The Spies' Most Difficult Mission

May 29, 2009
By Michelle Menkhaus BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Michelle Menkhaus BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Chapter 1- Our new home

I, Alexandra Dawning, am 17 years old. My parents are Chris and Lori Dawning. We lived in a rather large apartment in downtown California. But I always have felt very cramped in the apartment even though it is large. You see I have always been rather adventurous.

Right now I am at my university. It is very busy here right now. They are throwing a big dance in honor of the ending year. I am in charge of entertainment. I have to figure out movies, music, and other things. I already decided that my dad’s band will perform first. Then I will have me and my friends get together and do Who Said by Hannah Montana.

As I walked down the hall I tucked a strand of ash brown hair
behind my ear. It had strayed from its place in my ponytail. I hated it when my hair did that. My hair went to the middle of my back. But when it was in a high ponytail it looked much longer. Then a sign caught my attention. It had flames all over it with information for the dance in the middle of the flames. I rolled my hazel brown eyes.

That has to be the work of my twin brother Alexander. We call ourselves Alex and Alex. So do our friends. Then I spotted one of my friends. I walked over to her.

“Hi Andrea.” I said.

“What’s up Alex?” She replied.

“I’m fine. But what are you so freaked about? I could see it on your face 5 feet away Andrea.”

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“It’s your brother Alex. He’s freaking me out!”

“What did Alex do now?” He is so in trouble with his sister.

“He is trying to get a date with Christina. I mean come on! She is our best friend. And what’s Christopher going to do to him if they start dating?!” Kill him. That’s what. But then of course my brother liked Christina.

“I’ll go set Alex straight. That is if Christopher already did that job!” I hurried away in search of my brother. Just then I spotted a head of ash brown hair. That would be Alex. I wormed my way through the tide of students to my brother.

“Alex!” I called to my brother. Just as I reached him our friends caught up to me. I hadn’t realized they had followed me. All of us were twins. Alex and I with ash brown hair and hazel eyes. Andrea and Andrew had strawberry blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. Then last but not least we have Christopher and Christina who both have vivid red hair and emerald green eyes.

“Let’s go to our apartment.” I said. So with that we set off to downtown. It took about 10 minutes to get to the apartment building. Then we took the elevator up to the 4th floor where the apartment was. I used my keys to open the front door. When we stepped inside all of our parents were there. It took me a moment to register this fact. We all quietly went to the room Alex and I shared.

“Okay so what’s with the parents all here?” Andrea posed the question that Alex and I knew the answer to. I looked at Alex and he looked at me.

“They think we should all separate and meet new friends. Go on a few dates.” Alex started.

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“And that the girls should all settle down and find a husband. And
we should give up our “not proper” Sports outings every summer!” I finished the explanation.

“Surprising?” My brother and I said together. I could see our friends were completely appalled by the idea. Then a knock came on the closed door. I jumped up to get it. As soon as I opened it I regretted doing so. Should have known it was our parents. It was time to give them a piece of my mind. And confess well, crush and marriage you might say.

“We have something to say. No way are we settling down and marrying just to make you ‘rents happy! And even if we did do that it would not be to the “proper” men you picked out but these 3 boys inside this room. But would you give approval? NO YOU WOULDN’T!” I said. I went back to my bed and sat with arms and legs crossed. I glanced at the boys. They were silent.

“We will go then.” My mom said. All the parents left the doorway. I got up and closed the door after them.

“Just you wait and see. We will all get grounded.” I said.

“You guys it’s time to go.” Mrs. Arching poked her head around the door addressing Andrea and Andrew.

“No mom. It’s not time for us to go. It’s time for you guys to go while Christopher and I look for an apartment together in downtown California.” Andrea said with a definite attitude in her voice.

“Your father would not accept this at all!” She told her daughter.

“Do you think I care?” Andrea retorted.

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Then Chris and Chris’s dad came into the room and blinked twice
when he saw that Christopher and Andrea were sitting together holding hands.

“It’s time to go.” He said.

“No it’s not dad. It’s time for you and mom to go. It’s time for me and Alexander to start looking for an apartment in downtown California.” Christina said. He just looked stunned. Then Christina and Christopher’s dad came in for a try.

“We have to go now!” He addressed Christopher. I had always hated him for doing that.

“Dude, think again. You and your wife are leaving without him. He is staying here. We are going to look for an apartment together in downtown California. Just so you know that was FYI.” I retaliated.

Then all the parents left. Even our own parents left.

“Are you girls serious?!!” All the boys exclaimed at the same time.

“Yes we were serious. We actually do love you guys,” All of the girls said at the same time.

“Well in that case where are the yellow pages?” Christopher asked.

