Curse of the Cobra

June 24, 2009
By Liam Smith BRONZE, Perth, Other
Liam Smith BRONZE, Perth, Other
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Chapter 1 Created

Dr David Limestone stood over the glass tank frowning to him. The substance inside was scarlet and blue with bits of skin bobbing rapidly on the surface. Next to the tank was an enormous wooden box about the size of man and it was worn from use. ‘‘ Just two more minutes’’ said Alcon Rhubarb, his face had split into a huge grin. All the scientists held their breath as the seconds ticked by. Peter a handsome looking scientist swaggered up to the tank. He had an enormous lime yellow lemon and he was holding it over the tank. As the seconds drew into a close Peter let go of the Lemon.

At once a hissing and bubbling sound issued from the tank. The colour had turned from scarlet to a darkish brown and something was forming inside the tank. ‘‘ Get the cover ready’’ David shouted. Suddenly the tank gave an almighty lurch. ‘‘Stand back’’ David warned, he seemed to concentrating on the tank with all his attention. Just then the tank gave way and smashed to the floor and out of it came a huge cobra, it bulbous yellow eyes fixed on the group of scientists and its hood had spread out like a huge black umbrella. Its scales were a vivid poisons grey and its fangs were huge, around 40 cm long and dripping from them was a jet-black liquid, which seemed to be its venom.

‘‘Strap it down strap it’’ yelled David as the scientists quickly strapped it down with the cover he had provided.
‘‘Now put it into the box’’ David commanded. The scientists did as they were told, pulled off the strap and bolted the down the box with iron chains. All the scientists then walked back a couple of paces, including David and admired the cobra, which was hissing furiously in the box.
Peter who had stood back during the process of the strapping bent forwards and peered inside the box.
What came next happened so fast no one saw it. One second Peter was peering into the box, the next he had jumped back with a yelp. A huge black jet of venom had come shooting out of the box and hit the wall. At once the wall hissed and the scientists had noticed that part of the wall had melted.

David looked bit shocked but not as shocked as Peter was.
‘‘ We will need to monitor this snakes progress with great caution’’ he said shakily. ‘‘ We must all now get a good nights sleep come on’’. He ushered the shocked scientists out of the lab and they all walked slowly to their separate dorms. Peter lay there, his mind was buzzing about the huge cobra in the box and about the venom that had made the wall melt. He drifted off to sleep with the vision of the cobra on his mind.

Chapter 2 Unleashed

BANG!!!!! A huge explosion reverberated from inside the experimental room. Peter woke with a start, bolted outside with all the other scientists, crept to the door of the experimental room and looked inside. The room was an absolute mess. Nearly all the conical flasks had smashed on the floor. Torrents of fire licked the sides of the walls and the tank in which the cobra was in had broken into splinters. Peter and David looked wildly around for the cobra. A strange hissing sound came from behind David. All the scientists looked around.
The enormous serpent, a bright poisonous grey, thick as an oak trunk had raised itself high in the air and its yellow eyes were fixed on David. David looked at the cobra more closely. Its hood had now formed the pattern of the Indian cobra. He didn’t have time to react to what happened next. One scientist said ‘‘lookout’’ and something sharp and painful stabbed him in the back of the neck. David shuddered once then collapsed. The giant snake then whipped its tail across the floor knocking all the scientists off their feet, followed by a large gob of venom in their faces. They screamed. Peter meanwhile was hiding under a desk his face was chalk white, as he watched his fellow teammates faces disintegrate. Peter suddenly knocked over a conical flask. The reptile’s head jerked around for the sound of the vibration. Its pupils fell on Peter and it moved slowly towards him knocking over tables. Peter could hear the loud thumping of the creature’s heart. It sounded like lots of sponges being squeezed together after been put in water. Peter knew it could see him, its eyes passed him looking towards a large crack through the wall. Peter looked down at himself and saw that he was covered in muddy water. The snake couldn't see him. He sighed with relief. “That was close”, he thought. The scaly vertebrate slivered away and out into the moonlit sky.

