Power of Love

January 13, 2009
By Alejandra Gorostieta, Logan, UT

Power of Love

Once upon a time in a far away land called Humtonian, there was a beautiful village surrounded by forests and water with enough sunshine to warm even the coldest heart. In the edge of the village there lived an old woman named Lila. Lila was a widely known woman in the village. She had the ability to heal people and see things that most people could not. Some feared her but most just found her very appealing. Lila lived with her granddaughter Isabel. Isabel was a very beautiful young lady. A lot of the women and girls resented her, but she was hard to dislike. She was the most spectacular beauty anyone had seen. She had long curly, black hair and hazel eyes with a tint of gold. Her skin was the perfect color of caramel with the figure of a goddess.
"Good morning Mrs. Williams", said Isabel as she walked pass Mrs. Williams house on her way to the Village well.
"Why good morning Isabel. You look quite beautiful today."
"Thank you." said Isabel with a slight giggled under her breath.
She loved getting compliments. It was like her daily bread. With more confidence in her she skipped lightly and merrily to the well. On her way to the well she decided to make a visit to see her beloved Dante. Oh the thought of his face and the sound of his voice sent little goose bumps down her arms. He was the only guy in the village that could make her heart flutter.
"Isabel!! Isabel wait up!"
Isabel could recognize that voice anywhere. She dropped her buckets and turned round to run towards her dear friend Milli. They hugged each other and did their little happy dance.
"Where are you going?" asked Milli.
"Oh I'm just going to the well. Grandma needed more water so she sent me to get it."
"Oh may I come along Isabel?"
"Ha ha of course silly!" replied Isabel.
Isabel would never turn her down Milli was the only true friend she had in the village. Even though she was pretty, she didn't get along with the other girls simply because they wouldn't compliment her as much as she liked. Milli was different though. Her fun personality and none caring spirit always made everyone one happy and all warm inside. She was the only one that truly knew Isabel. They had met when they were little girls, and since then they had never lost the strong friendship they had for each other.
While walking to the well they came across a scary old lady. She glared at them with such intensity that it felt like she was stabbing them with just the simple look. She was an odd lady, one that they had never seen before. Isabel and Milli held hands and almost ran past her without even the simple hint of addressing her. As they past the weird old woman began to laugh, but not a nice, good laugh but more of a wicked evil laugh. Once they had lost sight of the woman, Isabel and Milli finally slowed down. "Wow, that woman gave me the chills." said Isabel.
"Oh I know that was just too weird. Oh well, race you to the well!!"
And with that the two girls sprinted towards the well, not worrying about falling, getting their dresses dirty or about the weird woman they had just seen. That moment would be the last for a long time, when Isabel would feel the great joy she did.
After filling up the buckets with water Isabel told Milli how she desperately wanted to go see Dante. It had been almost three days and he hadn't gone to see her yet. She was pretty much obsessed with the kid, but it was in a loving kind of way. Isabel thought it was a great idea, as always. They tried running to Dante's house but since they had the buckets, that wasn't very successful. At the moment they saw his house, Isabel had a strange feeling come over her. She had never felt such a tremor but she knew it was not a good thing. Isabel walked slowly towards the house. The silence was just not normal, and the feeling in the house was very strange. She knocked on the door lightly and stepped back.
"Come in." replied a soft voice from inside. It was Dante's mother seated on her chair slowly knitting what looked like a blanket. "Hello Mrs. Struthers. How are you doing this morning?"
In the village there was only three adults Isabel worried about being nice to and making them happy, and that was her grandmother, and Dante's parents.
"Oh I'm doing well Isabel. How about you?" Something in Mrs. Struthers eyes just didn't seem to be right. It was as if a great dark blanket of sadness covered the sparkle in her eyes.
"I'm doing well thank you." She had to ask her, even if it was impolite to rush conversations, especially with elders, but she had to know what was going on.
"Umm..." She hesitated on asking. She didn't know if she wanted to hear .
"Where is Dante?"
Isabel looked around but saw no one else except Milli, who was standing right in front of the door.
"Isabel, there's something I must tell you. An old woman came the other day and set a great sickness on Dante. We have no idea who she was or why she did such a thing, but Dante is extremely sick and we're afraid he might not make it through this."
So many thoughts came to mind at once. Was the old lady the one they had seen today? was Dante going to live through this? Great sadness took over her heart. She couldn't let Dante die. At least not with out her. Tears began to betray her even though she tried hard to not cry. Milli rushed to her side at once and gave her a huge hug.
"I'm sure grandma can take care of this. I know she can. She better!" Isabel felt like she was going to choke as she talked. "May I please see him?" asked Isabel finally becoming aware that he was still in the house and not gone yet.
Mrs. Struthers nodded her head towards Dante's room and looked down to her knitting before Isabel and Milli noticed the tears swelling in her eyes. Isabel didn't want to let her dear Dante see her in such a bad state, so she waited a little bit, took a couple deep breaths and walked towards his room with Milli following close behind her. She held the doorknob and turned it slowly trying to not make so much noise with the squeaky door. The sight of her dear Dante set her heart into great despair. His great dark, tan color had faded away. In its place, Dante's' skin was as white as snow. What had once been beautiful green eyes were now dark eyes filled with so much pain. She could not look at him for too long without her eyes filling up with tears once again. She walked towards him and sat at the edge of his bed as to not startle him. Isabel did not know what to say, she didn't even know if Dante could hear or understand her. He made no sign of even realizing she was there, at his side. Milli took her hand and pulled her back on her feet.
"Let’s go see if Grandma Lila can help him." suggested Milli.
