The Demon's Legend

June 25, 2009
By Krysta_Michelle GOLD, Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota
Krysta_Michelle GOLD, Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota
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Ages ago a city flourished in peace and in splendor, but it was not meant to last. The city was destroyed in a single day by a creature of unknown and unbelievable power. A demon from the dark beyond. Historians claim a great calamity fell upon the great city, but it was not just a calamity, it was a demon that had been around since the dawn of time. This was a demon that cared only of control and self wealth, and not of love and relationships.

The city sank far below the ground, and a vast region of it became the demon’s lair. This demon put fear in the bodies of all the townspeople. All who lived within miles of the foul creature awoke with fear, and lived each day wondering if the demon would awake, and their lives would end. Not a soul was brave enough to fight off the evil demon. Many had tried to fight the demon, and their fate all ended the same way. Death.

The demon had not destroyed the town, or forced it to sink below the ground for centuries. It had ordered its minions out do the work for it. This demon, like it’s brother was quite lazy.

The demon’s brother lived in the bottom of a well, a rather large well. The well was in the yard of a man long dead, but many people visited the well, for it was said that those who visited the well would see the most powerful being that has ever come into existance. When the visitor would come, the demon would call for them to lean over the edge of the stone well, and then in a single leap, it would drag the person down into the deep confines of the well. Then the demon would feast.

The demon who had taken control of Rock Valley loved his power, and used his power to become wealthy. It finally created, with the help of it’s minions, an Ultimate Rod as it called the powerful staff. The Ultimate Rod was a staff, with a several precious stones embedded within it. Also upon the rod, were multiple verses written in an unknown language.

The demon sealed its underground lair with an invisible wall, and the only object that could break through the shield was the staff. The demon hid the staff in a place it liked to call The Devil’s Playground.

The Devil’s Playground was an area surrounding a volcano that erupted every fifty-seven years. The area was covered in dried lava, and several small trees contained within casts of lava projected from the ground like the Devil’s fingers, reaching up to pull his next victim underground to with him.

Many decades after the demon had created The Ultimate Rod, a wise man came to see the demon. He had with him the gift of knowledge, and he searched for the demon to attempt to convince it to change its evil ways, and to help the village that had sunk into the ground.

After the man left, the demon summoned its army of minions to destroy the village, and kill all that lived there. For it considered the wise man to be a fool, and found the man’s requests to be quite absurd. However, the wise man had known that the demon would attack, and he began to think of a way to banish the minions forever from the land.

Though the demon thought the wise man may convince the village to fight back, it was not worried. However, it had spare time and decided to build a dungeon next to its underground lair. It filled the dungeon with creatures more terrifying than a mind could imagine. It brought back many creatures from a land unknown to the living, a land often called “The Land of the Dead”

The demon and its brother got along rather well. When the villagers came to its underground lair, the two demons sat, prepared for the battle. With only a few mighty breaths and several powerful blows with poisoned claws, the demons killed every last villager, with the expection of the wise man and his son.

The demons possessed a powerful breathe that allowed them to steal the souls of the villagers. The two surviving villagers escaped, and told the world of the two demons and their almighty breathe. The world was terrified, but one day a young woman came into their town.

She seeked the help of the wise man’s son, and said together they could defeat the demons. The son was willing to help, and at dusk that night,the two heroes set out for the demon’s lair.

She told the wise man’s son that there was a brave man who had been trampled by a horse-drawn carriage, but he had held the object of power that was the opposite of The Ultimate Rod. It was called “The Righteous Rod.” Whilst The Ultimate Rod would cause great destruction and pain, The Righteous Rod was only to be used for righteous tasks, otherwise it would not function, and could be useful only as a walking stick.

The Righteous Rod was the only object that could break through the shield protecting the demon’s lair. The demon, its brother, and its minions were the only beings that could cross the shield, except for the two rods.

The young woman helped to lead the son to the man who now possessed The Righteous Rod. He gave them The Righteous Rod without an argument. He wanted revenge against the demon clan, for they were the demons that had scared the horses that trampled his father. The man himself could join them, for he had to take care of his and children. He could not bare the thought of not returning to his family.