Chapter 3 Death will come on swift fangs

Lancaster ran though the chilly night air. The double barrel shotgun under his arm and his huge bloodhound Scruffy trotting along at his heels. The target that Lancaster was looking at was a huge male red deer its antlers snapping twigs as it galloped into the pine trees.
Lancaster crouched low behind a thicket of blueberry shrubs, his gun held at the ready. He loaded one round and aimed it at the deer’s head. The deer suddenly raised its head its nose twitching.

Suddenly without a backward glance at the thicket it bolted into the trees, at the same time there was a low hissing sound. He glanced around for his bloodhound and instead looked up into the gigantic form of the huge cobra the bloodhound in its jaws. The cobra had just swallowed it when Lancaster reached for his gun to aim at the gigantic snake but at that instant a large black quantity of venom shot strait for his eyes. Lancaster screamed in agony writhing and twisting in pain.

As he struggled two long razor sharp fangs were sinking deeper and deeper into his back. He could feel the poison spreading through his body as though a needle was putting a antidote into his arm. As his vision began to fail the cobra flipped him up and swallowed him whole. The huge serpent extracted its hood and slivered away into the darkness.

The next morning back at the science lab a black Ford Anglia had parked just where the explosion had happened.
Out of the door came a detective named Enoch. He had smooth short matted hair and a toothbrush moustache.
Peter stood up still shaky and walked over to him his face all nervous.

Enoch ushered Peter into a empty and unused room and told him to sit down. ‘‘ Now’’ sniffed Enoch smoothing his moustache ‘‘ what was the last ingredient you put in this top secret experiment’’. ‘‘Um’’ Peter responded ‘‘ a lemon’’. ‘‘ A lemon’’ Enoch sounded surprised ‘‘ and what came out of the tank’’. ‘‘ A snake’’ Peter mumbled under his breath. ‘‘ What type of snake’’. ‘‘ A king cobra’’ replied Peter. ‘‘ And did your fellow scientists cross any other type of snake in the experiment’’ questioned Enoch. ‘‘Yep’’. Peter said. ‘‘ What species’’. ‘‘Well’’ Peter replied. ‘‘ We crossed the king cobra with a black mamba, all the species of cobra including the red spitting cobra and I believe that is all’’ he said smugly. ‘‘ What did the snake do when you left it alone’’ asked Enoch. ‘‘ It escaped and killed all the scientists except me’’. ‘‘ Shit’’ Enoch swore. ‘‘ Someone must have used some type of drug to make it aggressive’’. ‘‘What’’ said Peter. ‘‘ Yes one of your friends must have developed some kind of drug that made the cobra angry when it came out of the tank’’. ‘‘ That foul annoying bastard”, said Peter angrily. ‘‘ But the drug will wear off after a while’’ replied Enoch. ‘‘ Really’’ said Peter “how long’’. ‘‘About two days’’ ‘‘that’s bad’’ Peter said ‘‘because the snake will kill more then a dozen people a day’’. ‘‘That’s no problem’’ said Enoch sighing ‘‘ the army will have the situation under control in no time’’. ‘‘ Ok’’ replied Peter. ‘‘ I will just go then’’. And he staggered out of the room leaving Enoch’s face splitting into a slow smile.

Chapter 4 we need bigger guns

The soldiers crept slowly in the thick undergrowth of the pine trees searching every corner. The sergeant said icily ‘‘spread out, hide behind trees and bushes’’. The others moved into their ambush positions as the sergeant placed a large slab of meat into the clearing ahead.