Isabel knew it was the best she could do at the moment, so she gave her sweet Dante a kiss and walked back to the living room.
Mrs. Struthers was still knitting on her chair. She looked up as the girls walked out of Dante's room. "I'll be right back with my grandma." said Isabel and without an answer they rushed out the door and sprinted back toward Isabel's house.
When they arrived, they were totally out of breath. Isabel rushed into her house and yelled for Grandma Lila like crazy. Grandma Lila, hearing all the commotion, walked as quickly as her old legs would take her to the front room where Isabel was.
"What's the matter child?" asked Grandma Lila. Isabel was now sobbing uncontrollably. She tried to regain control of herself and tell her grandma everything that had happened. When she was done explaining, Isabel could tell that something was bothering her grandmother.
"Grandma what's going on? You know exactly why this is happening don't you? Tell me!" Isabel was scared out of her mind now. She knew there was something more to what the witch had done to Dante.
Grandma Lila had a very serious expression in her face. "It is time for us to talk Isabel. There is something I had hoped to never have to tell you but it seems to be the only way to save Dante."
Isabel knew she had missed something important in what her grandmother had said but the only think she picked out was that she mentioned a possibility to save her sweet Dante. She sat down, more alert than ever waiting for her grandmother to keep explaining to her exactly how she can save Dante. Grandma Lila sat down next to her and closed her eyes. Everyone knew that when she did that, it was because she was thinking on the best way to explain herself. Milli knew this was going to be interesting and she hadn't been asked to leave, so she sat down on the floor and waited quietly for her to start talking. Grandma Lila finally opened her eyes again, took a deep breath and begun to tell her story. "A long time ago in a kingdom far away from here, there lived a very powerful king with his family. One day the greatest thing happened. He had a beautiful daughter which he named Lila." at this named Isabel jumped a little. That was her grandmother's name. Grandma noticed the surprise in Isabel's face but before Isabel had time to ask questions she continued with her story. "Everything was going out great until Fabian showed up. He was the king's nephew. Since the king hadn't had a son, Fabian was planning to become the ruler after the king perished. The king had wanted her daughter to get married and have kids of her own, so the land would have Lila's husband and sons to rule after he died. One day out of no where a great sickness struck the king and he died before anyone could help him. Unfortunately his daughter had not married, so the kingdom went to Fabian. Fabian hated the queen and Princess Isabel so much. Fabian loved to threaten and torture them whenever he had the chance. The queen and princess were so afraid of him that they left the kingdom for a small town. In the town, they met a woman who recognized them immediately and offered to help them. As a present to the queen and princess she gave them a special gift. They could sense the future and protect themselves from anything, but as soon as this happened, Fabian found out where they were hiding. The queen and princess were afraid of what Fabian could do therefor they moved to another village. Later the princess got marrried and never again used her power unless it was necessary. Over the years the princess had a daughter, and her daughter had a daughter which she named Isabel. Don't you get it Isabel? You're actually the great granddaughter of that king. Ive heard that Fabian had actually a son, and his son is looking for us. The kingdom is waiting for their actually ruler to go free them from the ruling of Fabians son. That ruler Isabel is you. Its time to go back."
Isabel definitely did not understand everything that had gone on. What did this have to do with Dante being sick.
"Wait What?! I'm actually somewhat of a princess? And what does this have to do with Dante?" Isabel was getting frustrated with all the questions that were running around in her head.
"There was a woman roaming the lands around here. She was sent here by Fabian to look for us. They have no way intension of getting rid of me since I am old and worthless. They have come for you. The only way they could was to set a deadly spell on Dante. The only one who knows how to save Dante is the fairy that gave my mother and I the powers."
Isabel was so confused. She understood what her grandma had said but she didn't know what she was supposed to do.
"Isabel the only way is for you to go find Miss Concha. She's the one that gave us the powers. She will definitely know what to do, but time is running out fast Isabel." Grandma Lila was trying to explain things as best she could but it was obvious that she didn't want to understand.
"Honey this is something you must do if you want to help Dante. Here follow me, I need to show you something."
Milli grabbed Isabel's hand and pulled her up to her feet again. Slowly they followed Grandma Lila through a door that Isabel had never seen before. The room was really dusty and dark, but with the little light that went in she saw pictures hung up. Some pictures were of her mother wile others were of grandma Lila and another woman which she guessed was her great grandmother. They were all very beautiful even in the old paintings. It was amazing to see many things she had never seen before.
"Your mother was afraid to tell you the truth, therefor she kept all this from you. Even she would admit it was time to do something more than just sit here if she were still a life. Are you ready for an adventure?"
Of course Isabel was, she wanted to do whatever it took to save her beloved Dante. She looked towards her friend to see if she wanted to come along. Isabel was too afraid to make such a journey on her own knowing there was evil people after her. She needed to save a whole kingdom, her true love, and her beautiful self from doom. Not like girls don't have enough to worry about already. Milli smiled at her, the sweetest but most daring smile ever. This could either turn out really good or really bad. They could tell this was going to be an adventure of a life time. Far away a group of evil ogres and gnomes saw, with the help of a witch and a crystal ball, Isabel and her friend getting ready to leave. The ogres and gnomes had a new task for themselves. They were to stop these girls and get rid of them, no matter what they had to do our take out in the process. And this is how our story begins.

To be continued..

This will certify that the above work is completely original.
Alejandra Gorostieta

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