July 8, 2009
By Claire Tenney BRONZE, Huntington Beach, California
Claire Tenney BRONZE, Huntington Beach, California
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I walked into the light of the room that would start my life, and possibly send me down a road that I would never have expected.

I was sitting in English 101 next to my best friends in the whole vampire world, Sarah and Millie, waiting for the last tick of the clock to hit knowing the after that moment I was free. Professor Madeline was reading to us from some of William Shakespeare’s most famous works when someone burst through the door. It was Professor Jacqueline, the French teacher. She went straight to the front of the room and whispered something to Professor Madeline. “Of course,” said our English teacher. “Miles, will you please go with Ms. Jacqueline? There is something she has to tell you.”

Miles has to be the best looking vampire in history because he always seemed to sparkle. As it turns out, Professor Jacqueline and Miles are cousins so we all new it must be something important if she came to tell him. The two left together, and we went back to our lesson. Only 3 minutes 20 seconds to go until we were done here forever. “‘See, how she leans her cheek upon her hand! O, that I were a glove upon that hand,
that I might touch that cheek!” Wow, that guy knew how to write! It’s a wonder he wasn’t a vampire.

BRRRRRRING! Everyone screamed shouts of bliss. As we left our class, I noticed Miles was standing, hiding in his locker ignoring everyone that walked by. I was about to go say something to him when Millie pulled me away and started talking about where we should go and what we should do in the human world. I looked back and he was gone.

We were about half way down the hall when Alicia, the most unkind, rude, and ungrateful girl in our school, came up to us. Of course, her dad had just recently married my mom, making her my evil stepsister. The problem was she actually wasn’t ugly or stupid. Alicia was gorgeous, smart, and the most popular person in our school, maybe even all of Vallhalla.

“I guess I have to invite you to my party tonight,” was all she said to us. She handed us each an invitation and walked away. Millie, Sarah, and I all exchanged glances. I immediately through mine in the trash, but my friends were a little more hesitant.

“Oh come on. You can’t really want to go that party can you?” I asked.

“Maybe if you hung out with her you might actually come to like her,” Sarah mumbled. I had always known Millie and Sarah secretly wanted to go to one of Alicia’s parties, but I never really thought they would grab at it if she got the chance.

“Sarah, you do know the only reason you’re invited is because you’re my best friend, and the only reason I’m invited is because her dad made her.” My friends looked down at the ground. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sound so rude. Besides don’t look so glum. You get to go to the party the school is throwing with you best friends and your boyfriends.” Suddenly they perked up because they always were this way when I mentioned “The Boys.” It was settled, we were going to the school party.

We got to the party just as people started showing up. Of course as soon as we got in, Millie and Sarah went to hang out with their boyfriends, Alex and Nate. Almost one minute after we entered, Nate was wrapped around Sarah at a table in a corner, while Alex and Millie were dancing together as graceful as the wind. Me? I was standing by the blood bowl like the biggest dork in the world. As I turned around to get a snack to eat, I ran into something.

“I am so sorry,” he said. I looked up and all I could do was stare. “Are you ok?” Miles asked finally looking at me. In that moment it seemed like it was just him and me. No one and nothing in the whole world mattered. Nothing but us.

“Hey Ashlyn, do you want… oh sorry,” came Millie’s voice from behind me. Right away I snapped out of my trance.

“What were you saying?” I inquired turning around.

“I wanted to know if you wanted to go back to the dorms, but I guess you’re a little busy at the moment,” Millie said with a questioning look on her face.

“Oh, we just bumped into each other,” I said, knowing it was the truth, with a quick glance back. However, when I turned back to say something, she was gone. I turned back around expecting to be alone, but was surprised to see he was there. “Sorry about bumping into you,” was all I could think of saying to him.

“That’s ok. It was my fault actually,” he said sounding like a true gentleman. “By the way, I’m Miles.” He reached out his hand.

“Hi, I’m Ashlyn.” I took his hand screaming on the inside. “I’m a total klutz.” What was I saying? That was possibly the worst thing you could say to a guy.

“Oh, that’s fine. It was my fault.” How could he be so sweet and still be a guy?

“Hey, Miles! You coming?” came the voice of Miles’s best friend, Justin.

“Yea! I’ll be there in a second,” he called behind him. “Sorry, I’ve got to go. I’ll see you later though, right?”

“Yea, sure.” I’m sure my excessive use of vocabulary was mind blowing. He turned around and walked away, heading back to his life of popularity and bliss leaving me alone.

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