They waited of many minutes and the sergeant was just thinking his luck was running out when he heard a low growling hiss from his right. ‘‘ Did you hear that’’ he said to the others. ‘‘ Yeah we did’’ they replied. The sergeant was about to say we are going to leave when suddenly a long black tongue came out of nowhere and grabbed the sergeant round the middle. He yelled and his fellows started shooting wildly. The tongue withdrew and the solders followed it. They came to a stop however because they froze unable to speak or move. The giant cobra had the sergeant in its coils and was in the process of constricting him. His face was turning purple. ‘‘No!!!!’’ screamed one of the solders and he started shooting. The others scattered. The bullets seemed to have no effect what so ever on the gigantic reptile for then it suddenly whipped its head around to stare at him. It dropped the sergeant who was untruly dead.

The soldier sprinted. His breathing and heart rate increased as he fought through the thick branches as he neared a bend he froze and shuddered and he started to cough out blood. He looked at his chest and saw two large punctures. The giant snake loomed over him its mouth opened wide. The soldier barely able to live any longer yanked a hunting knife from his belt and stabbed the cobra’s scaly body. A sudden shower of dark blood spattered the ground. The cobra hissed and spitted in agony. It raised its great body and struck at the solders head crushing his skull drawing streams of blood, which trickled down to the canopy. The cobra grabbed the limb body of the solder and whipped its head from side to side and broke his spine. Rising from its bloody kill the cobra admitted a savage roar of victory, which was unusual for a snake.

Darkness fell as the cobra glided though a field of grass. The moon was now completely full and there was a utter silence in the air. Its stomach now full the cobra searched a place to rest. It came across an area with mountains of shrubs and thorn bushes. It winced slightly as the thorns rubbed against the soft undersides of its belly. It settled down for night and fell into a deep sleep waiting for the thrill of the hunt once more.

Back inside the ruined science lab Enoch was getting desperate he shouted at Peter. ‘‘ Have you found the snakes location’’? ‘‘I’m trying’’ groaned Peter. ‘‘Its moving so fast I cant keep up with it’’. ‘‘ One question’’ Enoch said fuming ‘‘ did the cobra have a nickname at all’’. ‘‘Yes Adrian’’. ‘‘ Adrian’’ sniffed Enoch ‘‘ not a common name I suppose’’. ‘‘Nope’’ said Peter. Enoch was about to question him more when he suddenly went all drowsy. ‘‘ Enoch are you all right’’ said Peter startled. He looked wildly around the room and saw a greenish substance floating in the air. Sleeping Gas. ‘‘So you survived’’ rumbled a deep voice. Peter’s hair stood on end. He turned and looked up into the face of Alcon Rhubarb. ‘‘Poor old Enoch’’ drooled Rhubarb. ‘‘Be gone foul oath breaker’’ roared Peter. ‘‘Such a harsh greeting’’ sneered Rhubarb ‘‘ I knew David would never suspect me when I was his closest friend’’. ‘‘You deserve no more cutesy then a rabid wolf’’ spat Peter. ‘‘I have work do Peter then listen to your savage insults’’ sneered Rhubarb. He tied Peter up with strong ropes ‘‘ I know that dear Adrian is a new era of scientific technology and that she can see with inferred’’. ‘‘ Inferred’’ said Peter startled. ‘‘ Didn’t you know’’ explained Rhubarb ‘‘ she hunts by seeing our heat’’. ‘‘ Now enough chit chat Peter I will now track this Adrian of yours down and export her to an remote tropical island named isle Thorna where she will be under 24 hour surveillance’’. Also their will be scientists doing tests on her as well’’.

