The Church House

June 3, 2009
By Anonymous

In Utah there is a small town called Kanab. It’s relatively quiet and bare, except for a house on a hill. This house is up in the middle of 2 and ½ acres of dead forest. It was originally an 18th century church, complete with a bell tower, a graveyard, and an iron fence. Some say, when the wind is strong enough, the bell will ring a tone so loud and so low, one could think a funeral would be happening. Several times, the bell has aroused the citizens of Kanab. But that’s not what frightens the people of Kanab.
I am talking about the events that are known as the “coincidences”. There were three total coincidences. The first was in 1804 when the McGarther’s vanished in a house fire. And I mean vanished, they didn’t find any bones or anything. Second, the Johnson’s were drug off by a pack of wolves right after they fixed the house in 1888. And the most recent one was when a family called the Jockens went insane, and no, they didn’t die or else this would a myth. I will elaborate for you, and just so you know, this is the only coincidence that has any witnesses.
On January 1st, 1911, the Jockens bought the church house. They heard about the other two coincidences, but they didn’t believe them. But just to be sure, they decided to spend the night there. After about an hour, they fell asleep. Around midnight, they were aroused by the low sound of the bell. Looking around, they saw a corpse emerging from the bell tower. They thought it was at least 100 years old, now they knew what happened to Mr. McGarther. Mr. Jockens grabbed his wife’s hand and they ran for the door, but not after old McGarther started throwing coins that burned and stuck to the skin. Only one latched its self to Mr. Jockens’ arm. The second they left the woods, the bell stopped, taking the wraith back down.
When they related their story to the police, they were dubbed insane and taken to the hospital. There the coin was about to be surgically removed, but that wasn’t necessary, it fell off in the surgeon’s hand, revealing a perfect imprint of the devil on his arm. This coin has officially been dubbed the hell coin. To this day, no one dares go up their less they suffer a similar fate. To prevent this, a fence has gone up around the dead woods. Wait! What was that noise? AHHH, behind you! Psych! As far as I know, this story has never happened, or has it?...

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