The two had not succeeded in their task. They arrived at the sunken, only to learn that the area was filled with tens of thousands of creatures. They began to doubt themselves, and chose to turn back for the time being.

When the two young adults returned back to the village several weeks later, they discovered the wise man dead. He had died at the kitchen table in his own home. His son was devastated, but quickly recognized that the demons had killed his father. His father’s food was tainted an unnatural color, indicating poisoning. A message written in the language of the demons was left beside his body. His son wanted revenge, as did the souls of many others.

The developed plans for success together, and learned how to use The Righteous Rod. Together, they held The Righteous Rod at the edge of the shield as the two demons roared with laughter on the inside of the shield. The demons knew that because they had created “The Ultimate Rod,” and used that rod to create the shield, the shield could never fail. This was their belief, although it had never been tested. However, there was little proof to support their belief.

As the demons’ laughter lead to tears, and eventually sobs of laughter, the young man’s anger reached a dangerous peak. The demons laughed so hard they could no longer see, for their tears of laughter became a veil over their eyes. The two humans twirled The Righteous Rod back and forth before the shield. All the while whispering a prayer for their safety to the heavens. Their prayers were answered, and the shield broke.

The demons were at a disadvantage, their senses weakened by their laughter. They instantly stopped laughing, and looked on at the two humans with utter shock. Time may have frozen for all they knew. The young adults had already pointed The Righteous Rod at the two demons, and a spectacular beam of light issued forth from the rod.

The faces and souls of all those the demons had so brutally murdered came forth through the beam. They encircled the demons, and quickly slid into the demons’ wide veins. The demons did not have hearts, but the hearts of their victims pounded in unison as one inside each of the demons’ torsos. The duo twisted and turned, shrieking in pain.

The pounding began to shake dust from the ceilings of the lair, and the floor of the buried city began to shake as though the ground had been struck by the wrack of the heavens, which is exactly what happened. The wise man’s face broke free from the demon’s bodies, and spoke to the triumphant pair of humans.

“You two must leave soon. The sunken city that was buried by the demons buried centuries ago will begin to rise, killing the demons. However, it will take several days to completely arise from the ground. Be warned, if they pull out The Ultimate Rod, it will still kill the both of you unless you fight. Do not run for the surface, you will not make it in time. Although if you do not make it, do not fear death. Death is nothing to fear. But if you enter the afterlife with fear in your heart, the demons will have won. Goodbye my son, and thank you, young one, for helping him. Good luck, the battle has just begun.”

The young woman took The Righteous Rod in her right hand and aimed the rod toward the demons. The demon from the bottom of the well began to cower back against the wall in fear. His true cowardice showing through at last. The other demon merely laughed.

Then, it called upon the master of demons to bring it The Ultimate Rod. However, the master refused. The master said he had traded the rod to a mortal, at the cost of the mortal’s life and soul. The master of demons summoned The Ultimate Rod to return to its righteous owner.

The mortal was Felicity. The mother of the young woman, Felicia. Felicia pulled forth The Ultimate Rod from it’s sheath that formed around her leg. She tossed The Righteous Rod to her partner. He was clearly shocked at the sudden appearance of the rod, but he did not hesitate for more than moment before Felicia and he twirled their rods together. The power from the two rods combined was more than either rod could have issued alone.

The demon instantly stopped laughing at the sight of the two beams combined as one. The beam was brilliant, an indescribable sight, seen differently by everyone. The beam hit both demons square in the chest, and penetrated deeply through their skin to the emptiness that should have contained their souls.

Several years later the town was fully risen from ground, and now had a population of many people. The demons no longer needed to be feared, for their existence was no more. After the death of the demons, the town had become popular. Both the hero and heroine were paid large sums of money.

They donated some of the money to various schools and churches, but a portion of their money was spent on their wedding. They were on their honeymoon when they received calls that the demons’ minions wreaking havoc over a nearby city once more.

The two newly weds set out for another adventure, not a shred of fear in their hearts.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece a few years ago. I came up with the idea for it when I was playing "Mario and the Thousand Year Door." It's not my favorite piece that I've written.

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