“I’ll go and get 3 copies” Alex said. He left the room. When he was gone we all rearranged the sitting. Now we all sat on the floor in couples. When Alex came back he found his place right next to Christina. He sat down next to her and gave us all a copy of the yellow pages. There was one to each couple. We all started searching. Then I cried out in delight.

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“There is an apartment building in the heart of California that has 3 apartments available all side by side. And they are already furnished. The cost is $400 a month. If we all apply now for the apartments we can get them before anyone else does.”

“Let’s do it!” They agreed with me. I went over and picked up the phone by the wall. I dialed in the number and talked with the owner who was renting them out. He would gladly let us have them. He said no one who had seen the apartment wanted it because of the furniture. I told the guys this and we all started packing to move.

I went downstairs and picked up tons of broken down boxes. I brought them back up to the apartment. We all started taking stuff down and packing it up. Then we went to the other 2 apartments and packed that stuff all up and then we went to the building where the apartments were and moved in.

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Chapter 2- Living Together

Over the next few weeks we all settled down and I sometimes still was a little surprised by finding Andrew instead of Alex in the morning when I woke up. But at least I was like Alex name and looks.

But then one Saturday I realized that the dance for the university was that day. I freaked out. I called Andrea and Christina and we all headed over to the gym so we could practice.

“Okay I think we should do I Got Nerve instead of Who Said. It makes more sense because we had enough nerve to get engaged to our crazy husbands!” I said.

“We agree with you on that!” they both replied together.

“Girls can I talk to you for a moment before you start practicing?” Professor Bans called over to us.

“Of course you can Professor.” I replied.

“Before we start the dance the teachers will ask if anyone is engaged or married do you know anyone in this condition? Then the people who are will come on stage.” She told us.

“You are talking to 3 girls who are currently engaged and getting married this fall!” Andrea burst out.

“To whom are you lovely ladies engaged to?” She asked.

“Alexander and me, Andrea to my twin brother, and Alexandra to Andrew.” Christina said. I couldn’t help smiling at the thought of my husband-to-be.

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“Well this is certainly surprising. Well done on the engagements. But might be the only ones brave enough to come on stage. Now you can do your practice.” Professor Bans walked away.

Soon enough it was time to go back and get ready. When we got back I dug the old band outfits out again. It consisted of a black tank top, a heather gray mini skirt, white leggings, and black pumps.

“And now our entertainment for the evening, I Got Nerve, by our three talented musicians.”

“We haven’t met. And that’s okay. Because you will be asking for me one day. Don’t wanna wait. In line. The moment is mine believe me. Don’t close your eyes. ‘Cause it’s a chance we’re taking. And I think that I can’t shake you. I know where I stand I know who I am. I would never run away when life gets bad. Everything I see every part of me know I’m gonna get what I deserve. I got nerve! Electrify. A model wire. Getting together and we’re on fire. What I said. You heard. Now I’ve got you spinning. Don’t close your mind. The words I use are open. And I think that I can’t show you. I know where I stand I know who I am. I would never run away when life gets bad. It’s everything I see every part of me. I know I can change the world yeah yeah yeah. I know what your like I know what you think. Not afraid to stare you down and tell you blink. It’s everything I see every part of me. Gonna get what I deserve. I got nerve! You. You need to discover. Who can make you feel free. And I. I need to uncover the part of you that’s reaching out to me. Hey. I know where I stand I know who I am. I would never run away when life gets bad. It’s every thing I see every part of me. I know I can change the world yeah yeah yeah. I know what you like I know what you think. And not afraid to tell you blink. It’s everything I see every part of me. Gonna get what I deserve. I got nerve! It’s what you want. It’s what you need it. Yeah yeah yeah. I got nerve! It’s what you want and what you need its. I know what you like I know what you think. Not afraid to stare you

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down and tell you blink its. Everything I see every part of me. Gonna
get what I deserve. I got. I got nerve!” The whole crowd clapped like mad.

We left the stage and snuck off to the back where the guys were. There we stood next to our twins. Few. We watched as Professor Bans came up on stage.

“Now it’s time to find out who is getting together and who is already together. Raise your hand if you are currently dating,” 50 people raised their hands. ”What about engaged?” 20 people raised their hands including us. “And last what about married?” 30 people raised their hands, mostly Professors.

“Now the people who are dating come up on the stage,” All 50 went on stage. ”And now engaged people come on stage,” the guys looked like they didn’t want to go so we dragged them up to the stage. But then we took them to the back of the other people on stage. “And the married.” We left the stage inconspicuously and went to the back of the room again. The rest of the people went up on stage.

We left soon after that and all went to the after dance party. By the time we got back we were all exhausted from the events. But when I got up I heard knocking on the door. I threw clothes on and saw my 2 best friends at the door. they had tears running down their faces.

