battle at shockla

June 2, 2009
By Kyle Lawson BRONZE, Woodburn, Oregon
Kyle Lawson BRONZE, Woodburn, Oregon
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On a dark foggy night along the shore of castle Shockla as the knights were patrolling suddenly quickly out of the foggy shore came a “dragon “ one of the two knights patrolling yelled. One of the knights realized it wasn’t a dragon at all when the other one went running to warn the King. One knight from both ends of the shore came running but it was too late and all the knights found were the massacred remains of the one knight. Quickly the two knights realize they’re surrounded by unknown warriors. Swiftly the two knights are taken out

The knight comes running through the court yard and into the throne room yelling “Dragon! Dragon! Dragon along the shore!”.
The king yelling right back at him” how dare you enter my throne room unannounced!
, Now what is this nonsense about a dragon “.come day, when the fog clears it turns out the entire shore is filled with boats. Now that it is day they can see the warriors. The new warriors wear a combination of leather and chain mail their swords were long swords. The strange foreigners had no name be sides they called them selves Vikings. The Vikings did not speak the same language as the knights

About a month has past after the arrival and the Viking menace has done constant raids on castle Shockla and its villagers. The king finally decided to rid his land of this enemy in on final battle. The king had a plan so he decided to take out the boats with his catapults first. Then send in his knights an a attempt to over power the Vikings

It was time for the king to put his plan into action . Everything went as planned the fact that the knights didn’t over power the Vikings. Instead the king used a resource that he never new he had archers. So all the archers shot and killed the Vikings from above
After all the Vikings are killed the king decided to have a feast to celebrate his victory. All of the knights where there along with the surviving villagers.

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