Rhubarb turned and looked at Peter who was struggling against his ropes. ‘‘ I put the drug inside the cobra so that I would create a diversion’’ sniffed Rhubarb. ‘‘And you can enjoy a bang’’. He withdrew from his pocket several dynamite and a small pocket watch. “When this clock sets midday tomorrow you shall die’’ he said with relish and he walked out of the lab but then he changed his mind. He walked over to Peters chair sliced the ropes and extinguished the dynamite. ‘‘ Peter I have just appointed you as one of the scientists to go to isle Thorna and keep a close eye on her’’. ‘‘ That’s good’’ said Peter who just stood there in shock of what Rhubarb had just done. ‘‘ He looked at the limb form of Enoch and said ‘‘what about him’’. ‘‘ He will be fine’’ assured Rhubarb. He just went to the unused room when a beeping signal came from one of his tracking radars. He looked at it closely. ‘‘ Yes’’ he shouted ‘‘ I’ve got her and I will immediately call a boat to export her over to the island’’. ‘‘ Is she darted’ asked Peter. ‘‘ Yep’’ said Rhubarb with happiness. He rushed out of the room and started to arrange the export and Peter just sat there with a little bit of a smile curling around the edges of his mouth.

Chapter 5 Isle Thorna

Peter sat on the boat as the huge crate that carried Adrian was loaded onto the deck. The sky was a beautiful blue and there were no clouds. After the loading the boat set off, crashing against waves that lapped the sides of the boat. After three whole hours of a bumpy ride the team arrived just twenty meters away from the shore and the crate was crashing from side to side. Adrian was having one hell of fit in her enclosure.

On the loading dock the team of scientists removed the snake and took her to an under ground pit with ventilations of oxygen so that she could breath. Peter and the other scientists were taken down to the experimental room. The room was so narrow that barely anyone could fit in it. On the other side of the room there was a column of bunks where the scientists would sleep. In the middle of the room was a domed shaped door with a special security code so that only keepers or scientists could enter the giant pit. Dr Alcon Rhubarb stood in front of crowd and addressed them. ‘‘ Well everyone you know why you are here’’. Most people exchanged blank looks. ‘‘ You are here because you are to study are new genitally engineered life form. ‘‘ A giant 50 feet long king cobra’’. Everyone expect Peters eyes widened. ‘‘ She is a era form of scientific technology’’ explained Rhubarb. One hand shot into the air. ‘‘ Yes Dr Susan Richardson’’. Is it dangerous? asked Susan. ‘‘ Dangerous’’ lied Rhubarb ‘‘ of course she’s not dangerous’’.

Rhubarb continued on with his speech. It went on for many minutes. At last when his talk was over he gave them their security cards for entering the pit. The tired scientists trundled off to their bunks , not knowing that something was going to happen that would change their lives.

Chapter 6 Bad Boy

Peter lay there in the warm comfortable sheets waiting to make his move. He was going to release Adrian the giant 50-foot long cobra. He watched the security camera for any signs of the guards patrolling the area but their weren’t any. He crept out of his bed and silently opened the door to the snake’s enclosure with his card.

It was like a huge jungle inside the pit. The cobra was lying down next to the pond and he heard the same thumping noises of its heart. As his crept closer to the gigantic reptile his boot crunched a dry twig. The cobra’s eyes snapped open and glared at Peter though its thermal vision. Peter stood there unable to move. Adrian’s fangs were poised to strike, her mouth opened wide. Peter’s trembling mouth said ‘‘ I am going to help you escape Adrian’’. Adrian’s fangs withdrew back into her mouth and she looked at him with those yellow eyes. ‘‘ And then its payback time’’ explained Peter. At these words the snake became exited. ‘‘ I will get a cutting torch’’ replied Peter. He dashed out of the room and found a long shaped object with large letters saying cutting torch. He went back to the pit and adjusted the torch. He aimed it at the metal door. As he did so his eyes fell on something white. He lowered the torch and looked closely. He gasped. On the ground before him was a clutch of eggs gleaming in the moonlight. The eggs were soft to touch. ‘‘ you’ve got babies’’ he said to Adrian astounded. Adrian hissed happily. There were around 3 of them. Peter aimed the torch again at the wall. The torch started to make a deafening noise when it cut into the metal but Peter kept on going. At last the door fell and clanged to the floor. He could hear the guards coming into the hall. Adrian slid out the pit. At once the guards started shooting darts. But she spat venom in their eyes. They collapsed under her unwavering glare. She moved and skirted the dead bodies of the guards until she arrived at Alcon Rhubarbs bedroom.

