Body Jumper

January 14, 2009
By Jade47 BRONZE, Mount Olive, North Carolina
Jade47 BRONZE, Mount Olive, North Carolina
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Riley Samora Hawthorn was your typical teen age girl but her life was more complicated than most. Her day started like most; she got dressed and headed down stairs for breakfast. She greeted her family with the normal sarcasm, but little did she know that she'd regret it later. From the moment she stepped on to the pavement she was doomed. As she was walking to her car and getting ready to open her door, a truck drove by and covered her in mud, so she had to get into her convertible and ruin her oh-so-perfect leather seats. Leaving her no time to change for school, she went through the day with odd stares from people; even her friends who thought the sun rose and set on her. She tripped down the stairs and broke her heel so now she was limping along to each class. But she was so sure that Saturday night was going to be better. Little did she know that her world of bliss would be like hell crashing down. She was driving down the high way back from Kevin Phenmore's party when a huge SUV slammed into her and made her spin and flip off the side of the road.

I got inside poor Jeremy's mind; it wasn't hard once he had so much to drink, all the alcohol blocked out his senses. So he didn't even know that I was the one was in control now and my plan was in effect. It felt so good slamming his range rover in to her Corvette watching the flames dance, illuminating the black and red combination. I knew that things would go my way once i seen her fly through the windshield and all the other windows shatter. The glass hitting the pavement was like watching someone put ice in cup.I was to caught up in wondering if she somehow felt cold lying in the ditch but I only had five minuets to put her into Janie's body and Janie into hers. I started my chant "doaun de vachesh anew", let souls intertwine and forever bind . Poor Janie was going to be in a lot of pain and probably hate me in the morning she had no clue that I was even doing this. But now that I was sure the process was in affect decided it was time to heal Jeremy a little before the ambulance showed up. Besides he was innocent in all of this , but for know there was much needed sleep calling my name.

What is going on? one minute I'm sitting at my computer typing my semi autobiographical essay the life of Janie Pierce and then the next thing I'm in the hospital listening to people say don't know if she's gonna make it. My whole body was aching; I've must have blacked out because the last thing I remember was going into a deep sleep.But i still heard faint voices calling me Riley. What kind of drugs did the doctors give me because i had to be hallucinating? . Days later I woke up and Riley's mother was looking up at me.
" Hey she's waking up go and get the doctor," said a man i barely recognised; guess Iowas still hazy from the pain killers.
" Mr. and Mrs. Hawthorn Riley seems to be coming out of her temporary coma," said the doctor seriously. "Could she slip back into the coma?" asked the woman who had clasp my hand .
"Would everyone please stop calling me Riley, I'm Janie Pierce!"
"Why doesn't she know who she is?''
"She had quiet a nasty blow to the head, so it could only be expected that she might have slight case of amnesia.
" How long will I be like this!?" I screamed not recognizing my own voice. Then I caught a glance of my reflection in the window and, as true as it was, there was Riley's auburn mane hanging from my head and her emerald eyes starring back at me. I was going to kill Veronica once I had the strength.

My mind kept saying Riley wake up but somehow my eyes wouldn't let me. When I'm awake my memory tends to fade in and out, last thing I remembered was being hit by an SUV but here i am waking up an this room with white padded walls. The guy with a needle walked in a said it was time for my daily dose.
" Why are you doing this to me!" i screamed.
" Janie you have to calm down."Then another guy walked in to help hold me down as he dove the needle in to my vain despite "leave me alone I'm not Janie!" my tangent of screams.
" I want my mom." i cried sinking to the floor. What had I done to deserve this, the answers all came in a dream once their sedative kicked in. I had attacked Janie's mom in a fit rage when she kept insisting that i wasn't Riley but before that Veronica had stopped by faintly see my hands around her throat she had to have something to do with this.My eyes were starting to get heavy again and drifted off to sleep.

I was so happy that my plan had worked.The same night, Riley called me and said I should come over. I let myself in the door and she yanked in the hair.

"Tell these people that I'm not Janie!"

"Janie what's wrong with you?" I said trying to sound innocent and concerned.

" You know perfectly well that I'm Riley Hawthorn ,so undo what ever you done."

"Janie darling calm down." her mother said as if she was worried her angel would get frown lines.

" Make Veronica tell you about what ever witch craft she's used."

" I haven't done anything of the sort."

" You tell them now," Riley screamed, pulling a knife out of her back pocket and lunging at me.

" Daniel please call nine-one-one," her mother yelled, trying to pull her off me. She threw her mom off and kept grabbing my leg as I tried to crawl away. Riley then stabbed me in the side. I just remember seeing the blood all around me and feeling as if I was going to die. The next few days I woke up in a hospital gown and Janie was sitting near my bed side.

"Veronica what could you have possibly been thinking when you decided to switch me and Riley? "

"That we could finally have revenge.",

"Listen to me very carefully I want no part of your little scheme."

"Its too late, and I'm oh so sorry!"

"Maybe you're going deaf. I want out of this body, so wipe the sarcastic grin off your face."

"Janie I'm trying to help you, your life was nothing before this little switch, but it can be better!"

"Get me back into my own body now!"

"You ungrateful wench." Suddenly I snapped, if she wanted out then that's exactly what she'd get. It was such a shame she had to die.

It was months later, after my supposed amnesia subsided, that I went to visit who my new parents thought was Janie. It had to be hell for poor little Riley to see her body and old life and know she'd never get it back. "So how have you been today Janie, I'm really sorry about Veronica."

"Shut up!" " You know very well that I'm Riley and you're Janie!" she said leaning into my face.

"Guess again," I sang with a glimmer in my eyes.

"I'm confused."

"You are now Janie Pierce , and I'm enjoying your fabulous life."

The look of almost disbelief on Riley's face told me that she had figured things out. "What kind of cruel cold-hearted person are you, killing your best friend?"

"The same cold-hearted witch that will kill you if you don't just leave things be," I said standing and swiftly walking out the door.

"You'll never get a away with this Veronica Blackwell!" she screamed with tears falling down each cheek. "Oh Hun I already have." Just by the look on her face I knew I already had her right where I wanted her.

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on Jul. 14 2009 at 1:55 pm
unearthlyhaphazard GOLD, N/A, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"There are three rules for writing the novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are."~W. Somerset Maugham

I like the story idea, and I like how you switched perspectives (e.g., Riley to Veronica). The characters are fully formed and dimensional. However, I think the ending should include a reason Veronica did this. I know she did this for revenge, but why?

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