Minds of Glepnir Part 1

June 3, 2009
By Pixel BRONZE, Heber City, Utah
Pixel BRONZE, Heber City, Utah
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Chemistry had to be the most awful, useless, stupidest class ever! Andrin hated that class for three good reasons. 1st The teacher was a crazy bipolar weirdo. 2nd His two best friends Alina and Kaya weren’t in that class together, and 3rd, it was chemistry! Just the thought of the subject made Andrin cringe as he sat at his desk. His mother had forced him into the stupid class because if he didn’t take it he wouldn’t graduate high school next year.
It was after he had been put in that he was told it wasn’t required. Andrin wasn’t paying attention. Not at all. His paper in front of him, originally intended for notes was covered with doodles. The one he was working on right now at the bottom of the page was a beautiful rendition of his chemistry teacher, Mr. Farmand, being dropped over a lake of sharks.
“Andrin!” The loud obnoxious voice broke him of his thoughts. “Yes, Mr. Farmand?” Andrin said airily, taking his eyes from his note paper. The whole class was staring at him now. “I just asked you a question, Mr. Daw.” Andrin hated it when Mr. Farmand used his last name. “It’s Andrin, and could you repeat the question?” Andrin asked.
Mr. Farmand glared at him, his eyes filled with fire. “If Lithium and Carbon Monoxide bond, will it be covalent?” He hissed, peering over his glasses. “Dunno, I guess if Lithium and Carbon Boloxide or whatever you called it, would bond if they felt like it.” Andrin smiled at his own joke and turned back to his doodle. The room was filled with snickers and chuckles of students around him.
“Mr. Daw,” Mr. Farmand was trembling with rage. “That is one strike for you. If you act disrespectful again, it’s off to detention.” With that he turned around and continued his lecture on covalent bonds.
It seemed like ages before the bell rang to go to his next class. He shoved his papers into his backpack and ran for the door. “Mr. Daw.” Mr. Farmand said as he sat down at his desk. “Next time I want to see a better attitude, along with the last three homework assignments you didn’t do.”
“Sure, Sure.”
With that note, Andrin left the classroom and slammed the door behind him.
“Well, well, well. You certainly look happy. Have fun with Mr. Farmand?” It was Alina. Andrin scowled. “I hate that guy.” Alina chuckled, “Oh come on, he isn’t that bad.” She said as Andrin walked to his next class, she followed next to him. “Your right, he isn’t that bad, he’s horrible!” He said. Nearby students gave him a concerned look. He reached his Algebra 2 classroom. “See you at lunch, Andrin.” He grunted and she took off down the hall to her next class. He opened the door and closed it behind him.
Algebra 2 passed slowly as well and Japanese after that. But Andrin didn't mind that class, in fact, he enjoyed that it. But today was just one of the days that he did not feel like being at school at all. Over the past few weeks he had been getting extremely bad head aches that he couldn't get rid of and it made him moody. Even Alina's and Kaya's unceasing babbling that he could usually laugh off was annoying him.
"Could you guys give me a moment’s peace for like five seconds? Please?" he barked at them at their usual table in the commons.
Alina furrowed her eyebrows, "What's gotten into you?"
Andrin just rolled his eyes, "Nothing, I'll see you guys later." he stood up and dumped his full meal, untouched, into the trash bin and walked out the door.
Kaya and Alina stared after him.
"Huh..." Kaya mused, still staring.
Then Alina laughed, "And I thought we were supposed to have the mood swings..."
The girls giggled together, then also stood up and walked out, arms linked.
These three friends had been inseparable since they were in the womb. Their moms had met through business on the internet and their business is still going strong. They had moved to Florida so that they could form their business, dragging their unhappy families with them; all three mothers pregnant.
Alina had the biggest family of the three; she was the youngest of six children. She was a little over five feet tall with long, dark, wavy hair half way down her back. She had light caramel brown eyes and a wider nose. To her she seemed pretty average looking, especially standing next to her friend Kaya.
Kaya was an only child, and a spoiled one at that. She was taller than Alina by about six inches. She had what you would call “a model’s body”. Tall and skinny with long, straight, blonde hair. She looked like she had stepped out of a magazine, with her bright blue eyes, and slender nose. She had it all, or so Alina thought. If you saw them side by side, one might wonder why they were friends. Usually girls that looked like Kaya were snotty, stuck up, rich, and thought they were better than everyone else. She was rich, but she was none of the others. She was the kindest person Alina had ever met and she was not self absorbed at all.