“What’s wrong with you sisters?” I asked once I had sat them down in the living room.

“Alex and Chris weren’t there when we got up!” They both cried together.

“I’m going to go and check something. I’ll be right back.” I slipped over to the bedroom where Andrew and I slept. I poked my head in

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there and saw for the first time that Andrew wasn’t there either.

“It’s Mariah. She has to be the one who kidnapped them,” I told them. “So we’ll need a strategy to get to her mansion and get the guys. We each go after our own twin. Here are our clothes.”

We used a shirt with one long sleeve and a spaghetti strap, slim black jeans, and black boots. I passed them several laser guns and then we were ready. To save our fiancés.

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Chapter 3- The 3 Spies.

We went out to the big van we used for traveling and all climbed in. I drove and the others worked the various parts of the van. Once it started up my cell phone rang. Even on a mission we had to keep in touch with other people.

“Hello? This is Alexandra Dawning,” I said. The person replied. “Yes we are on our way.” I told them. Then I hung up.

“Who was that Alex?” Christina asked.

“It was the boys from the school. They wanted to make sure we were coming for our second concert performance. I told them that we would be there right away. Push the buttons to your right girls. The band uniform will come out from the slot on Christina’s left.” I told them.

Both of them pushed the buttons and out came our uniforms for the band. I pushed a button on the dashboard and I was immediately dressed in my uniform. The girls pulled their uniforms on too. Then in 2 minutes time we reached the school.

“Girls it’s time for the rehearsal!” The Superintendent called over to us. We walked over to him. This was probably the most time wasting thing ever right now. Then when we went backstage I saw Alex, Andrew, and Christopher tied up to the pole.

We ran over to them and undid the ropes tying them to the pole. They ran out of there and didn’t even thank us. I stared after them and motioned to the girls to follow me. We ran to the van and hopped in. Christina looked around for the boys through the window. Then she spotted them and we sped after them. They

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hopped inside a van and drove off towards the freeway.

“Andrea press the button on your right and our spy clothes will pop out from the wall.” I instructed her. She did what I said and we all went back to our spying. I put the van into auto drive and grabbed laser pistols from the glove compartment. Then I handed masks back to the girls in the back.

The guys led us to Desmidian Manor. I had heard of the place before. Over 100 years ago some old guy named Hezekiah Jenkins had built the manor in honor of his family. But then 50 years later he was murdered by a ghost who had wanted to rest quietly in his grave. Apparently Jenkins had built the house over an old cemetery. So legend has it that this ghost of this guy still haunts the manor to make sure that the manor doesn’t get expanded even more ruining the grave yard.

We got out of the van and followed the boys deep into the manor. They were going in the basement. That was where the ghost was rumored to live. They went noisily down the stairs but we crept quietly. When we saw they were heading towards Mariah in the basement I saw her plan.

“She’s manipulating them!” I whispered fiercely to Christina and Andrea. Then I saw that 3 of us were standing by Mariah. But we were by the wall.

“She made copies of us!” Christina whispered. ”The guys must think that those things are us!”

“We confront Mariah and get our guys back.” I said.

“Okay so who are you with again?” I asked from behind their backs.

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“YOU!” Mariah cried.

“Yes me.” I retaliated. We raised the laser pistols at the clones. We took a shot and the clones melted into sticky goop. I smiled.

“Who so you think you are?” I asked her.

I pressed a button on the belt I wore and a net shot out over the goons. I tied it up and then we pressed buttons on our belts and several hover crafts came bursting through the basement door. One guy and girl to each craft. We laid the boys down and sat beside them. Then they took off. We reached the van in 5 seconds. We threw the guys in and then I got into the drivers seat and pushed the button for the cloaking device. The van was now disguised only to Mariah and her goons. The girls climbed into the back with the boys and slammed the back doors shut. I revved into gear and sped off towards the suburbs.

“We are going to my Grandmother Lucinda’s manor. It’s called Velvet Manor. I know she wouldn’t mind as I haven’t visited her in 3 years,” I informed them. “And we could get more tricks from her. She’s the one that taught me all the spying I knew when I taught you guys.”

“Sounds cool as long as Mariah and the goons don’t come after us,” Christina agreed and then shivered. “I have a feeling she won’t rest until the boys are hers to keep.”

“Not with the van’s disguise I hope,” I replied. “The van has been experiencing some technical difficulties the past few days. We need to replace it with a less noticeable one and deck it out with better features and a flying mode so we can be in the air if it’s ever needed.”

Soon we reached my grandmother’s manor and I asked if we could stay in one of the spare rooms. She told me I was always welcome

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with my friends and family. We took the three master rooms upstairs on the 3rd floor. Then I went out in disguise to the car dealership and bought a Porsche. When I returned to the manor I decked it out with spy gear including flying and color changing.

