A New Beginning

May 28, 2009
By Anonymous

One night, 3 friends, Heather, Veronica and Desiree, were walking home from the best, and well, only party in the tiny town Pleasentview. They were all the same height, and they were all the same age (17). Veronica had curly, brown hair and brown eyes. Heather had long, light brown hair with green eyes. Desiree had super-long, straight, pure black with red eyes she got from costume contacts she was wearing. It was Halloween, so they were dressed up. Veronica was a werewolf, Heather was a fairy, and Desiree was a vampire. Desiree and Veronica were a bit cranky, so they argued…

“I still cannot believe you did that to me!” Veronica yelled.

“Drop It!!” Desiree bellowed, “It was in 8th grade!!”

“Fine!!!” Veronica hollered back. So they kept on walking, chatting meaninglessly back and forth to each other.

Suddenly, a tall, dark figure emerged from the shadows. He looked like he was from a different time period, medieval times. He had long, golden hair and, of course, medieval clothes. He looked like he was from a dream. They would have thought it was a dream if they weren’t so terrified. He spoke, “Hello Ladies” he said in a voice that was too good to be true, “What a lovely group you are, Best Friends, no doubt. You look beautiful, and what is that intriguing scent about you?” He pondered, like he already knew the answer.

“Umm…Sweet Pea?” Desiree had the courage to say, holding up the bottle.

“No, no, no.” He taunted. “This fragrance is much more….skin deep.” He finished, pushing the tiny bottle out of the way.

Desiree was the first to wake up. It was dark outside. “I think someone’s awake.” A voice called.

“Yes, I can feel it.” Another, beautiful voice said. He sounded, mystified, somehow.

“Umm………Not to mention you can hear them.” Voice 1 said slowly.

“Yes, that too.” Voice 2 said, like he hadn’t noticed. Footsteps were coming up the stairs. Desiree froze. She went into an attack position just as they walked through the door. “See, she must have been the first one attacked.” Voice 2 said. He had really, really, really, really, REALLY, long platinum blonde hair with red eyes.

“That may not be true Duzell.” Voice 1 said. He had red-brown hair and topaz eyes, “People take to the venom differently.” He explained. ‘So Duzell is the pretty boys name… he’s HOT!’ Desiree thought quietly. Voice 1 giggled.

“What is it Edward?” Duzell wondered.

“She thinks you’re hot.” Edward said, still giggling his head off.

“Try not to repeat what you hear in their minds Edward, they are still new to this.” Duzell added, as he turned to Desiree, “and I’m flattered you think of me that way…umm….What is your name? Don’t tell me Edward! Let her talk for herself, for once.” Duzell seemed mad.

“If you insist Duzell. She might not respond though, and you don’t have to worry, she hasn’t thought her name, so I don’t know it” Edward snapped.

“Good. Go on…were not going to hurt you.” Duzell insisted. ‘Why is he talking to me like I’m an idiot? And why could I hear their conversation when they were downstairs? What’s happening to me?! Let Me Go!!’

“I’m sorry, we can’t do that.” Edward said, as Veronica was beginning to stir.

“Wow you look great!” Desiree yelled, as she ran to her friend, surprisingly fast. She gasped, “Is that my voice?!?”

“Yes,” Duzell responded, “As you may have noticed, something about you three is quite different. You are changing.”

“Thank you, Captain Obvious! Where are we? Who are they? And why can’t my cabbage speak Spanish? Mohiko!” Veronica pondered.

“The blonde’s name is Duzell, the other is Edward. And your cabbage doesn’t have a mouth.” Desiree answered, “I don’t know where we are.” Desiree looked at Duzell demandingly, “What do you want from us?!?, LET US GO!!!”

“We can’t do that you imbecile! Not until the sun goes down all the way! Unless you want to die!” Edward screamed.

“You’re going to kill us! You must work for that freak that attacked us! LET US OUT OF HERE!!!” Desiree screeched. Duzell stuck out a cup of cool, deep, red liquid. The smell was intoxicating. Desiree grabbed the cup before Veronica or Edward could, hissed at them so they would stay away, and drained it without a moment’s hesitation. “Wait…What was that? It was delicious! Was it Kool-Aid?”

