The Line of Fate, it was destined...

June 9, 2009
By Miranda Yew BRONZE, Sydney, Other
Miranda Yew BRONZE, Sydney, Other
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Legend once told of 5 dragons, 5 very powerful elemental dragons. Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and Ice. It was said that each dragon contained something within of them that could fulfill every desire, need, want and wish of a person. Over the next few years, every kingdom in Aveyond wanted to get their hands on these 5 dragons. And not soon after, 5 major towns in Aveyond got their hands on one dragon. At that time, it was a very peaceful time in Aveyond. Every kingdom got along just fine but because of greed for more power they started to overthrow each other and by the end of that year, all kingdoms were against each other. The dragons were used as a slave of war because the leaders had no idea how to get whatever it is out of the dragon. There was one dragon the fire dragon, Glaurung who did not like the idea of living beside humans and disgusted how the other dragons seem to like this life espiecially his sweetheart Melusine who left him saying that his idea of thinking was not right. In a fit of anger Glarung burnt the town, Veldt to the ground. Hoping to convince the other dragons he did what he thought was the best thing to do. Burn... Thais, the town which had Eingana, the Earth dragon was lit up in flames followed by Sedona, the town which had Peluda, the Wind dragon and Veldarah where Icefyre the Ice dragon resided. The three dragons were enraged but they knew they couldn't beat the fire element let alone Glaurung. Glarung, seeing that Melusine did not come out to reprimand or stop him, he growled in anger. It's eyes suddenly flared up.

(Dragons talk though minds...)
Melusine, don't make me regret what I'm about to do.

As Glaurung opened its big mouth to blast out fire at the 3 weaklings a stream of water choked its mouth. Glaurung gave out a hiss as it's eyes turned back to a bright red. Glaurung saw before him, in all her splendor and beauty, Melusine, the Water Dragon.

You finally came. If you came any later we'll be burnt dragons! (Perluda)

Sorry, I was held up

Enough with the chit-chat, let's make the battle nice and quick so I can continue on.

Melusine turned to look at the red dragon.

Glarung, I do not wish to harm you in any way but if you continue with this stupid notion of yours, I will have no choice but to teach you a lesson.

Don't sound as if you know me very well Melusine, I need to show you that humans are pitiful and weak beings. Just being with them, you have become so low.

Do you not remember that our master is a human?

He's not human, he knows sorcery and you still call him master? After he sold us off to these humans?

He did not sell us off, he told us to make friends with these humans so we'll have allies in the future.

Melusine, because of their greediness, they started wars and killed innocent lives just to get us dragons!

Look, even Icefyre says that. If that's so then why are you against me? I'm doing this for the good of us dragons!(Glaurung)

Your good for us means the bad for mankind.(Melusine)

If you're here to give me a lecture, then forget it. I have better things to do.

Glaurung, wait! I'll come with you...

Icefyre? What are you doing?(Perluda & Eingana)


...You lied to us, Icefyre (Melusine)

I was always jealous of you Melusine. You had everything. You have master's love. You have Glaurung. Everything I wanted, you had it all...

Icefyre's wings started to have frost on them. Her eyes became blocks of ice

Icefyre, what are doing?

Melusine turned back to see what Perluda was so shocked about.

Melusine, watch out!

As Melusine turned her head back quickly, she felt heat not some inches away from her face. She felt a dip of cold on her claw.

Glaurung hissed.

What the heck do you think you're doing, Icefyre? Didn't I tell you not to do anything to Melusine?

Why did you help her? Why? Why is it always her?

Glaurung, what's wrong with Melusine?

Melusine's left wing had turned to ice and bit by bit her body became white.


Glarung flew to grab Melusine with his claws but as more of her body became ice, the more heavier she became.

Glaurung, don't...don't hurt the

As the last bit of scaly skin became ice, the whole mass of Melusine was now in Glaurung's claws. His claws were starting to bleed from holding onto ice. But he realized he was getting lower and lower towards the ocean.

Glaurung, you idiot! Let her go! Or else you'll drown!

You dragon of a b****! I'll get you for that!

As Glaurung got lower and lower, his claws got tighter and tighter in holding onto Melusine. Before he knew it one of his claw nails broke off.
In a moment of pain, Gluarung removed his claws which caused the block of ice to drop into the ocean below.



Glaurung flew after Melusine and was about to enter the water when he thumped into an invisible wall. Glarung hissed and tried to dive in again but he hit the wall again.

I hereby seal all 5 dragons in 5 orbs which will be put in 5 different guardian's hearts. When one day all 4 dragons along with their guardians meet together. The dragons shall awake and the one true item that all man desire shall appear.

The old man clicked his fingers. Glaurung, Perluda, Icefyre, Eingana, the four dragons all suddenly started to shrink.


...I can tell you still have something for her...

What the hell is happening to me?

Melusine, let's meet up again very soon...

After a few minutes all that remained were 4 bright coloured orbs; red, green, grey and white. The old man collected the 4 orbs then he looked down into the ocean.

You shall be in charge of restoring peace into this world. I shall be there to guide and counsel you when you need me most.

And with that said, the old man disappeared and along with him, all the flames and chaos were also gone.

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