The rabbit with two personalities

January 13, 2009
By Karen Marroquin, Logan, UT

The Rabbit With Two Personalities

RabbitTown was one of the scariest towns in the whole Animal State. There was serpent criminals, rat criminals and all the kind of criminals you could think of, not only did criminals live there but animal fighter trainers as well. RabbitTown was the home of a 15 year old rabbit named Steve. Steve lived with his adoptive grandmother, Lisa his grandmother had never told him anything about it because she thought maybe he would end up hating her. Steve was a lonely, sad and unhappy rabbit, he hated everyone and everything, even in school, he hated his classes, assignments, activities, teachers, boy rabbits, and girl rabbits. Steve didn't understand why he would never smile and why he hated everything around him. Steve lived with his grandmother because his parents had left him when he was a baby rabbit. His grandmother Lisa was the only person he didn't hate, he hated his parents, teachers, and even himself.

Steve's parents Jorge and Sheila had an accident when he was a little baby. They were going to go visit some family in the forest when a car passed by and ran over them, everyone was injured but Steve the rabbit. An old lady rabbit named Lisa was passing by and saw the little rabbit laying across the road, she felt so bad that she took the baby rabbit home to raise up as her grandson, and plus everyone there seemed to be dead. Since she was so old, it was impossible for her to be his mother so ever since she told everyone that it was her grand son. Steve thought that his parents had abandoned him, since then he hated them and so he never wanted to talk to his grandmother Lisa about his parents. Lisa had never told Steve the story of how she found him, or what had really happened to his parents, because she really cared for Steve and she didn't want him to hate her but, what Lisa and Steve didn't know was that Steve's parents were alive and they were searching for their lost son.

Lisa was now an elderly woman. When she had just barely found Steve she was just barely 35 years old but she had a bad experience with her fiance who had cheated on her so her only way to feel good about herself was being a incredible grandmother.

Jorge and Sheila had woken up in the hospital with many broken bones, to the doctors surprise everyone in the accident had lived. Sheila's main question was Where is my son Steve? But no one could answer such a question. Britney Spears was the person that had ran over them she gave them one million dollars for the accident. Jorge and Sheila became millionares and bought a house at Bunnieville, but they knew that not all the money in the world wouldn't bring their son Steve back. For many years they searched and searched and no one had any trace of what had happened to their son, but Sheila would never give up until she found her beloved son Steve.

Steve wasn't scared of any criminals because most of them were his friends and so he knew that they wouldn't do anything to him. He was really scared of the KGR crew. This crew had Kangaroo members only they were rabbit fighter trainers, they didn't care who you were or where you came from they would find a lonely rabbit out in the street and they would take him away. Steve had never been captured by the KGR. He had escaped so many times away from them, because he was one of the fastest rabbits in his town. Steve had always dreamed of being in the KGR but he knew that only Kangaroo members were allowed, he would pray that one day MTV would come to his town and pick someone like him get transformed into someone else like the show Made. He knew it would never happen but he had his hopes up.

Sheila had always wanted to help people less fortunate then her so she graduated as a dentist in BunnieVille. She was going to be transferred to RabbitTown to help the people there, what she didn't know was that she was going to be helping her own son Steve.
Jorge wasn't looking forward going to a town in which everyone knew that the town was full of criminals. Sheila didn't really care she just wanted to help people and she was looking forward to this new experience she was going through.

Steve didn't have the perfect dentures everyone else had. Since his grandmother didn't really pay attention to him then, she hadn't noticed that his teeth were becoming rotten and that was important trait all rabbits had. Posters had been made and posted throughout RabbitTown, stating that a dentist would be coming this upcoming week, to help any rabbits and bunnies that needed it, and the cost would be totally free. Steve was not looking forward letting some lady put her hands in his mouth,

Several weeks went by and Sheila was already working on different patients. Now it was Steve's turn. As he walked in the treatment area, she stood up and felt something inside of her telling her that there was something in him that she just knew that it had to do with her.

When he extended out his arm and said "Hi, I'm Steve" she hugged him and wouldn't let go. Steve was really scared he didn't know what was going on and why this lady was hugging him all of a sudden. He didn't understand especially after she had called him "son". Slowly he backed away from her and said "are you okay?" Crying her eyes out and stuttering she just kept on saying "Steve, come here I'm your mother." Very confused Steve ran home as fast as he could. Sheila tried to stop Steve but he was too fast for her. She quickly called Jorge and told him exactly what had happened. Jorge got to the clinic as fast as he could. Once there he tried to calm Sheila down, but she couldn't, not now that she had found her son. Jorge also tried to explain to her that the Steve that she had met was not the only Steve in this community or in this state in general.

Sadly Sheila stood up and said "Jorge you don't understand, he gave me this feeling that I had never felt before, like telling me that he was my son, and when I hugged him, this warm feeling ran all over my body. Jorge you wouldn't really know what I'm talking about only mothers would know, because only mothers feel this feeling that I felt when I touched this boy's hand, not even knowing his name." Jorge promised Sheila that he would do anything to find the rabbit boy and bring him to her, so she could get convinced that it wasn't their son. When Steve got to his house, he opened the door angrily and at the same time crying, he kneeled down and began to cry. Lisa his grandmother knelt down beside him and told him everything, how she had found, where and who she really was. She knew that he was going to find out someday, and she chose to tell him first. Steve couldn't understand what was going on, he tried to calm down but he couldn't specially knowing that his parents had never abandoned him. He wanted to meet his family but he had been raised by a wonderful grandmother and even though she wasn't really his grandmother he loved her. He felt so bad because all this years he had hated his parents for abandoning him but, now he had to reason why to hate them.

