god war dungeons

June 3, 2009
By bubba Dryden BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
bubba Dryden BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
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*Swoosh* a dragon scimitar plunges into a bean bag. Beans go flying everywhere and maraudermike 2 turns and say “oh sorry I didn’t see u there am going to tell you a story of a epic battle of the great god wars dungeon, once told to me by my grandfather maraudermike 1 ok here we go!

Once upon an epic time there was a warrior named maraudermike and Ix magxx Iz he was on the way to fight the great gods named BANDOS, ZAMORACK, SARADOMIN, AND THE BEST OF ALL GODS ARMALDY! There was no more of are type of are people Ix magxx Iz and I were the only left of are kind all the other people tried to slay the gods and died along with any other races of there people. The only way to prove that maraudermike and Ix magxx Iz were the strongest of there kind was to prove to the others that they were strong and nothing other! So they went on to there journey to follow out the generation dreams and slay all f the gods…

The gods have not been disturbed in 399 years so maraudermike and Ix magxx Iz were doing to give them a wake up call! So they had almost reached there the gate of the dungeons and then out of no where a (level 121 player comes) and he’s says “your all mine now!” in tell Ix magxx Iz in tell he pulls out a dark bow and puts dragon arrows in it and specialed a (49-50) and he hits the floor! And then my jaw hit the floor I never seen anything like it was so weird…

When we finally reached the dungeon door we needed (56) agility to enter into the god wars chamber. Lucky we had had good agility Ix magxx Iz opened the door then once we got in there we walked down the hall to the first door there was nothing but silence… so we waited Ix magxx Iz pulled out his dark bow me my Armaldy god sword that I bought for 79m and I put on my full dragon helm plate body and d legs… then we entered there it stood the huge Bandos god! I ran up to it and specialed with my Armaldy god sword a (108-99) then ran to safety! Cause I he hit me I probably wouldn’t be telling you this story… well anyways back to the story Ix magxx Iz went in there and specialed a (236-199) and he fell with a earthquaking feel and hit the floor with a big *bang*!

(To be continued)

Part 2. Slaying the brutal zamorack!

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