Lady deadbolt ch 1 (snippet)

May 28, 2009
By Todd-Fox BRONZE, Plymouth, Other
Todd-Fox BRONZE, Plymouth, Other
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Chapter 1-A routine job...

*clak* I placed my leather paw-to-ankle boots on the table and load my crossbow woth bolts from my hip quiver the checker pieces scatter and fall to the floor.

"hey what ya do that for!?" said the younger of the two tailpins.

There are four ranks in the blackeye bandits tailpins the lowest new joiners and untrustables are given this name for being often attached to the higher ranks tail end.Then you have the clawmmark whom curses and barks orders at the tailpins often being at least a little smarter some proven loyalty but could be bought for the right price after that their is the fangpierce the mindless loyalist which are there to educate the lower two ranks although one of the masters usually end up lending a extra hand.

Thus leading to me a master now each master has their own name depnding on their best feat mine being Lady Deadbolt the only other master in this camp would be Poisionblade the traditional double-dagger-back-stabber and lover of nasty concoctians and last you have the camp lord(sounds weird when you say it dose it not?) nameless sorts always weareing hoods and hardly ever about which makes the masters boss most of the time which in case you havent guessed that means everyone includeing you reader is my playtoy got it!?

"you have a problem with where i place my boots arsepin?" I point my crossbow at the higher him and put my foot between the lower him if you catch my drift.

The other tailpin had taken the hint and gone to hide in the nearest tent under the handiest bedsheet.

As for my friend here he examins the gravity of his situation and the finer points of me before makeing the first wise decision of his life "Of course place your boots where ever you like miss er..."

"Deadbolt Lady if your being a good polite little dawgie..."

As recognition hit him his face contorted into the good old fashiond "oh s***!" expression or as close as he could get since i did apply a little more pressure "please remove your boot i beg of you..."

"full name arsepin sweet as possible.."

"please Lady deadbolt be merciful and remove your boot" he said in a strained but noticably more syrapy voice he was blushing harder now sweating a little too(the smell made that obvious)...

I realese my boot and pat him hard and mockingly on the head "good dawgie...see learnings not that hard now scurry along and fetch me a sponge and a bucket full of hot water try not to drink it... save that for the litter tents" (litter meaning toilet....)

Slightly bewilderd he dips his tail betwwen his legs and actually says something close to an intelligant dedution...."you mean you want me to go to the utlity tent(next to the litter tent funnily enougth) and prepare a bath.... M'lady"

"wow its a dogsbody with a brain....yes i want you to assemble what is knwon as a i seem to have taught you manners maybe ill even teach you what soap is arn't you lucky!? now move it!"

The author's comments:
ive put this down as fantasy although i intend it to span into romance and other such later....this is an unfineshed snippet of ch1 introduceing you to lady deadbolt as a charactor.

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