The Facets of Blue

June 10, 2009
By alilablonde BRONZE, Bellevue, Washington
alilablonde BRONZE, Bellevue, Washington
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The snake was closing in; and soon its rough scales scratched the blue, quickly encompassing its entirety. The marks made by the beast masked the previous radiance. The precious stone became cloaked in a colorless veil. The cunning poison was spreading.

Her mind began to slip back through time. The sun glistened against her summer skin, and his bright blues sparkled. The blue that broke her heart in two, and made her wish with every bone in her body that he were hers. She was mindlessly oblivious to his stare, darting past her. Towards instead the other, the girl with all the compliments. This girl’s curls were loosely bound, shining as he held her tiny body.

Somehow, as her thoughts brushed over the memories, she remained ignorant, allowing the thousand tiny facets of him to tear her apart. He held her as if she were his marionette, bending her with his every shift. The strings that bound her to him fashioned false hopes. They strung her away from seeing the reality of her effortless manipulation. She was simply a distraction.

Her heart swelled as he waved disappearing into the distance, never seeing the cloud that was accumulating in front of her eyes. The false light before the storm was built into her innocent smile. Harsh waves began to crash upon her, and soon his blues twisted into repulsive grays. The storm turned to lightening, and her high power like Goliath’s ceased to remain. For, the blue-eyed David had crushed her with his tiny stone. The jagged stone seemed to lodge itself under her chest heeding her from ever disguising the sharp edges. The edges that had sliced through her, replacing what was once the spot that yearned for the deep blue.

Silence soon fell upon her lips. She uttered jagged breaths that seemed to tear her apart in the deepest agony. Wondering, what this other possessed that made her his best.

The slither of a snake rung in her ears, poised and ready to strike. She was unstoppable, and her shrewd poison spread without word. The only way to survive seemed to be to adapt. And so, the girl with a rock for a heart put aside her feelings for the boy and made a silent secret. She vowed never to share her feelings again, and would soon forget them. The two enemies shortly bonded, and were even seen as undividable. The chain that bound them was fixed to the blue gem.

And yet, the gem soon dulled, and the snake’s venom turned sour. The chain that bound the girls in truce rusted in two. The stone that lay under her chest held the last glimmer of blue. The boy began to slip from her rational thoughts and, slip more frequently into her idealistic dreams. The boy who began as the most real thing in her delicate life turned to fantasy.

As she uttered one final breath she observed something she had been previously blind to. Tiny dots like a semi-colon diving her thoughts lay upon his neck, leaving a mark like fangs of the snake.

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