June 17, 2009
By Shelby Suliveras SILVER, Weston, Florida
Shelby Suliveras SILVER, Weston, Florida
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As I walked through these silent woods I feel as if I’m one with all around me. The streams and waterfalls call to me. “Come” they say “join us in our journey to the sea”. The red, gold trees whisper “Stay, stay with us, plant your roots, and stay”. The wind flows around me “Fly, fly to the highest breeze, and fly free around the world”. But the stones, they keep their silent vigil over all that moves, they sit as all time passes over them, living longer than anything. And the sky, oh the sky and its marvels, its brilliant blues, whites, and grays. I want to join all of them, let them take me in. But I cannot I am strapped to my human world! Everything speaks but I cannot answer! Why must I be plagued by this wish? Why can’t I be as nature is? I want to shed my human skin and fly like the wind, soar like the clouds, and run like the water. I need to be a part of nature’s beauty.

As I weep for a wish that could never become reality, I listen. A voice travels throughout the forest. It speaks to me hearing my plea. “Come, I can help you find what you want.” I look around, who is it that is offering my greatest wish?! “Wait, where are you, what should I do?!” I call. “Wait, Wait for me here young one”. The voice is gone, I shall wait. After hours of waiting, it is night. My mind tells me to go home, but my heart tells me to stay. The forest is peaceful at night, no people stomp, only animals play. I look at the sky; it seems as if it is reflecting my soul for the world to see. I feel all the pain, the joy, the sorrow; it fills me until I can’t bear it any longer! I scream as the wind does, I howl with the tornadoes and hurricanes, I roar with the animals of the world as we empty the pain of the world into ourselves. I fall into peace, no longer am I holding the world’s pain. These feelings have tired me; I hold no strength within me.

“It is time” she calls. “You’ve felt my pain, had my joy, and carried my burdens”. Her voice is gentle around me. It is lulling me like a warm wool blanket. I fall into it as I close my eyes; my wish has finally come true. When people find me in the morning I am more peaceful than I’ve ever been. Those who morn me shouldn’t, they should celebrate for I’ve found my place in the world. By Mother Nature’s side, I will help her protect herself from the ones who hurt her. I will be the deer you miss, I will be the rain after the fire, I will ride the waves gently touching shore. There will be punishments if you get too close. I will be the winds that rage around you, I will bring the cold that will chill your soul; I will hide the fish from you in times of need. I will be the teeth of nature. These are the things you respect about nature.

The author's comments:
I had a lot of fun writing this one. It is based on the painting "Kaaterskils" and is moving to me.

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