May 27, 2009
By rory taylor BRONZE, Harvest, Alabama
rory taylor BRONZE, Harvest, Alabama
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Caleb woke me at 1:00 that night . "Shh," he murmured, as I awoke with a start. Caleb was crouched at my bedside next to my nightstand. the candlelight on my maple dresser illuminated his pale face in strange shadows and cast his eye in pools of eerie hollows. His sandy blond hair was tousled, like he'd just woken up. Caleb's blue green eyes,though, were wide open. I got up silently at his wordless gesture for me to follow him. He led me by the hand out of my cramped bedroom and int o my so-called living room. He then proceeded through my half-kitchen and out my dingy door frame. Down the chilly corridor, Caleb stopped at the top of the apartment stairwell, and turned to face me."What's wrong?" I asked, confused at why he would seek me at such an early hour. He gazed at me with ambivalent eyes. "What's wrong?" I asked again, anxious now. Caleb finally mouthed,"They're here." Panic shot through me.How did they find us? For a while, everything seemed okay, almost normal. Hidden deep in the urban hub of New York City, I had felt protected. I guess I was wrong. Fear numbed my body. Fright was now plain on his face, too. Wary of my next reaction, Caleb gripped the tops of my arms. "It's okay," he whispered frantically," we'll be out of here soon. Somewhere safer." Famous words, I thought sarcastically, as those were the exact words he'd said to me when we moved to New York. Tears welled in my eyes and Caleb pulled me close to him. We need to leave, I thought. We need to leave NOW. "When can we lea-" I began to ask, but stopped short in horror when the metal door burst open with a huge clang,and sudden beams of light glared brightly at Caleb and me. "Oh no,"Caleb breathed.

The author's comments:
This is an excerpt from a story I am currently working on. Sorry, I know it's confusing.

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