“Now be ready to see the brand new Porsche made into the ultimate spy car. Oh yeah! I completed the ultimate change!” I told my aunt and the others the next day. I tore off the tarp. There was nothing underneath it. I clicked a button my key chain. The car appeared out of nowhere. “Complete with invisibility mode, flight mode, and color changing. And now it creates every single Starbucks drink imaginable for you to drink on a cruise through the city or chasing an enemy or being chased. And it wasn’t easy to make it bullet proof either.”

“Let’s go out and try to get Mariah,” Alex suggested. “We can use all the crazy things we did when we were little. If we tried to bring Alex’s spy weapons they would surely set off detectors at that old manor where her HQ is located wouldn’t they?”

“You’re right about that Alex. But we still dress in our gear no matter what happens.” I said. I went upstairs followed by the girls. I showed them the outfits I had put together. I had a short white leather skirt, white tights, a white tank top, a white jean jacket, and white thigh boots that had heels on them. Christina had her favorite black jean shorts, a black long sleeve shirt, black tights, a black leather mini jacket, and black thigh boots with heels. Andrea had the same outfit as Christina.

I grabbed utility belts from my bag and we put them on. They were equipped with anti-sensors and looked stylish with the outfits. We came downstairs and I gave the boys their clothes. They didn’t look as stylish though. We went out to the car and all climbed in. I pressed a button on the dash board. The boys became invisible to Mariah.

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Good. I wasn’t going to take any chances. We made our way to the old mansion she had headquarters at.

I went up to the front door and pressed a button on my sunglasses. They turned into x-ray goggles. I looked straight through the door and found a woman was on the other side her back facing the door. I took off my boot’s heel and pressed it against the door knob. I heard a woman’s scream and used the goggles again. Now there was no one near the door.

Christina put on a shinny black glove on her hand and touched the hand scanner where the mailbox was supposed to be. The door opened automatically and we all crept inside. Andrea, Christina, and I all pulled a hair off our heads. We put them together and braided the hairs together. I put them near the door.

I sent the boys to the upper floor while we went down to the basement. We didn’t think to check the door and became hypnotized when we stepped through the door way. Our clothes changed to black stealth suits without the hoods.

“My slaves go upstairs and bring those boys to me.” Mariah said. A shrill whistle sounded and we went upstairs. I led them through the hallway and we assaulted the guys from behind.

“What are you doing!” The guys exclaimed.

“We obey only our master, Mariah,” I said hypnotically. We dragged them downstairs to the basement. “Master we have found them and we have brought them to you.”

The shrill whistle sounded again and we came out of our trances. I shook my head trying clear my thoughts. I couldn’t remember anything that had happened after that whistle. Then it dawned on me

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that we had been hypnotized. That witch! Then everything went black.

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Chapter 4- Dangerous

When I woke up I saw that only the girls were with me. I tried to remember what had happened. Then that shrill whistle sounded. The girls and I went into a hypnotic trance again.

Whenever we were hypnotized we were capable of possessing super human strength. I broke the bonds and shook the other two awake. We went downstairs to the basement to take Mariah’s orders.

“Dress in your normal clothes and go to the cloning machine. We will make evil clones of you. Ha ha ha! I will have power over you at last.”

We went out to the car and took out our normal clothes. I was cloned in a cropped green shirt, jeans, and green stilettos. Andrea used a pink tank top, jeans, and pink open toed high heels. And Christina wore a blue 3 quarter sleeved shirt, jeans, and blue pumps. All the heels on our shoes were 3 inches tall.

Once we were standing in front of Mariah again she examined the clones. Then she molded us into our twins. Then she cloned us again. And now we went back to normal forms.

“We are dangerous.” I said smiling evilly. The other two nodded their agreement to what I had said.

We left the basement to go and get the guys. They weren’t in sight at all. They were hiding somewhere. I sent out the clones to find them. We waited for several moments. Then the clones came into sight with our brothers. Brothers against evil hypnotized sisters, evil clones of the sisters, and evil clones of themselves. Not looking good.

We brought the guys downstairs to Mariah. She was very pleased

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with our work. Then she blew that shrill whistle again. I tried to clear my thoughts. But before I could do that I whapped in the face by my brother’s clone.

“Oh no you didn’t!” I muttered. I threw a spinning side kick at him. He stumbled backwards and tripped. “Never mess with your own twin!”

“Help Alex!” The real Andrea and Christina called my way. I spun around horrified at the sight before me. They were cornered by our evil clones. I lunged forward and was grabbed by my evil twin.

“Get off of me you evil idiot!” I screamed.

“No way.” He muttered in my ear. So I just hung there limply. I looked around but found no escape route. The real guys were cornered by the remaining two. The shrill whistle sounded again..