Rhubarb lay their peacefully sleeping. Peter raised his hand as Adrian drew her fangs. Peter suddenly dropped his hand. Adrian struck Rhubarb on the chest. At once a high blood-curdling scream emanated from Rhubarb. Blood splattered the wall. Every single person in the whole facility woke. They sprinted towards the exit doors. Adrian gave roar that shook the walls and she started destroying everything in her path. Peter ran along side Adrian and was joined closely by Susan who said that the snake was dangerous. ‘‘ Get everyone out now’’ yelled the guards. Adrian crashed out of the building and started to destroy it with her acidic venom. The whole building exploded forming a great raging fire. Adrian slivered for her life. There was a cliff up ahead if she could make it she could escape this island forever. The cliff was just ahead and she leaped. She a roar of victory. Peter and Susan watched her descend the cliff. As Adrian neared the ground she froze and dark warm blood soaked her scaly skin. Her heart stopped in mid-beat and she fell with a deafening crash on the stony ground. Where was she. She was alone and she knew it. Sprawled on the soil with blood trickling down her body. For she was dead. She was alone and in the dark. She was alone.

Chapter 7 Offspring

Peter and Susan stared at her scaly lifeless body. ‘‘ Good bye scaly one’’. Whispered Peter as tears filled his eyes. “We got her’’ roared one of the scientists. Everyone cheered expect Peter. Everyone thought that everything was destroyed but they were wrong. Peter suddenly looked at Adrian’s face and saw a smile curling her blood soaked mouth, then she fell back against the rocky ground. Back inside the destroyed building the eggs were beginning to hatch because of all the extra heat coming from the fire.

They looked exactly like Adrian with the vivid grey scales, the bulbous yellow eyes and the spectacle pattern on the back of their hood. A tall security guard was wandering around the area and snakes perused him with their heat vision. Since Adrian was now dead the snakes had evolved into something new. They were able to change their vision and cloak themselves to be invisible. The security guard spotted the snakes advancing towards him. He called out on his walkie-talkie. ‘‘ Someone come inside the main area I need AHHHHHHHHH!!!!’’ it went blank. Peter looked though a cracked window. The snakes were tearing the guard to peaces and devouring him. As they did they started to grow at an extraordinary rate. From 5 metres to 10. Peter darted over to the scientists. “Everyone’’ he shouted. The scientists turned to look at him. “Come and join the cerebration” they insisted. “Listen there are more snakes in their I saw them devouring a guard’’. “Rubbish’’ they said. “He might be right,” said Susan. She went to look though the window. They weren't there. One of the scientists opened the door. “Don’t” yelled Peter. “What did he just say?” said the scientist rudely. He opened the door. There’s nothing here”. He went to close the door. Suddenly a scaly face stuck though the door. Everyone screamed except Peter who laughed, “what did I tell you”. The shocked scientist screamed. The cobra bit off his head. The cobra turned to stare at the group of scientists. Soon another head popped out though the door another and another. Everyone sprinted into the jungle. And the cobras perused them. There was a waterfall up ahead and the scientists jumped in except for one who was too late. The snakes stopped at the edge and peered hungrily into the water. They could not see them even if they changed their vision. The snakes gave a roar of frustration and slivered back into the jungle. The group found a clearing to trees where they settled for night. They also started to ask Peter questions. Susan stayed clear of this topic. Peter answered, “Well the snakes can only see in inferred. They’re hunting by seeing heat”. “They also have a verity of visions but they wont be able to see us”. “ Can you name one?” asked one scared looking scientist. “ Night vision”. The scientist swore. “They have evolved” explained Peter but they are not like Adrian”. “Who the hell is Adrian”? asked the scientist. “The huge one that was killed” “she was exported to isle Thorna by my mate Rhubarb”. “You see she was created by a group of scientists including me”. “You” shouted the scientist. “you son of a bitch”. He lunged at Peter and started to choke him. Susan slapped the scientist with the palm of her hand. The scientist crumpled. His jaw was broken. A dark bruise appeared on his mandible. ‘‘ Get rid of his body” Susan spat. One heavily built scientist called Trent threw his limb body into the lake. As the splash was made however one giant cobra slid into the lake.

