help her stay. I couldn’t hold it in anymore, I started to cry into her shoulders.

“Don’t forget me, Tay Tay.” She whispered in my ear

“I won’t.” I whispered back, trying to fight the tears from coming down more then they already were, trying to at least get a grip. And with that, I saw a white light, and in a split second, my best friend let me. Again. This time though, I was sure it was truly forever.

I woke up in a cold sweat. I was still in the sleek black dress Sophie always loved on me. I remembered my dream, and turned to my nightstand, and saw a heart drawn in turquoise blue pen, just like Sophie always did them. There was a note inside the heart, which simply said “Taylor; you can look at your iPod now.” in neat script handwriting. Sophie’s handwriting.

I was stunned. It wasn’t a dream. It really happened! I really did talk to my dead best friend! Maybe I wasn’t loosing it. I turned my iPod on, and saw three songs I’d have never thought in a million years would describe our feelings towards each other. There were two I Miss You’s. One by a fairly known pop-punk band, and another band that pretty much only me and Sophie know about. The third song, it made me smile just by looking at the title. Keeping On Without You by This Providence. I paused for a minute, remembering the summer that song came out. Sophie and I had the CD it was on, and we blasted it all summer long. Every card ride, every trip to the beach, it was that song and it’s CD. And that song described the past two weeks perfectly. I clicked the first song on the playlist, and drowned out all my thoughts, just listening to the lyrics.

“Hello there,

the angel from my nightmare
the shadow in the background...”

And with those simple lyrics, Sophie was able to say she’d always be there, in the background, whether i noticed it or not, being my guardian angel. A guardian angel, from a desperate wish. Granted by a shooting star.

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