May 20, 2009
By Fennath Hollis BRONZE, Grandville, Michigan
Fennath Hollis BRONZE, Grandville, Michigan
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Looking down. I am looking at all the people, all the people that made me feel worthless. Those people are the reason why I am up here. They tormented me as long as I can remember, and I never caught a break in life. Always one thing after an other. Now it is time, time to put all the pain behind me.

"Stanley Lutz your a clutz!"

"Stanley Lutz your a clutz!" The kids chanted as I fell.
I quickly grabed my papers and books and rushed to my seat in embaressment. The teacher walked in as the bell rang and calmed the students down.

"Kids open your books to page 146" said Mr. Smith my fifth grade teacher.
As he began to talk my mind drifted away into the pages I read, books were my only escape. I can travel to a different world and forget about everyone, this is when I am at peace.

Home was not to different than school. My dad never has time to talk because he is always working. My mom is busy with my younger sister, but she always finds sometime for me. She is the one person in my life that makes me feel worth something, like I have a purpose.

The years went on, nothing really changed. My dad was busy, the kids at school were relentless. Everytime I were to trip or fall I no longger blended in with the walls at my highschool. Everyone can hear Stanley Lutz your a clutz! And you would think by now my "peers" would have come up with something a little better than that chessey line. But no that slogan stuck with me for the next four years.

Today I graduate with straight A's and a 4.0 GPA. I am going to Michigan State Univeristy in the fall and I know things will get better, my life will get better. Now that I am at MSU my life now is completley different. I found a group of people where I finally fit in and I can say I have friends.

"Stan phones for you" my roomate called up to me.

"Alright" I yelled down.

"Hello Stanley its your father. I don't know how to say this so I am going to just say it, your mother died last night. It was a heartattack." he said in his monotone voice.

"What...? I don't understand...? How is this right...?" I said in a confused voice.
My father went on explaing to me that the funeral was in two days and he bought me a plane ticket to come back home. Everything he was saying was going in one ear and out the other. My world is crashing down on me, and there is no one to help me. I am completley alone again.

All of the feelings and memories rushed back to me, I can't handle this. Now I find myself standing on the roof of the gymnasium. Now the time is here, time to put the pain behind me once and for all. I jump expecting an end. I don't go down. I am going straigt up. I began to fly.

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