Camp Kentstone

June 29, 2009
By sierra tucker SILVER, Farmersville, Texas
sierra tucker SILVER, Farmersville, Texas
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''Hi, I'm Daniel and I'm going to tell you the story of my friend Matt and his family at Camp Kentstone.''

It all started the day after the last day of school.

''Hey, Mom, what are you looking at?'' questioned Matt.

''Nothing; it's just a brochure for Camp Kentstone,'' replied Matt's mom.

''Wa...wa...what! Camp! I've already made plans!'' yelled Matt.

''Like what?'' asked Matt's mom.

'' me and Daniel were going to work on our boat.'' said Matt.

''Its nothing urgent; you can wait until after Camp Kentstone,” said Matt's mom.

'' Uhhh! Fine!'' moaned Matt.

''Hi, Mommy, are we going to a camp?'' asked Jenny, Matt's little sister.

''Yes and we are going to leave in three days.''

Later that day Matt met me by the shore of Lake Lavada where our boat was so as soon as we finished our boat we could go sailing. He told me he had to go to a camp and I said, '' It sounds fun. I wish I could go camping instead of sitting around doing nothing. I would rather go camping than stay here any day.''
''Well, I would rather stay here than go camping,'' replied Matt. ''Well, I have to go and pack up for Camp Dork. Bye.''

For the next three days Matt, Jenny and their mom were packing, cleaning and packing some more. By the end of the thee days all of them were ready to leave.

''So are you two excited to be going to camp?'' asked Matt's mom.

''Yes!'' said Jenny.

“Sure,” said Matt gloomily.

“Oh, come on, Matt, it will be fun; I promise,” pleaded Matt's mom.

“O. k.”

“Who wants lunch?”

“Me!” yelled Matt.

“Me, too!” squealed Jenny.

When they got to the restaurant Jenny said, “Mmm, I want a cheese burger.

“Me, too, but I want ketchup on mine,” agreed Matt.

Then Matt and Jenny's mom ordered and they ate their lunch on the rest of the way there.

“There I'm done with my lunch,” said Matt.

“I've been done with mine,” bragged Jenny.

“Who cares!” yelled Matt.

“Because. . .”

“Hey, knock it off! We just got here and you're already bickering. It's not going to be like that all week. We are here to have fun and you two will not argue or I will ground you for the rest of the summer! Now let's go unpack and get ready to have a week of summer fun!” They unpacked and got ready for bed.

“Hey, Mom, this trail looks cool. Can we go on it tomorrow?” asked Matt, looking at a map of the campground.

“Sure, I think it would be a great idea; but now you should go to bed. It's past your bedtime. You will need your strength for tomorrow's hike.”

About five minutes later all that could be heard in the house was the steady breathing of the trio. Then there was a loud howl of a wild animal.

In the morning everyone got up and took showers, got dressed and went down to the lake to do some fishing. It had been decided that they go on the trail after lunch so they had plenty of time to fish and do other stuff. Matt sat on the edge of the dock and stared out at the water. At that moment in time he saw a fish the size of a cow and it bit his hook with its razor sharp teeth. He felt a jerk that just about pulled him into the water. If he hadn't let go of his pole he would be fish bait. Apparently people did not catch fish, fish caught people here. He ran into the cabin breathless and wide-eyed.

“The fish a..a..ate fishing pole,” he managed to stammer out.

“Don't be silly, Matt, I'm sure you were just surprised and let go of the pole or something.”

“But. . . but he was the size of a cow!”

“Now that is impossible. Hey, we're about to eat lunch and then we can go on our hike, o. k. ?”

“O. k.”

“Jenny, time to eat!”

“Coming! So Matt instead of an imaginary friend you have an imaginary fish, huh?”

“Ha, ha, very funny.”

After lunch they heard a loud clap of thunder, a bolt of lightening and pattering rain.

“Aw, man!” Jenny and Matt said together.

“I just knew those clouds meant trouble!” said Jenny. “Let's go play in my room.”

“O. k.” sighed Matt, “just let me get something really quick.”

“What, your silver cap gun and your silver bullets? You know werewolves hate those.”

“I know that. Besides, werewolves aren't real and the bullets are plastic.”

When Matt came back he had his gun and “silver bullets” and target. He put a cap and a “bullet” in there and with a loud “bang” shot the bulls-eye.


“Hey, no more caps inside; too loud!” yelled their mom.

Matt turned toward the lamp to take the caps out and Jenny looked out the window. Then a big, snarling werewolf attacked the window. Jenny screamed, Matt turned and his silver gun hit the floor and broke in two. The the werewolf ran away knowing that he had been tricked and no “silver bullets” would be coming out of that gun again.

“Matt, what was that; you didn't break the window did you?”

“No, Mom, everything is all right,” lied Matt.

“Jenny we have to do something. A killing fish, an angry werewolf; what's next, cranky ogres? We have to make Mom believe and get out of here!”

“Matt, I don't want to see any more monsters. I'm scared!”

For the next three days nothing happened. Jenny and Matt caught glimpses of other monsters, but could not tell exactly what they were. On the fifth day of their trip they went on the trail called “Trail Waterworks”. They walked through trees and bushes and finally, in the middle of their walking, they came to a beautiful waterfall. Matt had bee feeling quite strange on the whole trail, but now his senses went haywire. He couldn't control himself. He was walking right to the cliff over the waterfall! Jenny grabbed him, he pushed her off, then his mom, who had not noticed his weird behavior, took a picture and the bright flash brought him back to his senses.

“Can we continue walking?” Matt said quickly. He did not want to fall in and he didn't want his family to fall in either.

“Sure,” answered his mom.

They continued their trail, usually the trails were only one hour long, but the trail was different. They had been walking for an hour and a half and the end did not look close. Then they came face to face with a big bear on its hind legs. Then they heard twigs snapping behind them. They turned to look and there was a ten foot giant with a club! Then they turned back the other way and the bear had turned into another giant!

“Run, Jenny, Matt; run and don't stop until you get to the car!”

“O. k.!!”

They rand and ran and ran until they finally got to the gate. The giants were right behind them. When Matt and Jenny turned around they saw their mom stumble and fall to the ground. Then, suddenly and with a remarkable aim Matt hurled a sharp stone at the first giant's one eye. It missed by two inches, but it hurt enough for the giant to scream in rage and run straight towards Matt! Matt picked up three more stones. One. . . .miss! Two. . . .miss!! Three. . . .it hit the monster's eye and he fell to Matt's feet and disappeared into thin air. The other giant turned and ran away. The trio got into their car and drove straight out of the camp.

“Matt, Jenny, from now on I will listen to everything you say!”

And for the rest of the summer everything was just perfect.

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