Arthurian Legend

May 6, 2009
By Olivia Brzozowski BRONZE, Prairie Village, Kansas
Olivia Brzozowski BRONZE, Prairie Village, Kansas
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Morgause felt defeated. She never wanted to show it; she wanted to look strong and powerful, but anyone could tell how she really felt. She wanted to be queen of all Britain, she, wanted the highest position, or at least Gawaine, but her ideas of that were long gone. Merlinnus felt good and strong now, knowing that Morgause has lost.

Gawaine felt ecstatic that Arthur was still king; he couldn’t even imagine what Britain would be like, ruled by his mother. If Gawaine had pulled the sword out and became king, Morgause would most likely have taken advantage of him.

A week after the wedding, Morgause challenged Arthur to a duel. Arthur won, and Morgause felt like an extreme failure. All her powers weren’t working with her, but mostly against her. Merlinnus felt relieved about Morgause and now he doesn’t feel threatened by her. No one feels threatened by her now. Morgause would get no further that being the North Witch; she had that reputation.

Gawaine now had an interesting life. Agravaine was mentally unstable and got very angry at anything, even the smallest things. Now Gawaine’s job was to take care of Agravaine. Agravaine lived with Gawaine and he just mostly looked after him. Agravaine wasn’t fit to live by himself and his mother wasn’t caring enough to take him in. The twins didn’t like living with Morgause, so every once in a while they lived with Gawaine. They both had a house that they live in, but they like to help Gawaine with Agravaine. Most of Morgause’s family turned against her, and she didn’t take that too well. She lived alone except for her servants and guards to keep her company.

Meanwhile, Gwen and Arthur were having a wonderful life. Gwen taught Arthur to write and he was really progressing. Arthur gave Gwen advice and in sword fighting and some tips. They had their honeymoon in a near-by village. The village was very high-class and they stayed in a nice, fancy inn. They were definitely treated like royalty there and everyone was very welcoming and excited. The inn that they stayed at was next to a big lake; you couldn’t see the other side of it. They went on boats together and had very fancy meals and they had guards too.

A few weeks later, Gwen said she was expected to have a baby in the next 3 months; she wanted it to be a surprise for Arthur. Gwen had a baby boy and named him Arthur the second. He would now be called Prince Arthur. He had beautiful blue eyes like the ocean. His hair was a very light blonde and his skin was very smooth and he had a light tan. On his birthday Arthur and Gwen decided to give him the sword that Arthur pulled out of the stone all those years ago. That sword would bring Prince Arthur years of good luck. It would bring him victories in future battles. The sword was mighty and was unique and helped its master.

Arthur just smiled at what the wonderful life and family he had.

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