May 24, 2009
By Sallad SILVER, Bismarck, North Dakota
Sallad SILVER, Bismarck, North Dakota
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Rivalry. It had been around since the dawn of time in the Dark Wood. Origins of the hatred remained unknown to the inhabitants of the Wood.
The feud existed between Elves and Faeries. Both were strong fighters. Elves were skilled archers and knew the wood well. The Fae had the power to manipulate the elements.
Two skilled fighters stood among the Elves and the Faerie. The Faerie, was next in line to hold the throne, his element was earth. He had short, dark hair and light brown eyes. His wings held a slight green tint. His strong jaw was clean shaven, an intricate design of a tree with was tattooed onto his neck.
The Elf, was a strong fighter among her clan. Her family held no rank among the Elven clan. All she had was her ability with a bow. She had long, light brown hair and hazel green eyes. Her pointed ears were hidden beneath her sheets of hair. A tattoo of vines wound their way up her left forearm. Their meeting had only been by accident.
"What if we get caught?" Amber asked, her hazel green eyes trained on Keenan.
"Treason, most likely, but don't worry; I won't let anything happen to you. I promise." Keenan said seriously.
"Will they kill us?" Ambers' eyes were wide with fright now.
Keenan pulled her into a hug, his lips brushed her light brown hair.
"They will kill me, but not you." He told her.
"What?" Amber pulled back and looked at Keenan, her face etched with confusion.
"Your people, they will kill me. You will walk free."
"I don't understand, Keenan."
"I will tell you when the time is right." He promised.
Amber rested her cheek against his chest. Her brow furrowed. In the distance, a branch snapped. Keenan gasped, his arms wound around Ambers' waist.
"Amber, hide in that hollowed log, I'm going to see if we are beinng tracked." He instructed.
Before she could answer, Keenan flew high above the trees. His wings glittered a soft green in the sunlight. Amber did as she was told and waited for him to return.
"Elven hunters. They're looking for you, Amber." Keenan said, his feet lightly touching the ground.
"What do we do?" Amber whispered.
"We make it look like I took you prisoner." He told her. "They won't suspect you. You will live."
"No!" Amber yelled, tears in her eyes. "You can't leave me!"
Amber buried her face in Keenan's chest. Sobs shook her body. "Don't leave me. I can't live without you." She whispered through broken sobs.
Keenan tenderly tucked a piece of hair behind her pointed ears. "You can, and you must. Please, Amber. For me." He begged.
"I love you." She said, looking up at him.
"I love you too."
Their lips met one last time. Amber began to cry again as Keenan gripped her arm. He held her close to him, a sharp dagger in one hand. Tears slid down her face. Not out of fear for her life, Keenan would never hurt her. She was afraid for him, for his life.
A group of elves entered teh clearing. Six in total. Keenan was no match for them. "Release her!" One of the elves ordered. His cold blue eyes bore into Keenan's.
"Or what? You'll kill me?!"Keenan sneered. "I'll only kill her first." He threatened.
"We will leave in peace, just let us take the girl with us."
"Do I have your word?" Keenan asked, skeptically.
"Yes. Now, give us the girl, and we will go."
Keenan released his hold on Amber and pushed her toward an elf with dark hair. The blue-eyed elf gave a sharp nod, and Keenan was ambushed by three others. Amber gasped and clung to the dark haired elf's arm.
The hunters took Amber home and brought Keenan along with. Amber knew what the would do to him. They would kill him. Because of her, Keenan would be put to death.
That night, and many after, Amber cried herself to sleep. Mourning the loss of her Keenan. Her love. Gone. Forever.

The author's comments:
I got this idea from a dream I had. The characters of Amber and Keenan weren't found, but I felt that it might add some tension and show just how much he loved her. And some of the hatred between the Elves and the Faeries.
In the first part of this story, I hope that the reader would in some way feel sympathy for Amber and Keenan. I also wish that it would be something to make the reader want to continue reading, to discover what is going to happen to Amber.

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