“No, it was Blood.” Edward said coldly. Calmly. Like it was completely normal.

“Blood..?” Desiree and Veronica repeated in shock. “Darn I wanted Kool-Aid.” Veronica said.

“We had to calm you down a bit. Now….please…..Tell us your names.” Duzell said as calmly as Edward. “You already know ours; I will explain everything after you tell us your names.”

“Why would we give our names to complete strangers?” Veronica asked. She whispered to Desiree, “Stranger Danger!”

“If you want answers, you will give us your names!” Edward hollered. ‘He is REALLY starting to get annoying!’ Desiree said in her mind. “Will you STOP that?!?!?!?” Edward said, getting really annoyed.

“Fine! I’m Desiree, that’s Veronica, and the one who’s still unconscious is Heather. There, you have our names, now tell us what’s going on!”

“Okay, but first, you should change your names.” Duzell said.

“Can I ask why?” Heather pondered, waking up at last.

Edward snapped, “Because you can’t go home!”

“WHAT!” all three girls said in unison, “Why not!!!???!!!”

“Because you can KILL somebody!!!” Edward screamed.

“We can?” Veronica said, “Cool” Veronica giggled a devilish smile.

“Okay…I’ll be Kimeronica…Kim for short.” Desiree said, slowly.

“I’ll be Kouronicu, Kou for short.” Veronica said.

“And I will be Evil Pickle, Pic for shortened form. Now WHAT is going on!” Heather demanded.

“You will find out at one point or another, so I’ll tell you now. You will never die. You will never age. You will have a new voice. You will have a new look. You will have a new body. You will have a new life.” Duzell explained.

“Get to the point Blondie.” Pic barked.

“I know what’s happened” Kim said with a look of horror and joy on her face “And his name is Duzell” She snapped. “We’re….Vampires.” Kou squealed. Everyone turned around to look. She was bouncing up and down with what seemed like pure happiness.

Edward asked, “What the heck is wrong with her?”

Kim said, “She’s happy, duh, this is like her lifelong dream.” Edward and Duzell's dropped open in shock. Kou has bouncing even higher and faster now. She grabbed the tree next her and climbed as high as she could, then jumped. She fell back to the ground screaming and giggling quietly “Let’s go again!”

Kim told Duzell and Edward “She was never normal.”
Edward whispered, “I can see what you mean.”

Kou said, “It’s true, I never in my life have been normal! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s GO!” The girls took off. Kim whispered a quick sorry before she did.

“Shoot, I guess we should follow them.” Duzell said.

“Go ahead, I’m not a babysitter!” Edward hissed. Duzell took off after them. Edward sighed, and then followed.

“What are you doing?” Duzell yelled as he caught up to Kim.

“Following her and making sure she doesn’t overreact. We talked about this in 7th grade and she was happy she would be able to kill someone!” Kim explained,

“What!’ yelled Duzell.

“Yeah, so we have a very good excuse.”

“I guess so!”

“I’m gonna call you Duzie!” Kim said

“Excuse me?!” Duzell seemed insulted.

“You don’t like it?” Kim seemed crushed.

“No, no. that’s not it. It’s just someone called me that in my last life.”

“Really, who?”

“It’s nothing it just surprised me, that’s all.”

“Sorry about that”

“I told you, it’s nothing.”

“Okay, if you insist…did you like them?”

“Drop It! Please!”

“Okay then….Shoot, where’d she go?” Kim said, “Can you find her…she truly is going to be dangerous! She’s never taken anything seriously!!”

“Give me a second.” Duzell inhaled deeply. “West, then North. I’ll tell you when.”

“Thanks. Let’s go! We need to catch up”

“Finally, we caught up with you two! I think we have a lot to about this vampire thing!” Kim said.

“Yes You DO!!” Edward said, exaggerated, “If we have to Duzell! We’ll teach you.”

“Thanks Guys!” Kim said, gratefully.

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