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January 12, 2009
By Samie Riley, Hartland, WI

Dear Residents,

The lurid murder of my daughter, has caused my family great pain. The lax
decision to not call the police is hard to believe. Calling the police would have obviated my
daughter from being murdered. Just because you thought the man had left is no reason not to call.

The rash decision all the residents made will be with you forever. From reading the article my
daughter was stabbed sporadically and some of you saw or heard this all three times. I always thought
that people would call the police if they were to see something like this. I would call the police
because that tragedy affects lots of people. Everyday you enter your domicile you are going to be
reminded that you had the chance to save the women's life, but you decided not to. When one man
was asked why he did not call he simply said "I didn't want to get involved." The man said he
called a friend for advice and then went to an elderly woman to make the call. All the man had to do
was call the police and she would be alive. The police questioned a housewife and her husband said
"We thought it was a lovers' quarrel. Frankly, we were afraid." One couple said "We went to
the window to see what was happening, but the light from our bedroom made it difficult to see the
street. I put out the light and we were able to see better." When asked why they didn't call she
responded with "I don't know." The man then saw the killer come back for the second attack.
When asked why you didn't call them, he responded with "I was tired. I went back to bed." This
is quip for him to say "I was tired." I just can't believe people make this kind of excuse
because they know they should have called.

It seems like all the people thought about calling the police meticulously. If at least one of you
called, Kitty would still be alive. I hope everyday you see the side walk you are reminded of what
you have done. I know that you did not kill her, but in a way you did. I don't know if I can ever
forgive you for doing what you did. It is just a simple phone call that you could have kept

If you want to clear things up you can contact me at the address above. I am sorry if I sound harsh,
but this could have been prevented.



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