The Epic Battle

June 1, 2009
By Anonymous

It was a warm and windy August night as Klaarol exits a bar close to his village. Klaarol, a very muscular and buff 6 foot 7 inch man who is known to the village as its protector. He has done marvelous feats such as fending of a raid against the village and defending the village from thieves and bandits. He was a great and strong warrior and was known all over the country side as the strongest fighter around. Always dressed ready for combat, Klaarol usually wears an iron chainmail under his linen tunic and plated armor leggings. His most prize possession and equipment was his great battle axe; it was made as a gift for him from the village’s blacksmith after he defended the village from a barbarian raid.

Klaarol then headed on to a dirt path leading to the village and decided to visit his parents’ grave. As Klaarol was walking back to the village, little did he know that someone was watching and stalking him for quite awhile. The mysterious person was Borg, a professional stalker that stalks and mugs people of they’re valuable possessions. Borg was only about 5 foot 6 inches and was very skinny and he was very agile, a good characteristic of a professional stalker. Ever since Borg eyed Klaarol’s great war axe back at the bar, he was determined to snatch it as he expected the axe to be worth quite a big sum of gold. The main thing that caught Borg’s eye was the axe’s handle which was inlaid with magnificent jewels and gems ranging from rubies to diamonds and were all surrounded by highly polished silver. It practically made Borg’s mouth water.

Still remaining unnoticed, Borg chucks a dagger at Klaarol that he pulled out from one of his many pants pockets. The dagger pierces through Klaarol’s thick muscles and makes him grunt a very raspy grunt. Klaarol then quickly turned around and saw his assaulter.
“You better have a reason for throwing that butter knife at me and you better say it quick before I kill you!” yelled Klaarol.
“Well you better hand that very shiny axe of yours over to me and you will leave slightly unharmed” replied Borg.
Furious, Klaarol charges recklessly towards Borg but he easily dodges out of the way with his incredible stalker reflexes. He then proceeded to take out a rather very long sword from out of his pants.
“Well that’s a very odd place to put a sword in but that doesn’t matter but I will kill you since your trying to kill me” remarked Klaarol.
The battleground was a grassy field that was alongside the dirt road which leads to the village. Miles of forest grounds surround the outskirts of the grassy green field. Among the dusty forest floor were nuts, leaves, seeds, and forest creatures dashing about.
The fight continued for days and then weeks and bruises, cuts, and broken body parts started to emerge on both combatant’s body after each day of fighting. But each fighter was still focused on fighting, surviving, and to emerge victoriously from the battle. After the 11th day of fighting, the numerous wounds and fatigue were finally taken its toll on both fighters, as soon as one would get up from falling, they would plunder back down from exhaustion.

After the 13th day of fighting, both warriors forgot what they each were fighting for but they still continued to attack each other time after time. Finally on the 15th day the long awaited moment happened, as Klaarol parried a strike from Borg’s blade, he used that chance to deliver the final blow to Borg....a thrust through his heart. Blood started to well up in Borg’s mouth and he then lost his balance and tumbled down the hill they were fighting on and into the river below; a minute splash was heard about 5 seconds later.
“Finally!” exclaimed Klaarol “It is over” “May you rest in peace Borg the professional stalker”.
Klaarol then proceeded to patch up his wounds using the local medicinal herbs around him. After resting for an hour so the herbs can take effect on the wounds, Klaarol heads back onto the dirt road which leads back to the village so he can pay a visit to his parent’s grave. The sun overhead soon starts its descent to set in the background and the sky slowly morphs into a soothing orange scenery with clouds drifting aloft in the sky. As Klaarol walks down the dirt road, he appears to slowly walk into the sunset and every second, the scenery seems to swallow him into it until he finally disappears.

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