Nightlights and Fairy Flights

June 4, 2009
By Maya Munnings SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
Maya Munnings SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
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The nightlights of Haven were spread out below Lela Green dancing in the wind that blew tresses of dark, maroon hair across her ivory face as she flew across the underground world of the fairies. She was soaring to Gereir where she would meet her friends for a little magical fun.
Fairies loved to fly. It was their nature and it never hurt to strap on a pair of wings and enjoy the feeling of adrenaline run through your body. Lela, a pair of angel wings on her back, kicked up her legs behind her, dropping into a steep dive as she approached Gereir. She leveled her body seconds before she would strike the clouds of white roses that draped over the land like a vast, white blanket, flourishing from the artificial soil.

“What did you girls cook up for us to do this full moon?” Lela asked her group of fairy friends landing gently on the wet dirt that surrounded the only oak tree in Gereir.

“Goblins. Hundreds of them…everywhere.” Replied Jade, a caramel- colored leprechaun, smiled deviously revealing a perfect set of pearl, white teeth like a vampire.

Goblins-nasty, little things. They were abnormally short and a thread of their hair could be used from unlocking a door to demolishing a city. They didn’t have the special magic that certain fairies do like elves, dwarfs, and centaurs. Goblins had the ability to unhinge their jaw and bite through any mineral based object like dirt or clay. Goblins descended from a group of unusually short, hairy humans that mined underground with their teeth. These humans were soon called goblins for how much they could eat and traveled to the underground world for they saw they were different then the new humans that were much taller and less hairy.

Lela smiled delighted by her answer and asked, “Where and why?”

“The Core. Smack in the center as well. They’re apparently playing games. Dodging the magma flares as they come trying to shut down the power source of Haven and Gereir for some reason. They’re shooting at the core with soft noses. We don’t know why but we are going to find out.” Replied Ricki, a perilous, intelligent centaur with angel wings attached to her back with a wing span of thirty meters from the tips.

Lela thought for a moment, thinking about the situation for a long minute.
“Either they’re trying to mess with the underground, destroy what’s on surface, or prevent something.” she said giving herself a running start before rising high into the star-lit skies of Gereir.
Jade, Ricki, and the rest of the zealous group of leprechauns, dwarfs, elves, and centaurs rose behind her forming a diamond formation as they flew through the night sky.
The Lower Elements Police were also dodging the magma flares as the group of fairy friends strode into the center of the earth behind them. Their resistant, stolen, LEP Kevlar was keeping them safe from immense heat damage.
“It’s midnight, Lela. We have to get out of here before everything gets out of hand!” yelled Jade soaring above Lela with timorous, scarlet eyes.
Midnight- killing time for fairies. Midnight is when their magic is full up to the tips of their fingers and a feeling of power and rage toward humans surge through their bodies and they attack.
Lela felt the surge beginning to sprout in her stomach but she held back knowing the consequences. Lela soon saw that Jade, Ricki, and the rest of the group had fallen to the power and were physically attacking the goblins who were now diving themselves into the core of the earth. Lela began to use her magic to pull them apart but soon was drowned in the darkness that fell upon the land. She was soon plummeting toward the core as her wings seemed to stop operating.
There are two reasons there is a power- lock in the underground world: One is if a fairy were to go to the surface without shielding and flaunt themselves along the streets. Two is if the humans were to ever find out about the fairies and go underground.
“Lela, wake up! The humans are here!” yelled Ricki shaking Lela.
Lela’s eyes began to open and she saw Ricki’s face and another unusual one.
“W-Who are you?” she asked the unusual face squinting her eyes from the bright, white light shining down on her.
“I am a human. I saved you from burning in the core and I am here to negotiate.” Said the face, cocking its head to the side, in a low, strong tone that was like nothing Lela had heard.
“Well, let’s negotiate.” Lela said lifting from the metal table she had woken up on. Although she didn’t know what had happened, when you’re a former LEP agent with a human staring straight at you, it’s not a good position to be in.
“My name is Jacob Grimm and my brother and I would like to write books about your world.”
“And you’re coming to me because?”
“I know what you do and I….know that you’re the right person to help me.”
Lela was confused, but angry as well and replied, “I don’t help scum like you, human. What would you write about anyway?”
“Magic. I want to write fairytales about your world.”
“No! It’s strictly prohibited for our secrets to get to the surface. They must stay under ground.” Lela said staring maliciously into his eyes with her dark, hazel irises.
“I know that. I will make up the story lines and mostly everything else. All I need are species and how this magic thing works. That’s all, and then I’ll be gone.” Replied Jacob
“Our secrets stay here. And, if you’re a human, how’d you get down here?”
“You know, there might be humans who are magical as well.”
Lela smirked and replied, “Oh please! How did you get down here and how can you even breathe?”
“Magic, my dear. Never underestimate the people that came before you. The goblins you fought at the core knew I was coming and they also knew that I knew about all of you. I’m not who you think I am, Lela.” Jacob said deactivating his shield to reveal himself as the green, big-eyed fairy he was.
“Y-You’re a troll? But…how can you shield yourself for so long. A fairy can’t even shield itself for a whole day without having to replenish its magic. How did you ever-”
“The technology of the humans. Chemicals, machines, and everything I needed to shield myself for as long as I want. It’s impossible to get a human down here without dying. It is impossible.”
“Why are you here then? Why do you want to write books?”
“To manipulate the humans. To set them on the wrong path. I will write many fairytales and never let the humans lead on to know about the fairies and their underground world. They’ll never know the real truth, Lela, never.”
“Hmmm…..Good thinking troll and I used to think trolls were stupid. Now that I know, I’ll help then. So, what is the official name of your first fairytale?”
“‘The Frog and the Princess.’” He said smiling deviously.
“They’ll never know.”

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