And last was Andrin, surprisingly able to handle the two girls. He was tall with black hair that grew at amazing speed. His blue eyes were amazingly brought out with the contrast of his black hair and tanned skin from the sun of Florida.
After school the three friends piled into Andrin’s car and he grudgingly drove them home. Much to his dismay they continued their incessant babbling all the way home. He just focused on the road, and tried to block them out. His head ache was getting worse, and they were not helping.
Alina looked over at him, noticing his cringing position, “Hey And, you okay?”
“Fine.” He replied, no emotion in his voice. He pulled into his driveway, they all got out and went their ways. Andrin to his house, Alina to the right of his, and Kaya to the right of Alina’s. Andrin practically ran in, but Alina and Kaya dwindled slowly toward Alina’s house, continuing their conversation about the cute boy in their History class.  
Andrin opened the door to his room and threw his backpack forcefully onto his bed. He sat at his desk with a sigh. Now what to do? He could do his homework. Hah. Yeah right. His parents were both at a business meeting today until midnight. His head began to throb. He got up to go get some aspirin. Suddenly his head split. He heard his scream and he clutched his head. The pain was unreal. He felt himself blacking out and he sat back down. It stopped. What was going on? Never had he felt his head hurt so bad. He got up slowly this time. Very slowly. He cautiously moved from his chair to a full standing position. His head still throbbed, but not nearly as bad as before.
He moved to the medicine cabinet and took two aspirin pills dry. He sat for a moment, trying not to think. Perhaps going to the beach behind his house would help to clear his head. He opened the back door. The view was amazing. His back porch stairs went down to a patch of grass and then to the beach. Their three families had all pitched in and reserved the beach to them, permanently. Their business was definitely a money maker.
The beach was beautiful white sand with the sun sinking low over the amazingly blue water. He stepped out onto the warm sand. He closed his eyes and moved the black hair from his eyes. He walked out closer to the water, clearing his throbbing head as he did. He sat down on the sand, laying his head back. He took off his shirt. The heat warming his tan skin.
“Excuse me.” A voice broke him of his thoughts and he jumped up, grabbing his shirt. A man was standing on the beach. He looked rich, powerful, and…and…horrifying. His long gray hair was combed back and his eyes were beady. He looked to be about six feet tall and was wearing a black jacket. His skin was disturbingly pale and his mouth upturned in a smile.
“This is a private beach.” Andrin said, a little shaken. The man’s smile did not vanish. “I apologize. My name is Marcus. Marcus Kilar.” Andrin flinched like he had been slapped. “Are you, perhaps, Andrin?” He said. Andrin looked at him, nervous. What should he say? No? Yes? “Yes, I am.” He said putting his shirt back on. The man’s smile grew. “Excellent. I have someone that wants to see you.” He said. An old lesson came to his head. Don’t talk to strangers. “I-I- I can’t.” He stuttered. “Oh, what a shame. He will be disappointed.” With that, the man left. Andrin just stood there. He felt a little scared, what was going on? The man vanished behind the houses after a few moments. Andrin didn’t want to go back home. He was half scared that the man, Marcus Kilar would be sitting at the table, waiting for him. He sat back down and glanced over at Alina’s house, then to Kaya’s. He wanted to run and tell them, but at the same time, wanted to sit here. He decided to stay here, for now. He turned back to the waves. What was going on?
   He lay back down on the sand, trying to shake the weird visit out of his head, not sure what to think of it. He laid there for what seemed like hours when he heard another voice above him, but a familiar one this time.
            “Hey buddy!” Kaya said cheerfully standing over him. Andrin didn’t move this time to get up; he just stared up at her, “Hey…”
            She sat down next to him and stretched out her long tan legs in front of her. “So, I was just watching you out my back window…are you sure you’re alright? You haven’t really been yourself lately?”
            “You were watching me?” Andrin asked. This normally wouldn’t alarm him, but he was interested now why she hadn’t mentioned the old man.
            “Yeah!” she answered casually, but then scrutinized his face and added, “Sorry…Alina and I are just worried about you.”
            “No, no, I know. But you didn’t see the freaky old man?”
            She shook her head, “No…What old man?”

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