Jorge walked out and began asking people for a boy named Steve. Everyone knew Steve and so it wasn't that hard to find him. When Jorge got to the house he noticed the door was open, so slowly he entered and he saw on the ground Steve and Lisa, they were both calm down now and she was talking to him, explaining to him what had happen once again. Jorge slowly listened and heard the whole story, now he knew that Sheila his wife was right, Steve was their son. Steve turned around and saw Jorge in the doorway, Jorge moved slowly inside the house and toward his son, and said, "Steve I'm your dad", Steve got up and hugged him, and Steve slowly said "I knew there was something about that woman that hugged me at the clinic this afternoon".

Jorge laughed and said "yeah, Sheila, she's your mother and she has been looking for you ever since the accident, and now she had done it, she has finally found you".

Jorge pulled Steve and asked him if he wanted to go see Steve's mom Sheila, but Steve was already on his way to clinic. Lisa felt bad, she was going to loose her only grandson. Jorge turned around and said "thank you, so much for taking care of him, I know you love him as much as we do, but you have to understand that we are his parents and we have missed so much and of course we want to be with him so in return, we would like you to come live with us in BunnieVille, at least to take care of him, we will be leaving in a week so make a decision and let me know".

Steve was with Sheila and for the first time Sheila felt she was one of the happiest woman in the world, with her two beloved men, Jorge and her son Steve.
A week went by and Lisa the grandmother had decided to leave with the rabbits, she didn't know if she was making the right decision but she was following her heart. Steve was really excited he was finally leaving the rabbit hood, and going to a new BunnieVille where everything was really expensive he was really glad he had found his parents and he was even more happier when he found out they were sort of rich. When the family arrived at Sheila's and Jorge's mansion, Steve and Lisa's mouth dropped they had never seen such a beautiful house in real life only on television. Jorge and Sheila noticed their family were sort of freaked out Sheila said "yes Steve and Lisa this is the house you'll be staying in for the rest of your life". Sheila and Jorge wanted to spend the rest of the afternoon with their son, but they had to go to work. Everyone got off and headed toward the front door, Jorge grabbed everyone's bags and walked them to the front steps of their mansion.

Once inside Steve and Lisa couldn't stop staring at the things Jorge and Sheila had, and Steve couldn’t believe he was actually here with his parents, he was really happy. Sheila grabbed some money out of her purse and handed some to Steve and some to Lisa and said “ my assistant is going to come and take you guys shopping make sure you guys waste all of your money and get what ever you desire, She looked at both of them and added"don't worry that's what we work for, just for you Steve and we want to give you what you never had". She turned around and signaled them to follow her. Outside their was a pool, a playground, a basketball court, and a skating rank. Steve was so impressed by everything he hugged his mom and said " I love you mom" she smiled and said "Well my assistant is here so have fun you two, and if you need more money my assistant has more there with her". Steve and Lisa followed DeNice to the car. DeNice was a very beautiful bunnie lady, she seem like she was 19 years old, she had light brownish fur and had a strip of black on her back. She nicely introduced herself and opened the door for the two of them.

They rode quietly through BunnieVille and they got to the BunnieVille mall, this mall was one of the biggest malls in the animal state, Steve and Lisa were impressed so once they parked they got off the car and ran toward the mall. DeNice had to chase after them because her job was to take care of Steve and Lisa and she couldn't loose them out of site.

Lisa ran to the closest shoe store she found, and Steve ran to the clothes store, DeNice didn't know who to follow, because she was supposed to take care of both of them, but she chose to follow Steve because since he was the son of her boss she should take care of him more. She got close to him and said, "So what are you going to buy?" he looked at her and just shrugged and said "I don't know I'm not use to having this much of money so I don't really know what to buy with it" but he was just trying to look good in front of DeNice because in the end he knew that he wanted to buy the entire mall, and that's what he was going to ask for. He told DeNice he wanted to go home, so they were heading toward the car when they realize they had forgotten something, Lisa of course.

They headed back inside and searched everywhere, they even had the police officers say an announcement in the entire mall, but Lisa was no where to be found it was like if the earth had swallowed her completely. Steve and DeNice headed back home to tell his parents the bad news. Jorge and Sheila seemed sad but they were so glad that it hadn't been their son who was lost. For a while they searched for Lisa but again she was nowhere to be found, what Sheila noticed it was weird was that Steve didn't really seem like he missed her at all, she expected him to be sad he had lost someone who he had lived with. Steve was sad really deep inside but he loved money more and so he cared more about that and he didn't actually seem to understand why Lisa would leave after having what had been given to them. He missed her but she was not going to ruin his plans right now of becoming the richest man ever, he didn't know how he was going to do it, he just knew he had to.

Steve the rabbit did know what had happened to Lisa because he had sent several boys to give her a small scare, he wanted her to know who was boss in this whole money situation, but now he was worried because he knew that maybe the little scare had killed her. Steve didn't care I mean no-one knew who he was in BunnieVille, and plus he hadn't done the actual killing so he thought there was no reason to be scare. First he had to come up with the perfect plan to be in his parents good side to make sure they only thought about him, and only him, so he could be able to get his parents money and their house as well, but why was he punishing his parents for being so nice with him? Not even he knew it was like he had a second personality.

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