“No get off me really. I’m evil remember you dung brain?” Were the first words that came out of my mouth when I was hypnotized after the whistle sounded.

“Sorry.” He muttered. I could see that when I was hypnotized I was equipped with stun guns. I casually took one out and studied it.. Then just when I was going to shoot my brother I suddenly dropped it and fell on all fours. I was fighting the hypnotic trance. I pulled a pair of ear plugs from my pocket and put one plug in but kept the other one out. Then the whistle sounded again and I put the other one in.

With the plugs in I can hear everything except the whistle. I fought my way through the clones and got to the real girls. I put the ear plugs in their ears and quickly whispered to them that the plugs would keep them from getting hypnotized by the whistle.

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The boys were having some trouble their clones so we rushed forward to help them with the clones.

Mariah sounded the whistle again and we still fought against her side. She started panicking big time. She thought “What is happening!” Then I gave her a side kick. She almost fell over the rail. She had installed a bridge in the basement to go from the stairs to the far end of the basement where the top secret laboratory was.

Then my cell phone rang. I dodged a kick from one of the clones and answered it.

“Hello?” I said. It was my mother.

“Honey how are you?” She asked. I dodged a kick.

“I’m fine mom. I have to go!” I hung up and dialed a code on the phone. It turned into a tranquilizer. I was able to shoot my brother’s clone. He collapsed into a heap on the floor. I threw a net over him and tied it up. I looked around for the stun gun I dropped. I spotted it by the doorway. It works better than the tranquilizer.

But before I could get to it I was knocked out. After I was knocked out I was put into the dungeon. I woke several minutes later to find myself tied to my brother. I wriggled one arm out and took off the heel of my right boot. Inside was the remote to the car parked outside.

I took out the remote and replaced the heel. I clicked the remote on. I pushed a button and got the car to start up. I used the keys on it to drive it to the mansion entrance. Then I made it open the window. I put the remote in my jacket’s inner pocket. Then I took my nail file and cut the ropes. I woke up my brother and the others. Then we climbed through the window and into the car.

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Chapter 5- Here Comes Trouble

I sped out of there and soon reached the manor where my grandmother lived. She made a huge fuss about us missing. Turns out our parents called and couldn’t reach us. But they should know not to call between 12 and 5. We do our spy work then.

Then my phone buzzed. Someone was trying to reach me. I looked at the phone’s outer screen. It was a 312 area code. I flipped it open and picked up the call.

“This is the female Alex.” I said into the phone.

“We need you penetrate that old bank on 15tth and obtain the gorgonian jewels that were left by the ancient owners of the bank.” Then the line went dead.

“Alex get the x-ray goggles. Girls come with me. Boys get the van system checked and any repairs done in half an hour. Alex help them with the van when you have the goggles. Then meet us in the living room.” I said. I took the girls upstairs.

“Our new spy suits arrived this morning. They all consist of a mini skirt, thick bullet proof stockings, knee high boots with 2 inch heels, a tank top that ends at the midriff, and a jacket of the same length. Did I mention they were black?” I said.

“They get less suit-like and more clothing like each time new ones come out from the shop.” Christina remarked.

I distributed the clothing and they left the room so we could dress. I finished putting the outfit on and bent over the bag in my room. I pulled out 3 utility belts and examined them. They were old models. When it came to old in spying that was not good. But at least these belts had the basics.

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I went to the girls’ rooms and gave them the belts. Then I glanced at my watch.

“We have to hurry! 30 minutes are almost up.” I said. I vaulted over the railing and landed in a crouching position. The other girls followed suite and we went to the garage. The guys were all seated in the back.

“Nice choice of seating seeing as I’m going to use the turbo booster to get there quickly.” I said once I jumped into the driver’s seat. I turned the car on and hit the camouflage button. I pushed the turbo button and we sped off.

When we got there I told the boys to go in the lobby and wait for my signal. The girls and I went into the back of the building.

“Hold it right there!” A guard yelled at us. I don’t think so. I grabbed my compact.

“I would rethink that if I were you.” I said casually. I turned the compact on him. “You have 3 minutes to get us through these doors. Or I will seriously hurt you.”

“What can a weak girl like you do to us?” The guard asked.

“You asked for it.” I said. I closed the compact and put it away. I punched him in the face. His nose started bleeding. When the other guards came to his aid we knocked them out cold.

“That’s what.” I muttered to myself as we stepped over the unconscious guards. That was too easy. I pulled the compact out again and pushed a button. The guards came to consciousness but we
were gone.

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Alex looked around for me but couldn’t find me. We were in the back of the bank. Where were those stolen jewels? Then I spotted a case lined with purple satin and the jewels were in there wrapped in purple velvet.

