Cycle of Misery

June 14, 2009
By Kassy BRONZE, Forsyth, Montana
Kassy BRONZE, Forsyth, Montana
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We need men to dream of things that never were-J.F.K.

A fire flashes and a bird explodes from the pile of ashes on the stone floor, The bird had crimson and gold plumage, the kind that makes you think of fire. It was an elegant thing in looks and when it opens its beak the most beautiful music poors from some seemingly unearthly source. He was reborn, fresh, anew. He had things to do and promises to keep.
suddenly he recalls where he is and a great wail escapes his beak. He is in a castle cut of from his family and friends.Being held against his will, he is nothing to the people who hold him. he is nothing but and ornament to be sold to the most promynent and distinctive people with the fattest wallets.He will sit in an entryway or office, his beauty being used to show off the great wealth of his prosecutor.
That is why he bursts into flame; he is drawn into a constant cycle of misery. to live and to die, he lives only to die again. Dying from the pain of longing for his freedom, for those he cares the most about he dies. It's like a burning in his soul thats slowly eating away at his will. It is relentless, mournful, and damageing, destroying his moral and leaveing him nothing but hope. He must always have hope.
He remembers what its like to be free. He remembers opening his wings and flying as the sunset makeing the fiery patterns in the sky. Covering the mountains in hues of purples, blues and tinting them in fiery reds and oranges. He is the cause of a chemical glow of rainbows dancing upon the mountains hidden peaks. but mostly he remembers her, his love, his soul mate.
She is the reason he sings his striking song. He calls to her through his dismal tones and drawn out cords. he tries to tell her how much he loves her, how someday he will find her again, and how they will be together forever if only in his heart. His longing for her grows with each note until he can not take it anymore.
He explodes with a fiery passion ending his life only to let it start again, hoping beyound all hope to forget her when he is reborn again. Knowing he cannot, he falls back into subconscious. A fire flashes and a bird explodes from the pile of ashes on the stone floor. The bird has crimson and gold plumage, the kind that makes you think of fire.

The author's comments:
it started as a creative writing assignment but turned into something more personal i had just broken up with my boyfriend and i really missed him i guess this piece captured how i felt at the time.

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