The Creatures of the Unknown Island

June 2, 2009
By heather adams BRONZE, Woodburn, Oregon
heather adams BRONZE, Woodburn, Oregon
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Well let’s see…it all started with a model that lets say, has made a good living for her and her dog Fifi. Oh and the name, the name of the model you might ask? Her name it Veronica, Veronica Chamberlin. She is one of the best well known models in California. And this is Veronica’s story of when she got stranded last summer.
Veronica, Fifi, and her feisty granny of a body guard Rainbow, were waiting in line at the airport. They wanted to get last minute tickets to Hawaii. Veronica got a photo-shoot opportunity that she just could not pass up. She had been waiting what seemed like forever to do a shoot in Hawaii. The lady at the ticket counter gave veronica a great price on the tickets. She thought that the offer was a little iffy, but she took the chance. They were desperate for the tickets. The shoot was in 48hrs. They took the tickets and rushed through security so that they would not miss their flight. They got on the flight, found their seats, and got some beauty sleep.
6 hours later

Veronica, Fifi, and Rainbow woke up just lying there in the sand with the scorching sun beating on their faces. It is the middle of the afternoon and no one is in sight. At first veronica thought it was a dream because her hair stylist Fabio was sleeping next to her. She didn’t even remember him even coming on the trip. He must have stowed away in Veronica’s purse, but that’s not that likely. Then she finally figured out it was reality.

Veronica, Fifi, Rainbow, and Fabio decided to go and explore this mysterious island, but first veronica was to persistent and wanted to tan before her photo shoot. Fabio just happened to have some tanning oil with him that is supposed to make you tanner five times faster than the usual oil. She decided to try some on, and get some sun. She laid there for hours in hopes that she would get tan. She accidentally fell asleep…again. She woke up to find that the tanning oil didn’t even make her tan at all. She was redder than an apple. It turned out that Fabio was training to be a chef, so he by accident packed the wrong kind of oil. Veronica was very upset because she was stranded on an island, there was no photo shoot in sight, and she was sunburned. This just wasn’t her day at all.

Veronica goes and sits down in the shade. In the distance she hears something like machines rattling. She gets Fabio and Rainbow to come and check it out. They all struggle to try to hear the noise, and then finally they hear the rattling. They sneak around the hill and they find a young boy that’s probably only in his teens. So then they all decide to approach him. They introduce themselves to him, and he said his name was Eddie Higganbottom. Eddie told them that he was trying to take over the island. In a way it freaked out Veronica and her friends so they left. They hoped that nothing would go wrong.

On the walk home Veronica had came up with a brilliant idea to make her own photo shoot. She had all the equipment with her so she would have Fabio take the pictures. Then a stampede of wild flamingoes and buffalo stampeded them. Veronica stopped them to ask why they ran over her and her friends. But it just turned out that they were going to give her advice on how to survive the island. The animals told Veronica and her friends to follow them, because they had to introduce them to some people. The animals bring them to the native people, and veronica tells them her whole story. They sheltered her and her friends, and they also gave them food and watcher. During the day the native people taught then to sew, hunt, cook, and everything else that they need to know.

1 week later

The next morning veronica gets a signal on her cell phone for the first time since they have been on the island. She goes to tell everyone the good news. So they she called for help and they sent over a helicopter. It came two hours later to come and take them to the hospital. When they got home from the hospital they were exhausted. They got good nights sleep. The next morning Veronica wakes up to find Eddie Higganbottom on the news. It turns out that he wasn’t trying to take over the island at all; he was trying to get service so that he could advertise though not only TV’s, but cell phones as well. To them Eddie was a lifesaver.

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