I took the satin lined case and put it in my big tote bag. Then we all flipped a switch on our suits and it changed into our casual normal day clothes. We left through the back of the bank and in through the front. I was horrified by the sight.

“Put your hands up!” The robber shouted. “Where is the jewels!”

“I have them you big jerk!” I said. “And unless you don’t leave these people alone you will wish you were never born.”

“Ready?” I asked Andrea and Christina.

“Ready!” They said in unison. I double-back flipped and kicked him in the neck. I turned around and saw that his gun was trained on me.

“Wrong girl to mess with.” I kicked him and grabbed the gun from his hand. I threw the gun in the air And threw my marble explosive device at it. The gun blew up and the marble boomeranged back to me. Andrea pulled a pair of handcuffs from her pocket and cuffed him. Then Christina handled the mind-wipes of the surrounding people and different cops.

I went outside and phoned the spy base. “Stand by for the jewels. Agent group 1 has found them and is ready for transport to England.”

We went to our car and I unlocked it. “We are going on a field trip to England.” I got in the driver’s seat and we drove back to the house.

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“Everyone start packing. We leave in an hour to get to the airport.”
I went inside and found some suitcases. The first real carrier mission and it had to be in England. My old boyfriend lived in England and he worked in the spy agency.

“Great.” I muttered to myself. This is just what I need. Affairs and spy missions do not mix well. He hated the guys. Even my brother. That’s why I ended it. I finished packing my suitcase and dragged it downstairs. I was doing some serious thinking. What if I pretended I was sick and I told them at the mission agency. No, that wouldn’t work. Andrea and Christina would see right through it.

I guess I’ll just have to live with it. I went outside to my grandmother’s station wagon and opened the trunk. I pushed my suitcase inside. I grabbed my purse and got in the driver’s seat as Alex and Chris loaded the rest of the cases.

“Hurry up guys! We are leaving in a couple of minutes!“ I called out the window. The rest of the group came down the stairs and we started off to the airport. Once there I found my grandmother and let her know that the car was in the parking lot. She works at the airport under baggage claim.

We left to the departure gate and boarded the plane. I flipped my hair over my shoulder. I went to the back of the plane and sat down by the window. I stared out of it and suddenly spotted Mariah. She was disguised as a luggage loader. Thank god our luggage was already on.

Now what would happen now that she knew we were flying out of here. Better keep a sharp eye out for her in England. I took my notebook out of my bag and started writing in it. The best way to keep things clear in your head is to do something.

The captain’s voice came on over the loudspeaker from the cockpit.

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He went through the normal notices and emergency measures. Then the plane took off 15 minutes later. I stared out the window. I could see the wing bobbing up and down. Then I noticed a small black plane flying slightly behind us. Then they shot two missiles at us. The plane was under attack!

I turned to my brother who sat next to me just as the missiles hit. The alarm started blaring. “Keep everyone busy, Andy, Chris, and I will take care of Mariah. I got up and rushed up front to the cockpit.

“Kyle! It’s Mariah! Land on the landing ship. It’s right under us!” I knew the pilot from the agency and he was a top secret spy. Disguised as a pilot. I ran back to where I was sitting.

“Out we go!” I told them. I tugged a button on my shirt and the others followed suite. A bunch of other normal people were on the plane. They were all really freaked out. But we were very calm.

After tugging the button on our shirts they changed into our spy clothes. Now we were ready. Let’s go. I pushed open the emergency window and jumped out with my parachute. The others followed.

I pulled on my parachute and pulled the string. It changed into a jetpack and I blasted off towards the black plane. I took out my lipstick and applied it on the front viewing window of the plane. It came to life on the window and started crawling all over.

I blasted away from the plane. It started to swerve all over. It was going to crash. Then it suddenly plummeted towards the sea. It blew up when it hit the water. We zoomed back to the plane. By the readout on the dashboard I could see through the viewing window, the plane was suffering immensely from the hit.

We went to the filters on the wings. I clicked a button on my watch and out came a micro chip. I inserted it into the filter and activated it.

Page 23
I did this for the other filter. Then I looked down. I could see the continent of Europe just below us. I might as well aim for the airport.

“Let’s just jetpack the rest of the way!” I called to my friends. We dived to the airport and landed on the ground just as the plane was landing.

“Mariah is in England. We have to watch out for her goons.” We went through the airplane hangar. We went through the door into the arrival’s terminal. I spotted the group of spies waiting for us. Fortunately John was not one of them. John was my old boyfriend.

“I can see you’re relieved about something Alex.” Andrea whispered. “What is it?”

“John is not part of the welcoming committee! Thank god!” I replied.

“John is your old boyfriend right?” Christina whispered to me.

“That’s the one.” I said. “Let’s go meet them.” We went towards the group of the agents. Then our brothers showed up and followed us.