“ Cover yourselves with mud it will stop them from seeing you”. The scientists smothered themselves with dark mud. The cobra’s scaly head rose above the surface of the water. It searched for any other scientist. It started to head towards the clearing. Peter’s heart was hammering against his chest. The cobra’s eyes slowly travelled around the clearing. It gave a hiss of frustration. Suddenly Trent snapped a twig with his heavy boot. The cobra’s eyes started to turn white. “uh oh” said Peter. The cobra was changing its vision from thermal to x-ray and it growled with pleasure. Raised its giant head.

“Run for it” yelled Peter. Everyone ran into the jungle and Trent screamed. Dark crimson blood spattered the leaves. The snake looked straight into Peters face and didn’t attack him, why. Was this because he must have stroked the eggs. But Peter knew he had to get rid of them. Peter had forgotten that he still had the cutting torch. He yanked it out of the jeans and aimed it at the colossal snake. “hay over here you bitch”. The torch let of a powerful light the cobra screamed and hissed. The lazar was cutting into its skin and cobra was thrashing around. “That’s right” sobbed Peter over the noise so that the other scientists wouldn't hear. “that’s what happens”. The cobra fell onto the jungle floor with a load thump. “lets go and find a radio transmitter so we can alert the military” sniffed Peter. They set off into the dense jungle. The injured cobra wined at Peter and tried to get up. A giant form loomed over it. It was another cobra and it lifted its comrade of the floor with its huge mouth. They looked at the trail in front of them with their thermal vision and persuade it with pleasure. Over and hour passed before they reached a transmitter. “Right let’s send!!!” He stopped short however because the injured cobra slivered out off trees and behind it was the other cobra and it was gigantic around 60 feet in length. It was bigger then Adrian. “Send it” Peter yelled. Susan yelled into the radio “hallo is anyone their”. A sudden crackle and then “yes how can we help you”. “We are trapped on an island known as isle Thorna and we are in mortal danger I need you to send a rescue team immediately we are being attacked by giant cobras”. “say that again” asked the sergeant. Susan roared into the radio “we are being attacked by giant cobras they were a science experiment and it went wrong”. The sergeant yelled to his sectary “get the F 22s up and flying and the Tiger helicopter we have rescue mission at stake”. “Yes sir” said the sectary and he saluted and dashed to his solders.

“It’s done” yelled Susan to Peter. “Good and count how many people there are”. “Four” she yelled including us”. The cobras were getting closer and closer and Peter drew the cutting torch. But then he said to himself. “how could this little object defeat two giant snakes it will take something a lot bigger”. Suddenly a rumbling noise seemed to come from behind the snakes. The giant cobra thought that its mate was making the noise and it bit its hood. The smaller one snarled and started to attack it. Soon the two cobras were having the most almighty free for all. Blood flowed, fangs fell out, venom was spat and they roared and hissed and growled.

Chapter 8 Rescue

The F 22s and the Tiger helicopter zoomed into view. The helicopter landed with a dull thump and the scientists got in. The helicopter shot away and the F 22s started to zoom around the island and dropping bombs. The two cobras noticed the explosions but kept on fighting and they were both incinerated. The entire island got pulverized. “We made it” said Peter exasperated. He looked back at the destroyed island and said yet again “good bye scaly ones”. The F 22s shot off after the helicopter and Peter went into a deep sleep.

The sun shone beautifully in Peter’s brand new office and he hummed to himself while typing on his laptop. As sent his email to Susan saying are you all right he heard a strange sound. He looked into his bag. A low cracking sound echoed from inside the bag. Peters face split into a smile.


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