January 7, 2009
By Anonymous

Winchester awoke on a cold stone floor. “Faust.” moaned Winchester. There was no reply. Winchester looked around, and groped in the darkness for his flash light. His hand landed in warm sticky puddle. He slowly lifted his hand until it bumped into someone’s body. “Faust?” called Winchester, suddenly more alert. He found his flash light and turned it on. His hand shot back in revulsion. The body was his comrade, Faust, and the puddle… was blood.

Winchester stifled a scream. He realized that who or what ever did this was still around. Instinctively he drew his magnum. Panic started to bubble up inside him. He frantically searched for an exit.
Every way out was blocked. “Calm down Winchester. Panicking will help no one.” He murmured to himself. Winchester closed his eyes.
“Okay” He thought “I’ve got a light source and a weapon to defend myself. What else do I need? Ahh’ yes water, which I have about two gallons of, depending on how much Faust drank before we ended up here, and about a weeks worth of food.” Winchester carefully reached over to Faust’s body, keeping his eye’s closed. He took a backpack and Faust’s pistol. He figured he would need it in the days to come, because the only way he could go was deeper.

Riviera stumbled down a dark tunnel about a mile from where
Winchester was standing. She held a radio to her mouth (which had been there for nearly an hour) and was mumbling, “This is Arc Angel 5. Trapped underground. Need help. No life found. Sector unknown. Over.” Of course, nobody answered. Riviera shambled through the darkness, and that’s about the time she noticed the crunch of gravel behind her.

By now Winchester was up and exploring the area around him. He realized three things, 1 by the paintings on the walls and crumbling bricks around him that he was in some kind of church. 2 The being here where cannibalistic, because the paintings showed being eating other beings. (And by the bite marks on Faust’s body.) 3 Faust wasn’t the first person to lose his life here. Suddenly the radio on Winchester’s hip began to buzz. “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Arc Angel zzzz underground zzzzzz chase by zzzz unknown zzzzzzzzzz bang-bang.” And just as suddenly as it began it halted abruptly. Bang-bang! The gunshots that he heard on the radio rang out down the dim corridor that Winchester hadn’t explored yet. He drew his magnum and cocked it. Riviera ran from the tunnel with some kind of wolf like creature on her heels. BANG-BANG-BANG! The beast yelped with pain as it slid into the wall. Winchester breathed a sigh of relief until some thing moved behind him. He spun around to see that the beast’s muscle twitched and quivered. A low growl rumbled from the monsters throat as it slowly climbed to its feet. Winchester swore. Bang-bang click! The magnum was out of ammo. Winchester fumbled with the gun trying to reload it. Suddenly, the beast jumped on Winchester. Its breath was putrid with rotting flesh. Winchester let out a stream of words that were almost as putrid as the beast’s breath. There was a whoosh as a knife twirled through the air.
KLUNK! The knife lodged itself in the monster’s skull. It finely slumped to the ground. “That was close” Riviera mumbled as she helped Winchester up. “Do you know what that was?” asked Winchester as he patted the dust from his shirt. “No, do you?” “No, but I know how to find out.” They looked pointedly at the tunnel. “Are we going to go now?” asked Riviera “yes” and with that Riviera sighed, collected her knife, and reloaded there pistols. “Are you ready” asked Winchester. “Yes” she replied simply, and without another word they began to delve deeper into the dark cavern, either to find a way out……

or die trying!

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