“Agent group 1 reporting for duty and delivery.” I told them.

“Ah. Our little Alexandra has grown up and is doing carrier and leading a spy group. Well done.” Damon said. He was lead of the grouping missions.

“Shut up Damon! Or I’ll set my brother on you. And I trained him myself.”

“You brought the siblings with you?”

“Ha, ha, ha. We are more than siblings Damon.” Andrea said.

Page 24
“Then what are you?” Katie asked. She was head of field missions.

“Engaged is what.” I muttered. But Damon didn’t miss it.

“Agents in love. We some more excitement around here. And I would like to see how your arm to arm combat is Christina.”

“You will you big idiot. But back at HQ.”

“Put your hands up!” I heard someone shout behind us.

“Actually you will see it now.” She said.

I turned around to see it was one of Mariah’s goons. Why did they show up at the best of times.

“Let’s go.” Then more showed up.

“Where are they!” the lead idiot shouted.

“We are right here!” I shouted. We walked away from the group.

“Surrender!” He said.

“No.” I said and back flipped to him and kicked him. He threw a punch at me and it messed up my hair.

“Now you’re gonna get it! No one touches my hair. Not even my brother!” I kicked him in the neck. I jumped up and grabbed a rope hanging from the ceiling. I started to swing and kicked him in the face and he fell backward unconscious. Andrea was suddenly grabbed by the other goon. I let go of the rope. Landing I went up behind him and punched him. He let go of Andrea and fell to the floor. Christina kicked him and he groaned.

Page 25
“Done. How easy was that!” I said. Christina pulled her pen out
and flashed it at the surrounding people. Now they will forget what they saw. I gathered up my stuff and we followed the rest of the group outside to the car.

“Where did you put the jewels?” Katie asked.

“You don’t want to know.” I replied. I had hidden them well and only the three of us knew where. We got to the car.

“I will drive.” I said. Andrea and Christina looked at me with total understanding. I was going to avoid the agency by going to the hotel and making it difficult to get to the agency in time. Not even my ex knew where we were staying.

“Hang on to your hats.” Andrea said. We all got in. I put the pedal to the metal. Damon was thrown against the seat.

“What are you doing?” He shouted as I took a sharp turn to the right.

“We are being followed if you noticed!” I shouted back at him.

“She’s right. We are being followed!” Christina said. I looked out the window again. Mariah’s car was stuck to us like glue.

“Ever met Mariah?” Andrea asked as we swerved around onto a side street. It was a dead end ahead. I pushed the copter button and rose into the air. I headed in the direction of the Hotel. That was fun.

“Who is Mariah?” Mark asked. Mark was an agent just like us. He was married to Katie.

“A very mean person. Hypnotized us, almost killed us, and knew

Page 26
her in high school. Hated us like cats and dogs. She was the dog. Loved our twins. Never showed any love back. Now she’s out for revenge. Almost destroyed the plane. We had to camp out at Alexandra’s grandmother’s mansion for 2 weeks. But now she found us again.” Christina replied.

“That’s about it.” Andrea said. I nodded my agreement. I landed the car and we got out. I took out my stuff and we went inside the hotel.

“Two rooms under Alexandra Dawning.” I told the receptionist. She gave us the room keys and we went up to the 3rd floor. In the two rooms, there were 3 beds each. Each queen sized. I loved this hotel.

“Why only two rooms?” My brother asked.

“One for girls only, one for boys only. Strict buissness on this trip. No relationship involved this time.” I said. “Sorry. It was the guy’s orders.”

“Bye guys! Keep John away from me!” I whispered to Katie.

“No problem.” She whispered back. We went inside the room we were sharing. I threw my stuff on my bed. I went out on the balcony. I twirled a strand of ash brown hair on my finger. It was all tangled from the flight.

“What are you occupied about now?” Andrea asked me. She had come out with me.

“About what will happen when John will do when he finds out I’m engaged.” I replied.

Page 27
“He can’t hold a grudge that long can he?”

“Yes, he can. Once I was talking to my brother and he was all mad at me for some reason.”


“Yeah, really.”

“There’s nothing to do about it Alex. Not unless there’s something to do to make him not like you anymore.” Christina said. She had come out after arranging her bedside table.

“We have to go the agency sometime. To return the jewels. It might as well be now.” I said.

I went into the bathroom and got the jewels. I had hidden them in my clothes. I brought them out with me and put them in the box. I tied it with a ribbon and put it in my messenger bag. I pulled my jean jacket on and grabbed my spy ID for HQ. Christina and Andrea put their vests on and grabbed their IDs as well.

I got in the spy car they had left for us. It was a convertible like the one I had decked out that was back in California. That was where we lived. I started it up and we sped towards the Spy HQ. It was in the heart of London. I parked in a guest’s space and we got out.

