Taco King

June 2, 2009
By doug moore BRONZE, Aruora, Oregon
doug moore BRONZE, Aruora, Oregon
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There once was a mc taco king that was a awesome restaurant.
On the dark side Shad Mac was destroying a whole city.

The hero’s name is Bone Rhino and his super powers are grease, garbage and strength, ketchup beams that shoot from his eyes and fly.
So Bone Rhino flew to the dark side and Shad Mac got the stage ready and Bone Rhino found Shad Mac and they had a break dance competition and Bone Rhino won and killed Shad Mac.

Bone Whacker super powers are mustard rays, super strength and flu virus and fly.
Then Bone Rhino and Bone Whacker fought Bone Whacker fell and then Bone Whacker hit
Bone Rhino so hard that he hit a wall that he used his ketchup beams and killed Bone whacker.

There is a sidekick named red boy and he fought an alien named ucolpatamea and killed him.

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