What Happened? Part 1

June 17, 2009
By Olivia Ring BRONZE, Bristol, Virginia
Olivia Ring BRONZE, Bristol, Virginia
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The school year started out normally.
For two months, nothing overly exciting happened. Them came the disease. Nobody knew about it until Drake Owens and Cory Tiers went home, both coughing up blood and running a fever. Everyone spazzed out at P.E., all of them scared they might be next. My boyfriend, Felix Hansen, wrapped his arm around my waist as I looked fearfully into his melted chocolate-brown eyes. His jaw was rigid, not that it never was, just that it looked like it was going to pop out his skin any moment. I heard someone scream and turned my head in time to see yet another student be escorted out the door. I shivered and got up to go put my books in my locker. Heading outside, I paused to see my best friend, Julie Kren, run up, dragging Felix behind her.
"Chill out child." I laughed. Julie blushed
and muttered, "Sorry Ari." Felix chuckled and held my hand until the buses pulled up, then he hugged me and kissed the top of my head. "See ya tommorrow", he called as he climbed on his bus. I waved, but I had a headache and figured maybe I'd have to stay home from school. Sitting down, Julie frowned and snorted. I looked at her questioningly.
"Well, if you die from this, at least you'll
have a boyfriend." It took me a minute to figure what "this" was, but when it hit me, I laughed. "We don't know if it's fatal, or if we have a cure for it." We chuckled, at least until our bus driver got on and started talking.
"Ya'll know Drake Owens and Cory Tiers?
Well, their funeral is next Wednesday."

The author's comments:
This I started at the beginning of the year. I was bored, had nothing better to do, had artist block. Well, I let my friend read this, and she encouraged me to finish. Thank you Rachelle!

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