When we walked in the HQ everyone burst into applause. On the wall under “Spy Group of the Month” was our picture. It was so cool. We walked up to the front desk and flashed our IDs. We were immediately permitted to see the director of the HQ.

“Good job ladies!” He said. He smiled. He really liked to work with agents in or out of country. “I heard of your quick save in the air, at the airport, and on the street. You girls have the makings of some real

Page 28
good agents.”

“Sir, we brought the jewels.” I said. I gave him the jewels, thanked him, and we left the office. We went downstairs and asked the receptionist if Katie was in. He said Katie was in the spy lounge. Then I asked him if we could change in one of the rooms downstairs. He said there was some guest spy rooms on the right.

“I got these first issue outfits before we left.” They were midriff showing tanks tops, short mini skirt, jetpacks, leather mini jackets, bulletproof stockings, and 3 inch wedge heeled boots. “The wedge heel is new and can contain remotes for spy cars in them. Also they go any color you want. ” I told them once we were in the changing rooms. We put them on and I handed out utility belts. They were latest issue too. We put them on. I chose black, Andrea took dark purple, and Christina took dark blue.

“Let’s go see Katie now.” I said. We left the rooms and went down the hall to the lounge. When we reached the lounge I took out my goggles and looked through the door. John was in there talking to Katie.

“John’s in there! I can’t go in.” I whispered to my friends. I scolded myself for being afraid. I couldn’t be afraid of a person. But he is so mad at me I didn’t know what to expect.

“Let’s go!” I said. I pushed open the door.

“I see someone is still stupidly weird for a computer geek.” I announced. John looked up his mouth hanging wide open. We burst out laughing at his expression. I sat down beside Katie. I gave her a high five.

“On second thought you don’t have to do that favor for me. They

Page 29
aren’t here.” But then my phone rang.

“Hello?” It was my brother. “We went to the HQ,” He replied. “Oh god! We’ll be right back!” I said.

“We have to go!” I said.

“Calling all agents. There has been a breach of HQ’s vault. This is a drill. Agent group 1 of the U.S. will demonstrate what to do.”

“Oh boy.” I said. We left to the arena. “Who are the vault criminals going to be?” I asked Katie.

“An imitation of Mariah, her goons, evil twin clones, and a cloning machine.” She replied. We’ve done that before. But you can never get too trained. Katie went up to the strands and we entered the fighting arena. A whistle sounded and everyone started filling the stands. I could see our brothers near the front with Katie and Mark. The call had been that we had to pick them up and bring them here.

“Okay. Let’s do what we did last time.” I said. We went to the center of the arena. I checked my utility belt. Stun gun, net, rope, knock out gas, ear plugs, and all the other essentials I needed were there.

The criminals came out with the clones. There was no glass so we could hear the crowd and they could hear us. We’ve done this before. I just needed my stun gun. I pulled it out of my side pocket. I nodded to my friends and took stances around them.

Okay, evil little brother. You are going down. You may have moves like me, but you don’t have my wits.

“Start the fighting!” The head said. I ran torwards my twin and jumped high in the air. While I was in the air I kicked him. He

Page 30

stumbled backwards and I pounced. Christina had her twin from behind his back. He was trying to step on her feet. She punched him in the back and he went unconscious. Andrea was tying up her unconscious twin and all of Mariah’s goons. She was an awesome spy and I loved her on our team.

Now we had our evil selves and Mariah. They were standing at a distance. We had them cornered though. I lunged forward at my clone. I did a somersault and punched. She dodged and we went into combat. Andrea dodged a kick from her clone and back flipped to a length of rope hanging from the ceiling. She grabbed hold and swung kicking the clone in the face. Christina was already tying up her clone. I subdued my clone and tied her.

“Are you done?” The head called down to us. We nodded and he signaled to us to leave. I wondered why the sudden demonstration. Unless he wanted to verify what he had said earlier in his office. But I don’t get it.

“Alex you’re okay right? You look troubled about something.” Christina asked. I looked at my friend. She was concerned about me.

“Why did he put us in that combat fight? It doesn’t make sense.” I voiced my thoughts aloud. I was downright puzzled. I looked around and couldn’t see any explanation. All I could see was people talking exitidly about the fight we just did. We left the building and went to the car. We got in and went to the hotel.

We got there and went upstairs. I dropped down on my bed. I huffed and took my book out. I put it down and was puzzled again. It just didn’t make sense. Ugh!

“Alex!” Christina called from the balcony. She sounded anxious. I cam out on the balcony and looked where she pointed.

Page 31

“Oh no!” I exclaimed.

Read the next book to find out What she saw!

The author's comments:
I think that the whole twin concept can show that it is very fun to have a sister or brother. Or even both.

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