My Sacrifice To Live.

June 2, 2009
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He was a stubborn as a mule as he stood on the edge of the cliff. The drums were beating behind him, the guns ricocheting all around him. I could hear the scream die off in the distance. I could tell the hunters were tired and confused. He was yelling to me to join him in his jump for freedom, saying we would be safe, but I didn’t believe him. He had been wrong too often lately.

They were right behind us though! I could feel their sights on my back as I told him to go without me. I said I would distract them while he escaped. I turned around shooting blindly, while they immediately let their guns loose. I knew I was doomed, but I could save my friend letting him live his life to the fullest.

I felt their bullets bite into my skin, hitting my vital organs. It hurt more than anything I could ever know! I could feel my lungs filling up with my own blood, making it hard to breath. As I died, I hoped my friend would live his life well. While I was looking down on my friend’s life from the gates of Heaven, I knew my sacrifice was well spent.

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