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June 2, 2009
By Illegallyanonymous BRONZE, Newington, Connecticut
Illegallyanonymous BRONZE, Newington, Connecticut
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Racing through the streets of the packed London town.
Veering out of the way of stall vendors and weaving in and out of old ladies frail legs.
Kiki raced until her lungs were on fire, water welling up in her green eyes from the force of the wind. All around her people spoke in loud voices that hurt her sensitive ears. People, buying expensive clothing and perfectly crafted jewelry, were racing to and from different stalls. Little children were looking in store windows, eyes lit up with excitement, licking colorful lollipops and chewing on sour candies. Kiki on the other hand raced towards the old pizzeria down the other street. The stone walkways hurt her pads as she ran, not taking a wrong step. Dogs barked at her, growing and biting at their leashes, eager to catch the small white animal. No human really paid attention to her, holding tight to the long dully-colored dog restraints. No one could blame them, not even Kiki herself.
The pizzeria was not far now. Just a few more yards and she would be in the dark, calming shade of the dark alleyway that she called her home. As she veered down the small alleyway, it opened into a large pathway that turned aburtly at the end and around the back of the shops and resturants. A large, empty dumpster stood, blocking the path. Leaves and other debris was scattered around the alley. Kiki frowned as the stench made itself known in the peaceful place. There was a soft hiss from behind her and she spun around, hackles rising, eyes filled with rabid fury. The cat infront of her was smiling good-naturedly. Kiki rolled her green eyes and padded around the black cat.
'You are so full of yourself, brother" She growled madly, flicking her tail in annoyment. The cat smiled softly, ivory teeth glinting in the limited light.
"I know" he growned softly, batting at her with his jet black paws, "Hey!"
Kiki almost burst out laughing at her brothers stupidity. A small cat padded to Kiki's side. Her silky fur was ruffled slightly, eyes wide. "What are you two doing?" the cat hissed madly at the siblings.
"Nothing, Robin..." Kiki growled, bounding away from her sister.
"Behave!" Robin exclaimed, turning tail and pading past the dumpster, back onto the packe London street. Kiki hissed in frustration and looked at her brother with angry eyes.
"Sorry, sister" Will apologized softly, padding after Robin, resuming his guarding duties.
"Yeah..." Kiki smiled as he left, eyes on the small gap between the Resturant path and the alleyway. She padded over to the dumpster and squeezed under it, squeezing through to the path. The smells of fresh sausges and peperoni wafted towards her. Fresh pastries being baked, apples covered in carmel and frest nuts. The sweet smill of rotting fruit and the soft rustle of mice as they rummaged through the garbage cans.
Kiki smiled, jumping to the top of a shiny silver can, and looked out from the high perch. Many mice were noticable, black and brown pelts really didnt fit in with the dull grey coblestones. Smirking, Kiki lept off the trash can, sending the lid spiraling down to the ground, hitting with a loud thump. Most of the mouse bolted quickly towards holes in the walls or empty trash cans. But Kiki was too fast. Before any of the mice coud blink she scooped 2 up into the air. They both hit the stone ground with small smacks, necks broken from impact. Satisfied with her catch, Kiki picked them up in her jaws and raced towards the alleyway again.
When she had squeezed under the small space, she padded quickly to her brother and dropped the mice at his feet. She was grinning happily as he dipped his head in thanks, taking a large bite of the biggest.

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